i am a terrible blogger

I've really, really sucked at blogging over here lately.
With Ryan leaving in just a short few days for WOCs, preparing him for his trip and getting work done,
we've just been constantly on the move - especially with the long weekend.
The Army gets a four-day when there's a holiday like Memorial Day,
so we decided to take advantage of it, and we went up to Scottsdale with our friend PJ.

^^^ image via

We stayed at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, which is amazing, but insanely expensive.
The only reason we could afford to stay there was because of the travel agent deals I get through work.
It's a three-diamond resort with four pools, a golf course, a fishing pond and pretty much everything else.

We drove up Thursday night, then we went and floated the Salt River on Friday,
and it was amazing!
The weather was perfect, the water was cold and refreshing and the sun was beautiful.
It was the perfect little getaway for us before Ryan leaves for the next 5 weeks.
We came back to Fort Huachuca on Saturday, and the next two days were spent at barbecues and get-togethers.

^^^ Amanda, myself and Dayna - Arizona Army Wives

It was funny because every single person at these parties was drunk (except for myself and the kids),
so I found myself parenting about 13 children. 
I guess you could say it was a crash-course in co-parenting? 
Regardless, it was a really fun time with great friends, and it helped Ryan to unwind before all the stress to come.

^^^ I look awkward as anything in the second picture, but the "bump" shows up as bloat 99% of the time

I haven't done bump pictures/updates lately (much to the chagrin of my mother-in-law),
simply because we were given a new due date at our last appointment,
and I wanted to be a little more up-to-date when I started them again. 
So, yesterday I was 11 weeks exactly, and I'll do a 12-week bumpdate next week :)


  1. Wow, that place looks amazing! I'm so glad you could enjoy a nice getaway! Looking forward to your next bumpdate! I'm going to start mine in a couple weeks. I'm 6 weeks today.

  2. if you were busy watching 13 kids, you'll totally rock caring for one!

  3. That place looks gorgeous! Love scoring great deals! You look like you are glowing girl!

  4. Dang!! What a beautiful resort! Looks like you had a fun weekend!! Hope you're feeling well mama!

  5. I feel like a bad blogger at times too but then again that's just me and i'm on blog daily. so go figure. you look great and looks like this is a great and beautiful place to stay.


  6. Looks like such a fun getaway! That hotel is so nice...glad you had a luxurious weekend!

  7. I love that you got to spend some extra relaxation time with Ryan before he leaves.....that place looks gorgeous! And you do too! I just can't get enough of your bump! :)

  8. I'm happy you got to relax and have fun before your husband leaves! Can't wait to see your 12 week bumpdate :)

  9. That resort looks INCREDIBLE! So awesome that you guys were able to stay there!