our honeymoon on ice

Now that we've been back from our honeymoon for over a week, 
I figured it was about time that I shared some photos and a little recap of our honeymoon adventures.
Ryan and I decided to head up to Quebec City for a little honeymoon immediately following the wedding,
and we'll take a cruise later this year to celebrate, as well.
But for now, we just wanted a quick, easy, fun and relaxing getaway that we could both enjoy. 

We stayed at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac in the heart of the old city.
It's the hotel right on the river that looks like a castle, topped with old copper turrets and peaks.
It was to die for.
I'm lucky enough to work in travel, and it affords us the opportunity to stay in some great hotels
for just a fraction of the cost - like this five-star gem.
As expected, it was absolutely freezing the entire time we were there,
so we explored a little bit, ate great food and really just spent time relaxing together in our beautiful hotel.

We ate at La Cremaillere, the most incredible restaurant, on Tuesday night while it was positively blizzarding outside.
We were the only patrons crazy enough to brave the temperatures, and we had the entire place to ourselves.
The restaurant had some of the most decadent food we'd ever eaten - all in European portions -
and we ate like we've never eaten before.
The owner of the restaurant even made Ryan's dish at our table.
It was an incredible experience, and everything tasted a little less amazing after that.

On Thursday evening, Ryan and I decided to check out the Hotel de Glace, or the Ice Hotel.
Each year, the place is constructed in January, and it's expected to melt by mid-April. 
The entire place is crafted from ice and snow bricks - even the beds, the bar, the chandeliers - all of it.
We very briefly contemplated spending our last night there, 
until we experienced just how cold it was, at which point we were convinced that no amount of fur would keep us warm.
All the beds and seats were covered with these furs, but when your bed is literally a block of ice?
Yeah, I'm not buying it...

Despite the polar vortex and our freezing fingers,
neither of us would have changed a thing for the world, and we really had a blast.
We're so looking forward to a cruise later this year and many trips together in the future!


  1. The ice hotel looks amazing! We went to an ice bar in Vegas...but that's not nearly as impressive! And sleeping in that?? Heck no- I'm a freeze baby!

    Looks like a fun time though :)

  2. Oh my gosh, your pictures are stunning! Although the cold and I don't get along, that looks like a fantastic place. So happy for you!

  3. That castle hotel looks amazing!! What a great place for a honeymoon! I am with you an ice bed just doesn't seem like you would ever get warm, even with a bunch of fur!

  4. Wow seriously that hotel is so cool, I dont know if i would of stayed either, i love the cold but not to sleep in haha, but its amazing how they made everything from snow and ice.

  5. How fun!!! What a unique experience!!! LOVE IT! xx

  6. Omg! The ice bed! I know one way to warm that bed up... ;)

    1. haha but get this! if you pay the standard room rate, the rooms are COMMUNAL - 4 beds! yeah, none of that!

  7. OMG the ice hotel looks so cool! They talked about an ice hotel on Gilmore Girls once and I thought they were making it up, so cool!!

  8. block ice bed does not sound enjoyable. but everything else sounds wonderful!

  9. I've always wanted to see one of those ice hotels, looks amazing! But i'm with you on not actually staying there, I do not like to be cold when I sleep. haha

  10. That ice hotel is SWEET!!! Sounds like Honeymoon Part 1 was a success! :D

  11. That hotel looks awesome! & it sounds super romantic. Regardless of the cold.

    We did the same thing with the honeymoon. We did an overnight stay close by and where planning on taking a bigger honeymoon down the line. We never did. Maybe one day!

  12. Your honeymoon looks like it was so fun! Ice hotel, I like the concept, but like you..not sure if i could do it!

  13. so glad you had a wonderful experience! i always wanted to see a hotel on ice...just see, that is! ;)

  14. Do people really stay there, overnight? I would freeze to death. Everything looks so beautiful!