working out without a gym

One of the crappiest things about not having moved yet is that I no longer have access to a gym.
I quit CrossFit after injuring myself, 
and I had a gym membership through the first two weeks of January, but that's up now, too.
I'm moving in just 8 short days, 
but not having a proper place to work out is honestly driving me certifiably insane.

Working out is my stress-reliever.
I would run outside, but with sub-zero temperatures this whole week,
as well as snow in the forecast for this weekend, it's been physically impossible.
Plus, let's be honest, there are only so many workout DVDs you can do on your own.

I was so frustrated the other evening that I decided to just do an EMOM 10 of 20 air squats.
For those that don't do CrossFit, that's 10 minutes, with 20 squats every minute on the minute.
I could barely walk yesterday, and I'm walking even worse today.
But honestly, that's what I love to feel...
that crazy muscle burn that makes you well aware you did work.

Once Ryan and I are living on post, 
we're going to have our choice of not one, but three different gyms.
I told him last night that I'm so excited that I'm going to circuit from one gym to the other...
just because I can.

But for now, I'm doing little workouts like these gems, 
which are actually harder than they look. 
^^^ workouts via here, here & here

Tell me, friends...what do you do when you don't have access to a gym,
or you can't run outside?
I'd love some more suggestions because I still have a week to go!


  1. I admire your determination. If I don't physically leave my home and go to the gym or "the circle" (a 2ish mile trail on a giant hill over the lake that is so beautiful it's distracting when you run) I won't do anything. My home workouts tend to turn into me laying on the carpet thinking about what I'll eat for lunch. The free gym access is definitely a plus!

  2. Oh girl having a free gym on base is awesome, especially the free classes! I go to yoga once or twice a week now. As for working out at home, I have tried to muster the ambition to do that for many years now and the closest I have ever gotten was deciding to take my dog on a longer walk than normal. Sorry I am not much help

  3. That Feisty 50 one looks fierce! Wow! That is awesome you will have your pick of 3 gyms! I usually just hit up Pinterest or the Tone It Up girls for workout ideas!

  4. if you have an iphone or ipad you must download the nike training club app. they have great circuits!

  5. Hey girl! Thanks for following along with my blog, I'm following you too ;)! Can't wait to read more and lord this post is giving me some inspiration---I get married in May and I have GOT to get my lil butt in gear working out!! Xx.

  6. I've been getting back into my squats with a kettlebell and resistance band workouts... I loved the results they gave me before and you can do them anywhere!

  7. I search workouts on Pinterest. There are a lot of quick in home things you can find there. I am dying to get into classes though. I am much more accountable to the exercise in a class than doing it by myself at home.

  8. This makes me hurt just LOOKING at it!!!!

  9. Thank goodness for spring! We can all go running again and not have to worry about frostbite if ever you decide to go to your local gym. Your routines look amazing, really. Just remember to always pace yourself properly and rest. Good luck on your workouts this spring!

    Ari @ InFighting