the sun, sand & sea of cabo san lucas

Cabo San Lucas was our first port of call on our Mexican Riviera cruise,
and it was a great way to kick off Ryan's and my first real trip to Mexico.
(I say "real" because I've been to Mexico before, but it was for hell week in college swimming.)
Since this was Ryan's first cruise, we decided to do a few shore excursions to get a taste of Mexican flair.

While in Cabo, he requested we do the Salsa & Salsa experience.
Basically, we took three hours at a gourmet restaurant, learned how to make 6 classic salsas,
and then we attempted to learn to Salsa dance.
It really was an attempt, my friends, because what we didn't know is that there were 
margaritas...bottomless, mind you, throughout the day. 

^^^ we apologize both for this ridiculous shot and the quality of it...we didn't know it was being taken haha

After all of the debauchery, we still had a few hours before we needed to be back on the ship,
so we figured we should take the chance to check out the sights and go to the beach.
Cabo was so colorful and alive - mostly because it was in full spring break swing,
but we really enjoyed the spring colors, the happy people and the great sights.

To get to the beach, visitors either have to go by taxi on land or by water taxi.
We decided on the water taxi because it was a great deal ($10 for the both of us, roundtrip),
and he would come back for us at a specified time. 
He asked if which beach we wanted to go to, and we told him anywhere but Medano
because all the little college spring breakers were partying hardcore there...and we're too old.

He took us out to see Los Arcos (the arches) instead,
and then he took us to the locals beach, which was absolutely stunning, quiet and so relaxing.

^^^ this was actually taken from the ship on the way into port

Because Cabo's port is so small,
the ships tender out at sea, and we take the lifeboats to shore, 
so we had a great view of both our ship and the Holland America ship that was following the same itinerary.

The water was warm, but because it was late March, it wasn't unbearably so, 
and I'll admit I was thankful for that because of some undesired sunburn that I might have gotten on the ship
our first day...Ryan was displeased.
Anyway, he sat in the shade to protect his fair ginger skin while I soaked up the rays
until a local approached us and asked us to hold her iguana. 

Oh yeah...holding the iguana cost us $5...which we found out after we held the iguana.
Yes. We were those tourists.

Honestly though, Cabo was beautiful. 
We wished we'd had a little longer to explore the city and the other beaches, 
but we were so happy to eve have the day there. 
Trust me - if you ever have a chance to visit Cabo, do it.
I have a zillion more pictures, but I'll save you from the overload and leave you with these favorites of ours.

Tomorrow I'll be recapping our stop in Mazatlan.
It was about a complete 180 degree turn from Cabo, but we're still so glad we went,
and we definitely had a ton of fun!


  1. wow! gorgeous shots....and that dancing one is lovely and necessary ;) salsa+salsa+margaritas sounds exactly how i picture a mexican holiday! hehe

  2. How cool to learn to make fresh salsa and bottomless margarita's is the best part of it. The water looks so perfect!

  3. That salsa and salsa class sounds awesome! Do you think you'll make any of the salsas at home?

    The $5.00 iguana holding made me laugh, I'll admit. Sneaky, sneaky! ;) At least you got a great picture out of it and a funny story to tell!

    1. Oh yes! We've already made a MASSIVE batch of them! :)

  4. Oh the salsa class sounds fun :) It looks beautiful on the beach

  5. That picture you took from the ship totally looks like a postcard! And salsa class?!! Obsessed! Y'all are too cute! xx

  6. How fun that you got to learn how to make different kinds of salsas! Did they give your recipes or anything to take with you?

    1. YES! I'll be posting the recipe for salsa roja later this week :)

  7. "Oh yeah...holding the iguana cost us $5...which we found out after we held the iguana.

    Yes. We were those tourists." Bahahahahah! I would've fallen for it, too!!!!! ;P

    Man, I would never have wanted to leave this paradise!

  8. I love LOVE the picture of you and Ryan salsa-ing (is that a word?)--sooo cute! Everything looks so beautiful!

  9. ahh man! i want to be there. minus holding that huge ass lizard. no thanks

  10. love these photos. so happy you two had fun! I've been to mexico 3 times, but never cabo! I'd love to visit!

  11. Looks beautiful and the "salsa" themed activity sounds pretty fun!

  12. Looks beautiful! I need a vacation bad!

  13. That salsa and salsa night sounds like such a fun event! Looks like you had a great time!

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