living in the moment

Sometimes it feels like I'm living in a constant state of countdowns. 
Right now, I'm counting down the 8 days left until I get to see Ryan in Utah.
There's the 55 days left until Ryan comes to spend Thanksgiving with my family.
There's the 78 days until Ryan gets another big chunk of leave and gets to spend both Christmas and New Year's with my family.

I swear that not a week goes by that somebody doesn't tell me to just live in the moment.
Trust me. I am. 
I love my life. I love my job. I love my friends, and I certainly love my man. But...
There's something missing when a piece of you that has your heart is thousands of miles away.
And missing that piece makes you want to count down until you're whole again.

I know it sounds mushy.
I never thought I'd be that girl. You know, the one that lives for the chance to see her man.
But here I am...proudly owning up to being that girl.
So, maybe I'm not living in the moment entirely right now, but I can tell you that I do my best.
And I definitely look forward to that day that Ryan and I don't have to do this distance all. the. time.

Does anybody else ever feel like they're living by a countdown clock?


  1. I cant even tell you how much I live in countdown mode!! My husband is a pilot, so he is gone all the time! And when we were dating, we were in a long distance relationship. I defiantly know how you feel!! Its hard to live in the moment, but sometimes it kind of makes it easier to stay busy then focus on 10 days left and so on.

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    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

    1. Long distance is definitely not my friend, but I'm working hard to stay as busy as possible so I don't have time to dwell :)

  2. Being involved with someone in the Military guarantees countdowns! Time until he leaves, time until he comes home, time until you move...Constantly waiting and expecting something! Getting rid of the distance will be worth all the waiting! I'm your newest follower and fellow Military SO.
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    I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    1. I've definitely learned this over the past year of dating! It's a scary thought, but he makes it worth it :) thanks for following! I'm following you now, too.

  3. The Mr works in law enforcement and has a crazy schedule. I always start each day thinking only so many more days until we have a few "normal" days together.
    It must be so hard for your to be so far apart from each other but on the bright side it makes the moments you are together so much sweeter :)

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