a trip to the OB

So, fun fact...I was supposed to have my first consult with my actual OB on Monday, right? 
Yeah, it didn't happen, guys.
I am very quickly learning that Tricare is absolutely horrendous, 
and while it has its perks (like not paying $2900 for an initial screening during the visit),
you definitely have to deal with their utter incompetence to take advantage of said perks. 

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Well, once they figured out the problem with their referral and got their heads out of their butts,
I was finally able to have my visit yesterday!
I'm so excited I chose the OB I did because he is really wonderful.
No woman wants a man all up in her business, but if it has to happen, it's better it's a great doctor.

I had 8 vials of blood drawn for disease screenings, drug tests, a full exam,
and though I was hoping to hear a heartbeat, apparently I have to wait a month with this OB to do that.

My OB did notice during the exam that my uterus (sorry, things I should never mention on the blog)
is measuring pretty small for 10 weeks,
so despite the usual 14-week appointment being the one where you see/hear the baby,
my OB has requested a limited ultrasound consult to see if I really am 10 weeks along, 
which, like I mentioned, could be wrong because we were on birth control when we conceived.

He didn't appear to be too alarmed - just said I was measuring closer to 8 weeks, which can happen.
I haven't gained any weight, which I'm thrilled about,
and I'm looking forward to knowing an actual due date later next week when we have the ultrasound!

I think that maybe...just maybe...I'm falling in love with the idea of being a mother :)


  1. Yay! So happy you're feeling better about everything.

  2. oh that will be exciting to find more out about the actual date!

  3. Glad you were able to get in and that you like your OB.

  4. Glad that it all went okay for you! I hope you get to hear the heartbeat and get your due date ASAP! How FUN! :)

  5. A good doctor is SO important!! I'm glad you found one you like!

  6. Love that last sentence :) And oh my gosh, Tricare. It really is such a pain. I mean we get what we pay for, but I really dislike going to the doctor now. I had such good doctors growing up, and it's just not the care since military life started. Butttt, free is free I guess :)


  7. Ugh tricare, and I dont have children yet. I can only imagine what's in store when all those appointments come rolling in! Hang in there lady!!

  8. So happy for you! I'm still in shock that I'm pregnant. I have had NO symptoms and at 15 weeks I still haven't gained a pound. I haven't had any issues with Tricare yet but I'm sure it will happen sooner or later!

  9. Glad you are embracing the excitement of becoming a mom…what a wonderful blessing!

  10. Melissa- I did miss your announcement on I Swim For Oceans! Congratulations! I hope you continue to feel better and start being able to eat things. And it is so important to have an OB that you trust and can communicate with! So exciting!!