i decided it's okay to pamper myself

So, one of my biggest resolutions for 2014 has been to take some more time to focus on me.
Even just saying that feel selfish to me, but here's the thing...
I usually put all others before myself, and I don't complain or question it because it feels right.
However, Ryan taught me through dating and loving me that it's one of the root causes of my stress.
I care too much what people think, or if I'm letting them down.

I promised him that this year I was going to focus more on me,
and yes, I'm going to be a little more selfish this year.
And you know what?
I decided to do something a little selfish last night.
I signed up for Birchbox.
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I usually hesitate to sign up for subscription things like this,
but I figured that for $10 a month, I can eat that cost and spoil myself a little this year.
Plus, I want to put a little more time and energy into a proper beauty routine this year because I'm usually pretty lazy about it.
How lazy, you ask?
Well, I pretty much always do my makeup in the car.

So, the point is, I caved, and I'm actually pretty psyched that I did.
There's a two week wait list right now, but I'm looking forward to getting some goodies in the mail.
And yes, I'm going to pamper myself with them.

Do any of you have Birchbox, or have you signed up for something similar?
I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. I wish Birchbox shipped to Canada! They don't though so I get Ipsy instead!

    1. My Canadian friend does Ipsy, too, and she loves it! I'm interested to see which one is better :) thanks for your opinion, girl!

  2. That is so awesome that you are doing something for yourself! We sometimes forget we need some love to when we are too busy taking care of everyone else. I am currently doing Ipsy and I have loved it so far.

    1. I thought about doing Ipsy, but I hadn't heard too much about it! I'm looking forward to trying these things out thought. :)

  3. I did birchbox. I cancelled after a while. I liked it okay, but some months there just wasn't much to it:( like shampoo samples and that would be it.

  4. I did birchbox a few years ago and loved it! But realized I didn't "need" it. If I had unlimited funds I totally would!
    I tried Ipsy too, and loved the little bag that came with it every month.


    Showered With Design

  5. I'm so jealous! I know it's feasible at $10 a month but for some reason I've just never taken the plunge! You'll have to let me know how you like it. There's so many diff subscription boxes out there, I get overwhelmed by them all!

  6. ohhhh super jealous of the birchbox! good for you

  7. I love birchbox--make sure you always review the items that are sent to you. You get points for free stuff and they add up super quick!

  8. I wanted to try that for years, but decided not to. Maybe I will one day, because I love makeup!

  9. I subscribe to conscious box. I love the food and beauty samples!

  10. I had looked into doing Ipsy and I think I might eventually. I hope you like your box when you get it and can enjoy all the fun stuff you get.

  11. I usually have the same problem,I spend far too much time on other people and neglect myself but this year has taught me to find that balance and it is so worth it! Definitely do you and be happy, and let me know how you like birchbox , I've thought about trying that as well

  12. Hmm....I'd definitely love to hear how you like it...I've always wanted to subscribe to a beauty box like that but I'm too chicken!! Definitely great that you're focusing a little more on pampering yourself. :)

  13. Ooo I am excited to see if you like it! Yay for spending more time on yourself!

  14. There is totally nothing wrong with wanting to spoil yourself a bit!! NOTHING AT ALL!! I was a BB box subscriber for about a year, honestly I never used half the stuff I got so I just canceled my subscription. It was still exciting getting the box every month though regardless. :) I hope you love it!