on being lazy

I have a confession to make.
Guys, I'm a good cook.
No, like, really. I'm a really good cook.
I love cooking, and I love trying out new recipes.
(I think it's one of the reasons Ryan is excited to marry me, frankly.)

I know, that doesn't sound like much of a confession.
That was just the backstory.
Yes, I love cooking.
But no, I do not love cooking for one.
In fact, I try not cook just for myself because I have leftovers for years.

I generally food-prep all my lunches for the week because I go to the gym in the morning,
but when it comes to dinner, I either eat the same thing for days or,
well, I just eat like a bachelor(ette).
For example, last night was a pb & j night...plus wine. 
Why wine? Well, I need the wine bottles for centerpieces for my wedding.

Such a chore it is to drink that tasty wine ;)
But f'reals...I can cook.
I'm just too lazy and to stubborn to cook for just myself.
I'll be cooking the Thanksgiving feast for the family again this year per tradition.
And yes, all that feasting you see up there? 

I made that.
That was my plate.
I devoured it, and then I passed out.
Yay for gluttony! (and laziness)


  1. If you don't want to cook for yourself come cook for me!! I hate cooking but I do it, but I loveee baking!

  2. Whenever you want to give me an invitation for me to try you're cooking, I would be happy to oblige. :p

  3. haha..I've always hated cooking. But lately it's been kinda fun for me. I've come to the conclusion I just hate cooking the SAME things. It's fun and exciting cooking NEW things:)

  4. yum! the hubs and i love cooking too. so we always try to take disgustingly unhealthy recipes and make them clean! sometimes it turns out great..others..not much!

  5. I am totally the same way!!! I love to cook but I HATE to cook for just me. I have a million left overs that I can't eat and I try to eat them all week but then I make myself sick of them :(

  6. i love your valid reason for the wine! BUT IT'S FOR THE WEDDING SO IT'S OK!

  7. Come get in MY kitchen where you belong, woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. same here. love to cook but would rather cook for others.

  9. I'm the same way--I hate cooking for just myself. I always end up with leftovers for a whole week (and I really dislike leftovers). Hurray for wedding wine!!!

  10. I love cooking as well (although I prefer baking, honestly) :) I don't like cleaning up after though. I enjoy cooking for myself sometimes but I agree, it's better to cook for more people because it feels less pointless and it's always nice to get some feedback (particularly good feedback haha)