the little wedding that could

There's nothing like the first post of the New Year!
Ryan and I decided to beat the impending snowstorm and head up North before it hits.
I'm the only idiot in New Hampshire that didn't invest in snow tires, 
and we decided it wasn't worth dying before the wedding.

Right now, NOAA is calling for 8-10 inches tomorrow for the Salem, NH area
and a little bit less in North Conway, where our wedding is.
My aunt, as well as my cousin, his wife and their two daughters have recently decided to bail,
so we're officially under 20 attendees. 
I guess it's good we really wanted a small wedding, huh?

Winter storm "Hercules" decided to greatly reduce the amount of stress for our big day,
and while I was originally upset about people bailing via text 
(and yes, I'm still mad about that part)
Ryan and I have decided that the people who want to be there will be there.

The only real downfall is that Ryan's parents are supposed to fly in from Salt Lake City tomorrow.
There is a strong possibility that their flight may be significantly delayed,
or even canceled.
Please keep your fingers crossed in that regard!

I hope you all had the very best of New Year's,
and while my posts may be sporadic in the coming days, 
I have a whole bunch of amazing guest posts lined up for next week!
Love you all :)


  1. Happy New Year!

  2. Here's hoping everything works out! Looks like you'll get the winter wonderland you wanted for your wedding! I really can't wait to see pictures. :)

  3. it'll all work out perfectly! I'm saying a prayer ryan's parents make it in with NO delays!

  4. I also had several family members bail before the wedding. I had a couple of big cries about it, then I had to let it go. My day was amazing regardless, and yours will be too! Sending lots of love and good wishes for your big day!!! :)

  5. I can't stand when people bail on huge things like this and act like it's no biggie! I mean, shit happens but cmonnnn!

  6. Can't wait to see pictures of the wedding. Hope it is everything you hoped for, don't let those you bailed get you down. The people who matter will be there snow storm or not.

  7. Ahh I hope their flight is able to land!! The wedding is almost here, ahh so exciting!! Enjoy this special time :)

  8. Oh I really hope that Ryan's parents can make it!!! No matter what though I know that your wedding will be beautiful.

  9. Happy New Year and hopefully everything is smooth sailing from here on out, anyways congrats in advance and cant wait to see pictures !!!!

  10. fingers crossed for you, lady!!!!!

  11. Praying that everyone makes it there and safe :)

  12. Boo wedding bailers. Your day will be perfect!

  13. Upside is you got a beautiful snow filled wedding day!!! Congratulations!!!