a rude awakening

I mentioned yesterday that Ryan was going to meet with housing today about our living situation after our wedding and once I move to Arizona.
Well, he did...and it wasn't really news that was easy to stomach.
Apparently, at Fort Huachuca, unmarried soldiers (even when engaged) cannot be added to the wait list.
However, the super accommodating lady in housing told him that they might have a place available in our time frame.

She basically gave us two options:
A) Get married in a courthouse so we have our marriage certificate on hand to provide to housing and be placed on the wait list.
B) Get married on January 4, 2014 as planned, fax our marriage certificate over to housing, cross our fingers and pray really hard that something is open in the two weeks between our wedding & our move.
Neither solution is really great, to be honest.

If we go with the first option, that means one of us has to spend the money to fly out to the other to do the courthouse ceremony...taking money from our actual wedding budget.
If we go with the second option, we're not really guaranteed a place by the time we arrive, and with two cats, plus all our furniture in tow, that's bound to be hell on wheels.
Needless to say, despite promising I wouldn't stress, I definitely had a meltdown.

I know that God will grant us the peace of mind and clarity of heart to marry when and how it is meant to happen. And, in a way, I'm thankful this is happening.
I need to learn how tricky the Army procedures are because it will be our life for another 15 years.
We could choose to live off base, but I know Ryan wants to be on-base to meet more young families and so I won't be lonely, especially because I'll be working from home.

We're hoping to have our final decision in the next few days, and we're praying heavily on guidance to make the right decision for both of us, as well as our families.
Please, please keep your fingers crossed for us! 
It's not the biggest issue ever, but it's definitely a rude awakening to the Army lifestyle.
Ladies, I have a heck of a new appreciation for all you do for your soldiers, sailors, airmen & marines now.


  1. I am so sorry this happened this way and I hope everything works out for you! I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and you guys will figure out the right path! *still crossing my fingers for you though*

  2. You can ways live in TLF until a house opens up. They're furnished and there are usually pet-friendly ones. They're also supposed to be priced pretty fair so that you're only paying for it with your BAH.
    I got super stressed out about our living situation the first time also and even though it was a little more challenging working with the military and all the hoop you have to jump through, it all works out. You've just got to go with the flow with this stuff because otherwise, you'll go crazy. Trust me, dealing with Tricare is much worse.
    Good luck!

    1. Oh, I believe you. TLF on base at Huachuca will only allow one pet, unfortunately, which doesn't help us. I think we're going to simplify things by keeping the date though, and I'll just move out as soon as we have word that the place is ours. It's not ideal, but we'll be happy to keep our wedding as is :)

  3. Oh gosh girl I know how you feel! When I hopped on the plane from Montana to Hawaii, my husband was still living in the barracks (I hadn't been officially command sponsored yet) and we had no idea how soon housing would be available to us. Thankfully, the military did provide us with a hotel and a housing slot opened up for us within a week. I know it's not the ideal situation but it will all work out in the end! Keep the faith girl!

  4. Ugh I'm sorry that really sucks! Good luck!!