hop aboard the struggle bus

I swear I haven't abandoned this blog, you guys...though I've felt like abandoning everything lately.
You know, despite the occasional bout of grossness, I was doing fine up until about a week ago.
Lately, however, morning sickness and this baby are just kicking my ass three ways from Sunday.
If it's not heartburn, it's constant nausea...
and if it's neither of those, it's migraines that literally shut me down.

^^^ my happy place

Pretty much the only place I can find relief right now is in water.
I take about 3-4 baths a day, which dries my skin out like no other, but I swear it's sweet relief.
Swimming has also been helping, 
but the second I get out, all my symptoms are back.

My poor husband...
he's lucky if I put on yoga pants these days.
I truly consider that "dressed up" because I'm just so dang uncomfortable.
I've also found that I have these weird phantom pains at night that make me literally whimper if he touches me.

I have  my first OB appointment on Monday, 
and I'm really looking forward to finding out what drugs I can take. 
Yes. That is really what I'm most excited about right now, and I'm not ashamed. 

In other news, after four months on the wait list, my ipsy subscription finally went through.
I'm looking forward to seeing all these beauty products I'll have no desire to use for a while.
I know this baby is a miracle,
but right now, I wish this miracle would just be a little nicer to its momma.


  1. Hang in there mama! I know how you feel and tears will be included when you just get so tired of throwing up. Here's hoping you will feel better soon! I know you don't want to hear this, but it took me up to 16-17 weeks to feeling better again.....I wish I had known the truth about the time frame instead of hearing 12 weeks. I think that's what made me even more frustrated with being sick. I am 14 weeks along and still sick and hear these women at 12 weeks and poof its gone.... You can do this!!

    1. I'd rather know the truth, so I appreciate it! I feel like less of a woman because I'm lucky if I can get out of my pajamas in the morning these days. Blergh.

  2. Oh girl- I'm so sorry you've been feeling so crappy!! Hopefully the doctor can give you some answers (and some drugs you can take!!). Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh no! I hope you start feeling better soon.

  4. I hate it's been a rough time! I don't blame you for being excited about the appointment, it sounds like you're going to get some much needed help!

  5. oh girl, i am sorry things aren't going well. but hopefully the morning sickness ... more like all day sickness will go away soon!

  6. So sorry to hear this, girly! I just checked your blog yesterday, in fact, because I was hoping you were okay! I've had migraines for about 7 years now so I know how NOT fun they are, and coupled with your other pregnancy symptoms, I'm sure it's not easy for you right now. :( I hope you get some good news on Monday about ways to be more comfortable. Fingers crossed!

  7. Ugh you poor thing. Hope it gets better soon, and the doc can give you something. I love my Ipsy bags so hope you do too.

  8. oh girl....sorry you're having a rough time. At least you're finding relief in getting clean. Looks like you've got a relaxing place there. :D Hope things get better.



  9. Hope you feel better soon! I'm a day away from 12 weeks and I find sour things help my nauseous. So I'm constantly drinking lemonade or eating green grapes/apples... Or sour patch kids lol! It'll all be worth it in the ends. That's what they say right?

  10. Sorry it's been rough on you love :(
    P.S. I love your new blog look!

  11. Isn't it amazing how something so beautiful can make you feel so miserable?! I hope this lets up soon for you and you look back on your pregnancy full of joy. :)

    LOOOOVE the new look around here. Very fresh and clean :)

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