juice cleansing

Now that Ryan and I are finally in Arizona and starting our married life together,
it's time to get him ready for WOCs, which he leaves for at the very beginning of June.
WOCs stands for Warrant Officer Candidate School, and it's where he'll train to be a specialized officer.
Right now, Ryan is a non-commissioned officer in the US Army, 
but after WOCs, he will have a commission, a rank bump and way more responsibility.

The fun thing about WOCs is that even though Ryan has been in the Army for 6 years,
he will basically have to go through boot camp again,
which means he needs to be in the absolute best shape of his life going in.

This means that both he and I will be working out nearly every day a week,
eating well and doing regular healthy cleanses,
like the juice cleanse that he and I will be starting on Valentine's Day.
Heck, if we survive the anger and rage of hunger through that, we can survive anything, right?
Two of our favorite juicing recipes from our past cleanses are below:

^^^ images via here and here

Now, the juice cleanse we're doing is pure, whole fruits and vegetables that we'll be juicing right at home.
It's not an easy transition to switch over to, 
but it really bumps up your metabolism, cleans things up and gets you back on track.
We've done it before, and it really isn't so bad once you're three days in.
We're hoping for ten days, but we're aiming for just six.

Juicing is not for everyone, 
and we've definitely consulted with our doctors before doing this every time,
but they all agree that it does no harm, so long as we aren't too calorie-deficient.

We made a goal to cut most processed sugars and grains this year,
so between intermittent juice cleanses, a healthier lifestyle and a whole batch of fun new recipes,
we're excited to see what this year has in store for us.
I feel like I should tell you that I love food, so it's always a struggle to start this,
but trust me, it's been worth it every time.

Have you ever juiced or done juice cleanses before?
I'd love to hear your favorite recipes, tips or tricks!


  1. Good luck to him! Nick is a 2d Lt but commissioned right out of college. I bet his 6 previous years will lend him some wisdom that the real newby officers don't have

    1. He finds that it does now…even as an NCO ;)

  2. I've never done a juice cleanse. Those two recipes sound delicious, however. Congratulations to your husband for being selected for WOCS. My husband went through WOCS about 10 years ago and it really has changed his Army career for the better.

    1. Thank you, Alison! He's really excited to go through it - it's been at the back of his mind for a while :)

  3. I'm sure you can tell by our previous weight problems that Jerry and I are food lovers ourselves. :) This sounds terrible, but I hate fruits and veggies for the most part (people are shocked when they hear that I have lost all that weight without eating a ton of them), so we asked for a blender for our bridal shower. We have been planning on making juice smoothies with fruits and veggies as a way for me to incorporate healthier foods into my diet, since I do enjoy smoothies, just not fruits and veggies on their own! We aren't planning on doing a cleanse, but just making smoothies for meals once in awhile. We're planning on trying some out in the coming weeks. Thanks for the ideas and good luck with your cleanse! This might be a stupid question, but do you just drink the smoothies for the six days and not eat anything else?

    1. Hey girl! Yes, we stick solely to the juice/smoothies for the six days. We pound water, too, obviously. It's a balance because you HAVE to take in enough calories for it to actually stay healthy, but it works wonders. And honestly, some of these juices are just so dang good!

  4. like you said just make sure you have enough calories while you're juicing, especially if you guys are going to be working out too!

  5. I have juiced before but usually only for one meal at a time. The Ruby Red juice sounds really good! I got a booklet from the grocery stop that has a ton of juicing recipes. I think it is from Pillsbury or something like that.

  6. Excited to read more about this hun! What juicer do you use?!? Xx.

  7. I got a juicer for Christmas, but haven't done any kind of juice cleanse. I hope it goes well for you this time!

  8. I think it's great that y'all can work out together!! And good luck to him!!!

  9. That grapefruit juice looks delicious....we got into juicing a little but so far we've only used it to replace a single meal. I'd love to do it like this one of these days though!

  10. I don't think I could ever do it. I have a couple friends who are currently trying it. I just get CRANKY without food though!

  11. Oh how interesting! I can't wait to see how this goes for you since my experience was kind of iffy!

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