moving and settling in

Slowly but surely, Ryan and I are making this little house our home for next 11 months.
We've been here just over a week now, 
and we're actually doing all our furniture shopping this weekend.
Yes, we were literally doing a marathon day of furniture shopping and knocking it all out in one day.

We bought our dining table and chairs last weekend,
and I just started refinishing it last night. 
When we bought it, it was an ugly blonde wood stain, which is not a favorite of either of us.
So, I'm doing a deep cherry wood stain 
to compliment the actual well-made design of both the table and chairs.
I'll be sure to post before and after pictures, as well as a tutorial on that when we're done!

I bought a rug for our living room yesterday -
yes, that's the biggest purchase besides our bed thus far - 
and it makes these hideous post housing floors a little more bearable.

^^^ this rug

I know, this is all incredibly exciting. 
But seriously, I really want to share what the place looks like with you! 
Despite the fact that the floors are absolutely atrocious, it's a cute little house for us to start out.

Once the furniture is in and the pictures are hung,
you'd better believe I'll be inundating you with photos of our little house.
It's not perfect, but it works well for us, and that's what really matters right now.
While part of me doesn't want to do too much for fear of getting attached to it,
there's another part of me that fully plans to make it a home regardless.

Obviously, that's the part that's winning out!


  1. I love that rug! Can't wait to see what you d with your home!

  2. Ohh that's a good rug! Did you buy it in person? I always have trouble with rugs because of the sizes, but that one nails it!

  3. Decorating a house from scratch is so much fun. The rug is lovely! I have nightmares about that type of flooring. When we lived at Ft. Huachuca, we lived in OLD housing by the commissary, which has now been torn down and replaced, thank goodness. The floors, no matter how often you cleaned them, were so dirty. My baby always had dirty knees from crawling around on the floor. Ew!

  4. I love that rug. I always used to put down rugs in my apartments because the floors just seemed so dirty and bland otherwise.

  5. love the rug and i'm glad slowly but surely ya'll are getting moved in and settled. hope it all comes together well.

    have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

  6. sadly those floors do kind of look like an elementary gym floor. but at least you have a cute rug!

  7. The rug is so cute! It is so much better to come home to something that looks lived in. I am sure you will make it nice and cozy!

  8. Super cute rug! It's the little things that make all the difference!

  9. Wahoo! Can't wait to see the house!! And who cares about the floor...once you have furniture nobody will look at it :) Xx.

  10. awe love the rug, can't wait to see more photos