a little wedding inspiration

As pretty much everyone knows by now, Ryan and I are getting married on January 4, 2014.
Not that I'm counting or anything, but that's 51 days from now. 
You'll all probably be sick of wedding posts by the time I get married.
I kind of apologize for that.
But let's be honest...I'm really not all that sorry.

We're at the stage where our venue, photographer and honeymoon are booked.
Our invitations are out, and most of our RSVPs are in.
My dress arrived yesterday (!!!!), and Ryan's new uniform is hanging up all snazzy in his closet.
Now we're looking at the little things that are occupying my brain:
Wedding favors. Decorations. Cake. Music.

I have a secret board on my Pinterest where I hide all of my wedding stuff.
Mostly because I'm just sneaky like that.
We're sticking to our original color palette of silvers, golds and neutral colors.
Here are some of our decor ideas:

As an aside, I've already made a bunting garland out of an old copy of Pride & Prejudice. 
I'll be sure to post evidence of that later.

Our venue has a pretty set color palette, too, being an old manor, so we don't want any bright color contrasts.
We'll be marrying in front of the fire and utilizing the last vestiges of Christmas decor to complement what we provide.

And yes, I am making my own cake. 
I've thought about it for a long time, and my mother is a fantastic baker, so we'll come up with something simple and perfect for our day. 
Here are some of our ideas thus far:

The original idea was to make a simple layer cake a la the first image.
Now, however, I've really been leaning towards the naked cake.
It's rustic. It's charming. It's unpretentious, and it's everything we want this wedding to be.
And yes, I'll be DIYing pretty much everything at our wedding.

Now, because we won't be having a videographer at our wedding,
If you'd like to listen to the song I'll be walking out to, just click HERE.

We're anxious, we're excited and we are so, so ready to be married...but not before the planning is done :)


  1. Congratulations on the upcoming marriage, from the pics you posted of ideas, and the sound of getting married in front of a fire, I am sure your wedding will be beautiful! Btw, I am Brooke-a new reader/follower :)

    1. Hi Brooke! Thank you for your sweet words. We're so so excited for our wedding day :)

  2. Girl I so admire you for putting together a wedding in such a short amount of time! My husband and I were engaged for a year and that still didn't seem long enough! Looks like it's going to be beautiful though :)

    1. Haha sometimes I think I'm going to go crazy with all the little details, but I'm sure it will pull together! :)

  3. That is SO awesome you are making your own cake. It sounds like it's going to be a gorgeous wedding.

    1. I sure hope it actually turns out well! ;)

  4. don't be sorry for all the wedding talk! I LOVE it! ALSO, BEING MARRIED IN FRONT OF A FIRE...that's amazing and i bet your pictures will be to die for!

    Also, that first cake is absolutely stunning!

    1. I keep worrying people will get sick of the wedding talk haha I don't want that!

  5. oh, oh, oh. i love everything about this. i love the naked cake idea, i love the colors, I WANT TO SEE ALL THE PICTURES.

  6. Ahhh!! Such a unique idea..you don't see wedding themes like this often. Love all of it!

  7. Your wedding is going to be awesome and so unique!

  8. I would take any of those cakes. right now. mmm.