putting the miles on my legs

About a month ago, I could barely run, and I was living in a frozen state in which it was difficult to run outside.
These days, however, I'm running nearly every other day outside in Arizona...
and I'm actually loving it! 
Who would've thought that was even possible?

When I first started running, I could barely do a full mile.
Granted, Sierra Vista is at altitude, but it was a huge blow to my ego and to my hope to run a half this year.
However, I found that by putting more miles - slow and steady - on my legs each week,
I have more energy, I have more stamina, and I actually think it's a possibility now.
And, the real kicker is that I'm actually enjoying running.

For your viewing pleasure, this was actually my first run upon moving to Fort Huachuca:

I was really proud of those numbers, too, because I remember how much the first few steps hurt,
and I told Ryan that I didn't think I'd even make it a single mile.
I made it a mile and a half that day, and now I'm up to 3...fairly comfortably.

I'm more comfortable going out at an even pace now,
and I finally feel like I'm not on a death march in the final legs of any given run.
This past Sunday, with Ryan cheering me on, I did my first 3-mile run all by myself - not in a race -
and I was really proud of the result!

I'm using Endomondo to track my mileage, my pace and my distance,
and I supplement twice a week with interval runs on the treadmill.
I have new running shoes and an incredible FitBit Flex, both of which are a Godsend,
but I'll say that I'm still struggling with shinsplints a bit, which sucks.
So, I'm mixing things up now and getting myself back in the pool, which is awesome.

I'm so thankful for all of you guys' encouragement and sweet words as of late...
they've been much-needed, and Ryan and I really appreciate them.
Things are looking up though, and I'm excited to keep seeing the positives all around!


  1. Exciting!! I'm someone who sees myself as unable to run at all, and I can't imagine enjoying it, either, but it's cool to see how much you've progressed in a short span of time! I bike because I do enjoy that. But with it being so cold, I haven't been able to bike outdoors, either. Soon!

    1. Thanks, girly! I'm a bad runner - always will be - but it's amazing what we can accomplish when we put our minds to it :)

  2. Just keep running! It's so wonderful to work hard and make progress because then it feels like it's all worth it. Congrats on making great strides with your running....especially with the challenge of high altitude to deal with. I have to chuckle looking at your maps because years ago we lived on Stedman St. Thankfully that old house was torn down and put out of its misery. :)

    1. That is SO crazy that you lived here! The housing is a zillion times better than it used to be, and the old Gatewood is almost completely gone now haha We're relishing in the good housing bc Drum is going to suck ;)

    2. I know! While my husband was at some course there two summers ago, my daughter and I visited him and I was blown away by all the new housing. Even the streets were reconfigured because I tried to show my daughter where we lived and Stedman St was all wonky. Or, perhaps, my memory has faded. Lol. We've never been to Drum, but I've heard the housing is less than stellar. I suppose as long as the heater functions, you'll make it work. :)

  3. So awesome that you are getting the miles in! I am sure it is much easier than running in the snow! You are doing awesome!

  4. New running shoes are the best thing ever. It makes a bigger difference than you expect!

  5. that's awesome. how is the knee feeling with all of this?!

  6. Awesome progress but I am SO not surprised. :) My progress was very slow and I was still able to train for a half fairly quickly, so I'm certain you'll be running a half in no time! Endomondo is the coolest app, isn't it?! Keep it up!

  7. Woohoo for progress! Shin splint are the WORST!

  8. If I could ever get my nose out of a book I'd get back to exercising! I've been a little more serious lately, and I went to the gym twice this last week, which is something since I hadn't been in about 6 months. It's hard trying to squeeze everything in when you work full time. Nice progress on your runs! It seems your stamina increased quickly which is encouraging to me. :)

  9. Great job! You've come so far. Keep up the great work. :)