what we're watching this fall

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I don't have cable. My roommate and I decided to get rid of it after a hellish (one of many) ordeals with Comcast after moving to Salem. We switched companies, and we decided to just go for fast, fast, fast internet instead. Plus, we can hook up Apple TV to our televisions and still see the shows we like. It works for us, plus it's cheap...and it didn't come with a contract. That's a plus because I'm moving in, y'know...3 months. I digress.

There are so many new shows out that I can't really keep up with them. I tried a few of them, despised most of them and was left with a couple to keep up with on Hulu. I've also given up on some of my favorite old shows in favor of new ones. Then there's the few shows that I'll be dying for in the mid-season interlude, of course. Now, as an aside, we really don't watch much TV. We watch a couple shows when we're eating dinner in the evening, and that's about it. 

Shows We're Watching
A. Arrow - It's finally finding it's groove...and he's really, really attractive. It works.
B. The Originals - Think Vamps circa season one...much more fun & mysterious.
C. Revenge - Guilty pleasure all the way! The fact that it's still suspenseful is amazing.
D. Reign - Iffy on this one, but it's super entertaining...albeit NOT historically accurate at all.

Shows We Quit Watching
A. Bones - I love Booth & Bones, but the magic was them NOT being together.
B. Supernatural - Love Sam & Dean, but I think I'm going to save it for Netflix now.
C. The Vampire Diaries - It just feels like a never-ending sob story these days. I'm bored.
D. Revolution - Loved the first half of season one, but I was so bored by the end of the season.

Shows We Are Looking Forward To
A. The 100 - I actually read the book & I didn't love it, but it reads like a TV show, so it could work.
B. The Following - This show is so sadistic. I totally got Ryan hooked on it. It's really well done.
C. Hannibal - I'm terrified of this show, but Hugh Dancy is in it, and it's really, really visually incredible.

And that's it. Naturally, I'm super behind on everything, but I have a lot to do outside of watching shows these days, and I love it! Am I missing out on anything in particular? Have you watched any of these shows, and if so, what do you think? 


  1. i still like vampire diaries but not so crazy on the originals..although i'm still watching hoping it'll get good and since they brought elijah back (again! they really need to stop killing him). i've been watching the blacklist -- SO GOOD!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I don't have cable either! Fortunately, I'm able to use an antenna and get a few HD channels which is pretty sweet! But, I don't get AMC and I'm dying to catch up on the Walking Dead. Any tips on how I can watch it? I can't seem to find anywhere that streams it!

  3. obsessed with revenge. can i be emily or amanda or whatever she goes by!

  4. I am in need of a new tv show! Excited to look into some of these! Also,brilliant idea with no cable contract but apple tv!

  5. I love love love Revenge, it's one of my fav shows!