five on friday

Friday, August 26, 2016

It's Friday, and I want to recount five things I love this week because...FriYAY! Since going back to work after 5 weeks of maternity leave, I've really had to reprioritize my life to get everything done. It's not a bad thing, but you'd better believe it's one heck of a transition from one little to two. And so, when the weekend comes, you'd better believe I'm totally on board to celebrate the little accomplishments, the little victories and the little things I've really loved this week. So, here goes! I'm linking up with North Carolina Charm, A. Liz Adventures and Hello Happiness.

1. ROKA swimwear 

^^^ image via

For the record, that's my childhood best friends' booty up there - crazy, right?! But seriously, she's the reason I discovered this shop. Since I've been working on getting my butt back in the pool to train and have a 2.5k open water swim at Lake George tomorrow, I've needed to get some new swim gear. ROKA is amazing and has a full line of triathlon, swim and running gear worthy of lusting over. I got the above bikini in black and white, and I'll be ordering the one-piece next. Pro-tip...size up two sizes.

2. Koo de Ker

^^^ image via 

When I lived in SLC, I used to frequent this shop all the time. Now that I live across the country, it's not so possible anymore. Koo de Ker remains my go-to for great style and great prices though, and since I need to update my wardrobe like whoa, this is my new main squeeze! The best part? They'll ship your way when you order through instagram for just a $5 flat fee!

3. Bachelorette Shenanigans

This time last week, I was headed down to Bethany Beach, DE for my little sister, Kristina's, bachelorette party. It's crazy to think that my baby sister is getting married in less than a month, and her man, Josh, will officially be a part of this family. Sidenote - this was my first solo trip sans kids (and husband) in forever. I felt lost (and scarily free). And guess what? We had a blast. So many more wedding festivities to come in the next month.

4. Fall Weather

While in NH last week after the bachelorette party, we experienced what can only be described as our first taste of fall! The oppressive humidity died down for the day, and we embraced the crip breeze, venturing out for a walk in the Albany town fields with the boys. Wearing sweaters and warmer clothes felt so nice after such a long, hot summer, and we loved it. 

5. Moscow Mule Mugs

^^^ image via 

Swoon. These Moscow Mule mugs from Pottery Barn have my heart. There's something about the clever detail of the handles, plus that amazing copper sheen. I think we might have to invest in a monogrammed set of these beauties for the holidays because #adults. 

a refocusing, if you will

Thursday, August 25, 2016

There is something about blogging that is innately confusing. It's like a private journal of your innermost thoughts - all made public for the world to see. Sometimes it's a little bit too much to do. For a while there, I decided to quit my blog. Nothing bad happened. Nothing negative. I just didn't want to sit down and type stuff out anymore. But here's the thing - and Ryan convinced me of it - this blog is like a journal of our family's life together.

We have two precious little boys now! Spencer is a toddler through and through. He's all boy, and he has one heck of a strong will. Porter is a sweetheart (most of the time), and he's almost 3 months old, which is just madness. Cue photo dump...

After having a pretty huge success with my little blanket business, I decided to take a step back because I was starting to get overwhelmed. I'd started it as a therapy. It became a chore, and I was so stressed all the time that it was no longer worth it. We don't need the money, and I'd rather spend my time with my boys this summer - especially because Ryan will be deploying this winter.

It's come to that time again. Deployments. Separation. Family challenges. And yet, I feel good about it this time. I chose this life. I chose my husband, and I chose the challenge. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder if you let it. I'll spend next year working hard and traveling with Spencer and Porter, awaiting Ryan's return. We've got a trip to South Africa in the works, as well as many visits to Oma and Opa in New Hampshire.

I'm also taking the time to really focus on me. I have goals, people. I want to be active and swimming again. I want to run and be fit - for me - not for anyone else. I have a race at Lake George this weekend, so Ryan and I will travel there with the boys Friday evening. It's just 2.5 k, but I'm so excited to flex those competitive muscles again!

It feels silly to put some sort of "resolution" out there, but I feel like I need to. So, here we goals, and a firm testimony of what and why I'm refocusing...

1 - Family and faith first. They're my rocks, and they're always my top priority.
2 - If it stresses you out, it's probably not worth it. Enjoy every little thing.
3 - Do your best at all you do, rather than overload yourself and half-try at everything.
4 - Compete...with yourself, with others, with your own personal limitations.
5 - Love. Love your life. Love yourself. Love your family. 

And so, I'm back in the game. I'm going to document our life. Not what I think people want to read. This is for us.

baby moore: 37 weeks

Thursday, May 12, 2016

How far along: 37 weeks

Size of Baby: Romaine lettuce

Gender: We're still not telling, but we do know!

Weight Gain: I gave up on this battle. I've gained 32 lbs, and I'm okay with it. It is what it is.

Movement: This baby is far more aggressive with movement than Spencer ever was. At night, baby seems to come alive and feel the need to rip apart my insides with huge, tumbling barrel-rolls. I'm ready for baby to come just to stop that pain! While the movements used to be tender and sweet, baby has literally run out of room.

Sleep: It's kind of a mixed bag over here. When I lie down, baby decides it's time to move. I've been taking half a Unisom, so that's helped sleep eventually come, but I still wake a few times a night to use the restroom.

Workouts: Ancient history. I walk to pick Spencer up from daycare, and to get there and back is about a mile and a half. Because of my sciatic pain, which I never had with Spencer, running just didn't happen. I'm excited to really get back in the swing of things after baby though.

Maternity Clothes: Leggings. All day, every day. I wear tank tops that are normal, but all my bottoms are leggings of the maternity variety. Mamas, if you're looking for great ones, Blanqi has been my go-to...worth every penny.

Cravings/Aversions: This baby is not a health food nut. I really want chili cheese hot dogs, sushi and coke. I've also been extremely partial to strawberries and pineapple, so that helps. Ice is my go-to lately, as well, which I'm sure has something to do with the fact that I can't eat much anymore. That dreaded morning sickness has hit again in full force.

Best Part of the Week: I'm down to weekly appointments. I have a test today where we'll check the fluid levels around baby, see how much baby has dropped and whether I've dilated further. We're almost there, folks!

Can't Wait For: Baby! Seriously. It's time :)