there's something about arizona

When I moved here over a month ago, I was certain that I was going to hate this state.
As it turns out, Arizona has a certain charm to it that I didn't actually believe was possible. 
Ryan and I went through a pretty significant personal trauma the past week, 
and as we're working through the fallout of that, we're enjoying long walks together 
and just taking in these moments as a couple.

I've only been married for just over two months, but I've learned a few of the most valuable lessons in life.
1. We can't predict the future, but we can control  how we deal with what happens.
2. We are partners through all of this, regardless of how we might feel any given day.
3. This man is a Godsend, dealing with my emotions, calming me and loving me unconditionally.

Life isn't easy, and it certainly isn't always fair,
but we are so blessed to have each other through all of the uncertainties in life.
And, we're getting ready to head off on our cruise in less than two weeks.
A little rest and relaxation is just what the doctor ordered,
and we can't wait to feel our spirits lift again :)


  1. Keeping you in my thoughts. Hope everything is ok. So glad you have each other to get you through it.

    1. Thank you,'s been a hard time, but we're strong :)

  2. Thats a great reminder for so many of us. Enjoy your cruise...a little r&r never hurt anyone ;)! Xx.

  3. Thinking of you! AZ definitely has its good and bad….the sunsets are amazing huh?!

  4. I love #1! A lot of times in life that is the ONLY thing we can control...our response.

    So glad you have a wonderful husband :)

  5. Sending thoughts and prayers to you girl. Not sure what's going on but with having faith and trust in the Lord things will work out for the best girl. Marriage is about being one. The both of you being a team and working together. Communicate and things will work out fine. I love the sun set pic. I get so jealous b/c I want to capture it but have yet to capture it just the way I want.

    Would love you for to join the hops.

  6. A beautiful picture and a beautiful reminder!

  7. glad you have him and you guys have each other!

  8. This post is perfection. We don't know what the future holds, but we are blessed to be on such a fun ride. That Arizona sky is beautiful! I have been trying to think positively about our move to VA in a couple of months. Not only do we have to leave our home state, but it's cold there, and these Texans don't do cold! haha


  9. Aww. I'm sorry to hear of you having a hard time but you are lucky to have each other through it. I will keep you in my thoughts.

  10. Beautiful pic! Hope all is ok, stay strong!!

  11. I'm so, so sorry to hear that something bad happened and I am sending you good ju ju! Isn't it amazing how the bad times really make you appreciate the relationships you have and shine a new light on them. I hope it only gets better for you from here on out and stay strong!

  12. Way to find a few positives in the midst of a hard time, hang in there girl!

  13. it certainly looks lovely by that photo you took! I wouldn't have thought that about arizona either, but sometimes, home is however you decide for home to be! by the way, I'm glad I found your blog tonight! excited to be following along now :)