adventures can be overwhelming

As you know, I just barely arrived at our new little house at Fort Huachuca,
but I left my poor husband again last night.
My mother is flying back to the East coast tomorrow,
so we took the opportunity to drive up to Sedona to visit some family friends
before I take her to Phoenix to the airport tomorrow.

Much like yesterday and the day before,
I'm a little overwhelmed.
I texted Ashley, as I always do, that life seems to be a little too much right now.
There's too much in flux, too much undetermined, and we're not settled yet.
It's a very off sort of feeling.

And yet, at the same time,
I know that once I've dropped my mother off, reality will sink in.
This is for real.
I've moved to Arizona to start my life with Ryan.

Part of me thinks I'm crazy for selling my belongings, 
picking up my little life and my pets from New Hampshire
 and traveling to a whole different area in the US to be with the one I love.

As overwhelming and terrifying as this is,
I'm excited, as well. 
There are so, so many adventures to be had, so many pictures to be taken,
so many memories to be created
and so much life yet to be lived.

All of these things make the stress and the moving worth it.

Plus, come tomorrow morning, I'll be back at Fort Huachuca with my man!
We're looking at furniture this weekend,
cooking yummy meals in our new kitchen and hosting some new friends!

I'll be sure to document Sedona tomorrow because it is stunning.
Until then, here's to living in the moment and loving those crazy adventures.


  1. I hope you have a great weekend and are successful with finding some lovely furniture.

  2. I completely understand your feelings of being overwhelmed. Jerry and I moved into our house shortly after our wedding and we've only been in it for about two months now. I have a lot of "stuff," and there are still boxes that need to be unpacked as well as plenty of stuff at my parent's too. Not to mention, it's overwhelming to start this whole new life! You're right, though - it's all worth it! Jerry moved from California to New York after we met on MyFitnessPal so his entire life turned upside down too, but he has never regretted it. Wishing you all the best while making these big adjustments! <3

  3. Love that quote!!! Everything in this post, so true!! New adventures are the most amazing and scariest things ever! You learn more about life and yourself when you challenge yourself to make changes. Wishing you the best! It will be hard and fun but you got your best friend by your side!

  4. I constantly think of how insane it seems to drop everything and go with a Mr. I think after a few of these moves, we'll be much more used to it. Start finding little restaurants and parks and good things in your area, it will make it feel much smaller much faster if you have a place that can be your new favorite

  5. I LOVE Sedona! I hope you enjoy your day before you say goodbye to your mom! :) Your life might be a little crazy right now, but enjoy it! Someday the same old routine day in and day out might leave you wishing for adventure. :)

  6. All of the things that can make it unsettling are also the things that you are going to love about the adventure. Being able to explore and learn it together will be fun! Hope you feel a little more settled soon.

  7. I must say i love the profile pic. it's awesome. Love the back ground. hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Just take it one day/step at a time. And remember you have an amazing partner and great support group! :)

  9. You are doing amazing! I know all the change and all the new can be overwhelming, but I promise as soon as it all slows down, you find your new normal, your life will be just what you want!

  10. Change stressed me out too! But it sounds like you're just getting set up for an amazing life full of adventure with your hubby!

    Class and Sass

  11. Love this post so very much. Cheers to your new adventures.