it's the simplest of things

It seems strange to think that just a few weeks ago, I was still living in New Hampshire.
Yesterday, I had to trade out my New Hampshire license plates for Arizona ones,
and I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a little pang of sadness.
I feel it every time I move to a new state though, really...
It's the end of an era, but it's also the start of a new one that I'm so excited for.

^^^ my collection is growing 

The crazy thing is that this time next year, I'll (most likely) have New York plates on my car,
and I'll have my Arizona plate up there with the others.
There's a certain thrill to moving all around and exploring these new places,
but there's a restlessness to it all, too.

I'm terribly excited to discover this Army life and all its adventures with Ryan,
and I'm thrilled to see all these places and do all these things with him and the family we hope to have someday.
It's definitely daunting though, to think that those three license plates could grow by another three
by the time Ryan's done in the Army.

Right now though, it's the simplest of things making me happy. 
We go to yoga every Monday and Wednesday, we're running together,
we juice every evening and make a point of cuddling and having "us" time so we don't get overwhelmed
by the day-to-day tasks that are, in the end, actually trivial.
It's an exciting life we lead, and I'm looking forward to every little new adventure.

these are my confessions

It's Tuesday, and I still don't really know what to blog about. Life is status quo here, which I'm insanely grateful for. There's a peace and quiet about our home right now, and some semblance of normalcy goes a really long way. So, I was inspired by the lovely Breanna, and I decided to simply do a confessions post today. That way, maybe...just guys will get to know who I am just a wee bit better.

1. I am not now, nor will I ever be a designer. I like to think I have some sort of style when decorating our house, but I always end up frazzled and eclectic in the end. I think I get overwhelmed by all the options. Thankfully, Ryan thinks I've got style...that's all that matters, right?

2. Sometimes I stress myself out so much that I get physically ill. I don't know why I stress this badly, but I've had incredible anxiety for as long as I can remember. Ryan helps me work through it and prioritize, which is amazing...I'm not sure what I'd do without him.

3. Impatience is by far my biggest flaw. Ryan and I have a fantastic life together, and we are so, so happy. That doesn't mean that I don't get excited about starting a family with him, moving to our next duty station, watching him grow in his career, etc. I think and focus too heavily on the future sometimes, and it makes me forget to live in the present.

4. Running two blogs is a little too much for me some days. I run i swim for oceans, a book blog, and it's one that I'm unwilling to give up after four years. So, when I'm overworked and overwhelmed, this little blog takes the brunt of it. I also feel like I don't really have enough to blog on here, which can be frustrating at times.

5. I compare myself to other people all. the. time. I'm so grateful for a husband that puts things into perspective for me, tells me I'm beautiful and really teaches me to be a better person because, heck, I really need those reminders a lot.

weekends at fort huachuca

Ryan and I did our run on Saturday!
If you remember from the last time I posted, I said we'd signed up for an 8k, and we did.
We discovered, however, that there was actually a 5k when we arrived,
so we decided to do that instead - if only to save ourselves from imminent death.
Ryan did amazing - 25:15, and I went about a minute slower than my best - 29:36, but we were happy!

Neither of needed to walk at all,
and we were pretty dang pleased with ourselves just for getting out and doing it.
We've signed up for another 5k on post on March 8th, and we're excited now...just for fun.

Weekends around here are slow, and we're loving that.
I never really feel like I have anything to share with you guys though.
Our life is quiet, calm and peaceful right now, and we're relishing the normalcy of it.
It won't last long because WOCs is coming up soon, and then it will be non-stop until our PCS next January.

^^^ kittens are settling in, paleo banana bread, juicing, healthy foods and birthday surprises :)

As an aside, that cute little bathroom message that my sweet husband left me?
Totally made my day today. 
I swear to's the little things...
and the fact that he bought me a FitBit Flex, which I've been lusting over forever

In short though - I'm sorry the blog is quiet!
Things are just settling down as a newlywed couple, and we're just loving it.
I will, however, have my DIY refinishing tutorial of my desk later this week! So fun.

what were we thinking?

Since Ryan and I made a goal to make fitness one of our top priorities this year,
we decided it would be good to sign up for a run - preferably a 5k - just to kick things off.
Well, we were driving by the field house a few days ago and saw a sign for a 5k on post,
so we quickly jumped at the opportunity to sign up...
and then realized that we'd actually signed up for an 8k.

First of all, I didn't even know that an 8k was a thing.
I was pretty sure that races went from 5k to I wrong in this thinking?
Second, with the race just a few days a way, I'm officially terrified.

I am not a runner, guys.
I am just a girl that attempts to run and usually ends up regretting it.
See, Exhibit A:

^^^ The Dirty Dash in Utah, circa 2010

That's my happy face when I'm running...aka utter disgust.
That race pictured above was a 10k in Heber, Utah in August when it was 102 degrees.
The race this weekend starts at 8 AM on post because it's been averaging over 80 every day.
Look, there's a part of me that's thrilled to be doing this.
There is also, however, a part of me that thinks I'm absolutely nuts.

I've been suffering from some pretty epic shin splints as of late, 
as well as some crazy foot cramps, and painful blisters on the soles of my feet from the hot pavement.
I bought cooling running socks, and they've helped, but the damage there is done.
Now, I'm just trying to keep things under control until after the race.

Any runners out there want to give me some tips on how not to die this weekend?
I think if I just go slow and steady, I might just survive...
but who knows?

stereotypes of the military wife

I've lived on post at Fort Huachuca for a grand total of 2 weeks now. 
Two weeks and one day, actually,
and let me just tell you...there are so. many. stereotypes. about Army wives!
Well, I'm sure any military wives, for that matter.
But, seriously, holy's pretty insane the things that are said about us.

Yesterday, a snarky man at the supermarket off post 
asked why I had organic ingredients and grass-fed beef in my basket,
which the commissary didn't have the other day.
Before I could answer, he told me that dependapotamus women usually didn't eat healthy.

When I googled that term, this is what I found:

^^^ image via

Yeah, it's pretty horrendous, if you ask me.
Here's the thing:
I'm new to the whole Army wife thing, but I will tell you that we shoulder a lot of the burden for our spouses.
We get a bad rap from a lot of people because a lot of our lives are on the government's dime,
but we do it at a great cost, for the most part.

It amazes me that there's so much judgment directed towards military wives.
I kind of get why we're generally a tight-knit group now.

Regardless though, I refuse to fall into any sort of stereotype that people set for us.
Ryan and I signed up for an 8k on post this coming Saturday, in which we'll probably die,
but we're going to try our best!
We've kept up juicing, but we've added in a few proteins,
and we're feeling like lean, mean, fighting machines.

Bring it on, stereotypes!

life lately

I'd be lying if I said getting used to all these changes was easy.
It's been an easy transition living with Ryan every day,
but living in Arizona, learning to be an Army wife, trying to make new friends & working from home has been tricky.
If I'm being entirely honest, I'd say that I've been feeling a bit isolated.

That doesn't mean that Ryan and I aren't having an absolute blast though.
We started our juice cleanse on Friday the 14th, and I failed on Friday the 16th.
My blood sugar was just way too low, so we're still juicing, but I've added some healthy proteins. 
Our concoctions have been colorful, delicious and nutritious though!

For Valentine's Day, Ryan hired a masseuse to come to our brilliantly unfurnished house to give me a massage.
It was a sweet, thoughtful and loving gesture because he knows how stressed I've been.
This week, Ryan's been assigned over to nights,
which means his hours for the next month will be from midnight to 8 AM, when he'll have PT.
I'd be lying if I said I was thrilled about that, 
but I also know that it's harder on him than it is on me, so I need to be strong.

This is going to be a year of changes - good and daunting. 
The good thing is that we're working towards making our little house a home,
and we purchased two couches, a desk to refinish and an incredible bed frame this weekend -
all of which should make all these transitions a little bit less insane.

We also booked a cruise this weekend.
Since Ryan will be leaving for WOCs at the beginning of June,
we decided a Mexican Riviera cruise was in order for late April.
We'll get to spend some time together before our lives get thrown into a little chaos again,
and it gives us something to look forward to, as well.

I know that my posts probably seem a little down lately, 
and I promise I'm really not down.
I am so lucky and so blessed.
Sometimes it's just easier to write the little crazies here than voice them out loud :)

a very married valentine's day

I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day.
It's not a new thing, and it's not one of those "I'm alone, so I hate it" things.
I just don't like the idea of an institutionalized holiday in which we're told to tell people we love them.
Here's the thing - Ryan and I tell each other every. single. day. that we love each other.
I believe the small gestures on an off day mean more than a store-bought card on this day.

And yet, I can't help but be swept up in the throes of excitement this year -
if only because this is the first Valentine's Day that we'll actually get to spend together in person.

We don't have big plans for the day, 
though Ryan has informed me I must be dressed and ready to go at 3 PM today.
 I don't expect anything at all on this day, so anything will make me smile. 

Ryan is this solid beacon of strength and resolve in my life every day.
He makes me laugh until my sides hurt, smile until my jaw hurts and comforts me when I'm down.
He is opinionated and strong in character,
but he knows when to put aside his pride and ego and accept that he's wrong.
He knows the perfect words to soothe me when I'm anxious and bring me back to stability.

This man is my rock, my love and my heart,
and I am so very blessed to be married to him. 
Even if I had a million days to tell him that, it wouldn't be enough.

But enough of the sap…Happy Valentine's Day to all YOU lovelies! 

moving and settling in

Slowly but surely, Ryan and I are making this little house our home for next 11 months.
We've been here just over a week now, 
and we're actually doing all our furniture shopping this weekend.
Yes, we were literally doing a marathon day of furniture shopping and knocking it all out in one day.

We bought our dining table and chairs last weekend,
and I just started refinishing it last night. 
When we bought it, it was an ugly blonde wood stain, which is not a favorite of either of us.
So, I'm doing a deep cherry wood stain 
to compliment the actual well-made design of both the table and chairs.
I'll be sure to post before and after pictures, as well as a tutorial on that when we're done!

I bought a rug for our living room yesterday -
yes, that's the biggest purchase besides our bed thus far - 
and it makes these hideous post housing floors a little more bearable.

^^^ this rug

I know, this is all incredibly exciting. 
But seriously, I really want to share what the place looks like with you! 
Despite the fact that the floors are absolutely atrocious, it's a cute little house for us to start out.

Once the furniture is in and the pictures are hung,
you'd better believe I'll be inundating you with photos of our little house.
It's not perfect, but it works well for us, and that's what really matters right now.
While part of me doesn't want to do too much for fear of getting attached to it,
there's another part of me that fully plans to make it a home regardless.

Obviously, that's the part that's winning out!

juice cleansing

Now that Ryan and I are finally in Arizona and starting our married life together,
it's time to get him ready for WOCs, which he leaves for at the very beginning of June.
WOCs stands for Warrant Officer Candidate School, and it's where he'll train to be a specialized officer.
Right now, Ryan is a non-commissioned officer in the US Army, 
but after WOCs, he will have a commission, a rank bump and way more responsibility.

The fun thing about WOCs is that even though Ryan has been in the Army for 6 years,
he will basically have to go through boot camp again,
which means he needs to be in the absolute best shape of his life going in.

This means that both he and I will be working out nearly every day a week,
eating well and doing regular healthy cleanses,
like the juice cleanse that he and I will be starting on Valentine's Day.
Heck, if we survive the anger and rage of hunger through that, we can survive anything, right?
Two of our favorite juicing recipes from our past cleanses are below:

^^^ images via here and here

Now, the juice cleanse we're doing is pure, whole fruits and vegetables that we'll be juicing right at home.
It's not an easy transition to switch over to, 
but it really bumps up your metabolism, cleans things up and gets you back on track.
We've done it before, and it really isn't so bad once you're three days in.
We're hoping for ten days, but we're aiming for just six.

Juicing is not for everyone, 
and we've definitely consulted with our doctors before doing this every time,
but they all agree that it does no harm, so long as we aren't too calorie-deficient.

We made a goal to cut most processed sugars and grains this year,
so between intermittent juice cleanses, a healthier lifestyle and a whole batch of fun new recipes,
we're excited to see what this year has in store for us.
I feel like I should tell you that I love food, so it's always a struggle to start this,
but trust me, it's been worth it every time.

Have you ever juiced or done juice cleanses before?
I'd love to hear your favorite recipes, tips or tricks!

the positives - arizona edition

Today, I'm linking up with The Positives, a weekly feature over on Kaysie's blog, A Day of K. Since Mondays are generally the bane of my existence, I figured this would be a great way to recognize all those little positive things going on in my life right now. If you want to participate, too, just head over and link up every Monday!

1. A brand new home to live in. Ryan and I moved in together, officially, last Tuesday. We have little to no furniture at all, but we're having a lot of fun making this little house our home - even if it is only for one year.

2. Kale and fruit smoothies in the morning. Ryan usually heads off to PT at around 4:45 every morning. I get up to work remotely from about 5:30 on, and I make kale and fruit smoothies for us to enjoy in the morning before he heads off for a day of work. They're delicious, nutritious and fun because we finally have a little routine down.

3. The fun little trip to Sedona with my mums. Honestly, I've been pretty bummed on the idea of Arizona for a while now, so it was really nice to see that there is this whole gorgeous side of Arizona that I didn't even know existed.

4. Being able to go outside and run in the middle of February. I've been in New Hampshire for the past three years, and I've been unable to run outside because of the snow and ice since probably early November. I went out in a tank top and shorts yesterday though, and I did a cool little 2 mile loop. There's nothing like being able to enjoy the weather all year 'round!

5. Furniture shopping. Ryan and I are just starting to look at furniture to buy and refinish, which we are are so excited to do together. We bought a dining table and chairs over the weekend, which we're going to sand down and paint a dark cherry wood color. I'll be sure to post before and afters of that :)

fridays in sedona

My mother and I left Fort Huachuca for Sedona late Thursday afternoon 
to spend some time with good family friends from our swimming youth in New Jersey.
My good friends, Rebecca and Rita, swam with us until Reb went to SoCal prior to her first Olympics,
and with Rita studying in Texas, 
their parents, whom we were visiting, found that Arizona was the place for them.

Sedona is an absolutely stunning area of the West.
The red rocks, the culture and the beautiful painted sunsets were to die for.

^^^ Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona

Though we didn't get to see Reb or Rita this time around,
it was lovely to see the people who were pretty much our second parents for a good while.

Plus, it was so fun to see this new area of Arizona that I don't really know,
and it was a lot of fun to see that Arizona can actually be pretty darn gorgeous.
Ryan hasn't even visited Sedona yet, so I totally one-upped him there!
We explored main street and the Native American stores, all the while just soaking in the sights.

^^^ So many colors and strange things at the stores in Sedona

^^^ Sedona is a very rich wild, wild West

^^^ View from Chapel of the Holy Cross

We didn't get to explore Sedona as much as we might have liked because I was busy working,
and we only had one day with them,
but we really enjoyed having the time to see some of this strange, fun new area of the country.
It's definitely a place I'll have to visit again - for longer!

adventures can be overwhelming

As you know, I just barely arrived at our new little house at Fort Huachuca,
but I left my poor husband again last night.
My mother is flying back to the East coast tomorrow,
so we took the opportunity to drive up to Sedona to visit some family friends
before I take her to Phoenix to the airport tomorrow.

Much like yesterday and the day before,
I'm a little overwhelmed.
I texted Ashley, as I always do, that life seems to be a little too much right now.
There's too much in flux, too much undetermined, and we're not settled yet.
It's a very off sort of feeling.

And yet, at the same time,
I know that once I've dropped my mother off, reality will sink in.
This is for real.
I've moved to Arizona to start my life with Ryan.

Part of me thinks I'm crazy for selling my belongings, 
picking up my little life and my pets from New Hampshire
 and traveling to a whole different area in the US to be with the one I love.

As overwhelming and terrifying as this is,
I'm excited, as well. 
There are so, so many adventures to be had, so many pictures to be taken,
so many memories to be created
and so much life yet to be lived.

All of these things make the stress and the moving worth it.

Plus, come tomorrow morning, I'll be back at Fort Huachuca with my man!
We're looking at furniture this weekend,
cooking yummy meals in our new kitchen and hosting some new friends!

I'll be sure to document Sedona tomorrow because it is stunning.
Until then, here's to living in the moment and loving those crazy adventures.

a house to call home

Well, we did it - we made it to Arizona!
It was a long and arduous, to say the least, but we were so happy to arrive late Tuesday night.
Our house on post is honestly just to die for.
The place is so clean, so fresh and we're definitely ready to make it ours…
for the next year, at least.

^^^ the view from our backyard

I was pretty overwhelmed yesterday getting back online to work remotely,
try and start up a routine with Ryan while my mother is still in town,
and try to get the essentials for our house ( supplies) because we have no furniture yet.
We're going to start looking for furniture this weekend,
but we're going to take our time getting what we want and need to make it a home.

I plan on doing a full house tour in about a month's time,
once we've had the chance to somewhat furnish and decorate our place.

^^^ the view from our front stoop

For now though, I'm really enjoying that I have both a front porch and a back porch.
I have a kitchen with a gas stove and a huge pantry.
I have a separate dining area that I can't wait to utilize.
And, most of all, I'm happy that Ryan and I actually have a place to call home.
We're pretty darn blessed!

rollin' down the highway

Bear with me, please, lovely bloggy friends!
We left New Hampshire super early on Saturday morning, 
and we made it to Memphis, Tennessee last night (despite the snow!)

We're hoping to be in Abilene, Texas tomorrow night,
and we have a crazy long day on Tuesday, 
but we should make it to Sierra Vista, Arizona by late afternoon.
It's a crazy long trip of about 2,700 miles, 
and I must say that I'm absolutely exhausted.

I will definitely recap all the madness of the journey when I'm back on Wednesday,
so pretty please bear with me while I'm gone!

Oh, and also, please pray that my car decides to keep on keeping on.
We had a really rough start,
and it's pretty horrific even in hindsight.
More on that later, of course.

But for now,
I love all your faces, 
and I'll be back with fun, picture-filled blogs on Wednesday…
and pictures of the house. :)