one step forward

Well, Ryan and I had our very first ultrasound this past Friday!
I'll admit that I was pretty freaking nervous for it, simply because I had this innate fear that something was wrong.
The ultrasound tech alleviated our fears though, 
and we got to see our little peanut on the screen for the first time ever.

Here's the tricky part though (and it's the main reason we went in for the ultrasound).
Ryan and I conceived on birth control, which makes it tricky to predict an actual due date.
Case in point? Based on the dates (last cycle, etc), I'm 11.5 weeks right now.
However, our little baby is measuring small at only 10 weeks today.
So, the ultrasound tech told us in cases like this, they go solely off the measurements of the baby.

^^^ image via

So, we basically just went back in time 1.5 weeks.
It doesn't seem like much when you think about it that way, but trust me...
with morning sickness, it feels like an eternity of extra time until the second trimester!

They've adjusted my due date to December 15th,
but the tech made sure to inform me that this could change if the baby catches up in size.
Regardless, we were just excited to actually see and get a visual (and audio) confirmation of our baby's health!
The baby has a high heart rate of 163 beats per minute, which they said is high but strong.

Also, she informed me that there is a ton of room for this little baby to grow,
as my uterus is measuring 11.5 weeks and the baby is measuring 1.5 weeks less...
he/she was all huddled in the right corner, hiding out, and it made those cramps a whole lot more understandable.
I was thrilled Ryan was able to join me this time around because he leaves in 2 weeks,
and he won't be around for any of the ultrasounds until the very end.

So, now I just wait until my next appointment on June 4th to check on baby again,
and hoping that this little nugget knows that all it has to do is grow!


  1. happy to hear that baby moore is healthy!

  2. Awe!! How fun!! I bet it feels good to actually see the baby!!

  3. How exciting! So happy Ryan was able to be there with you.

  4. So glad you both got to experience the first ultrasound together! That must have been such a cool moment :)


  5. Glad they put your mind at ease. So you're due a week after my bday. Maybe he/she will come early :P like Dec 7th. LOL I have a cousin who's due Oct 8 but said the other 3 babies came 1 week to 2 weeks early so she's hoping baby girl does as well.

  6. Yay!!!! So glad that Ryan got to be with you for this super extra special moment. Grow little Baby Moore, grow!!!!!

  7. Oh boy!! Here's hoping they can push it up a little earlier for you! Glad you're all doing great!

  8. Yay! How exciting to go in for your first appointment! I hope baby decides to stop giving you morning sickness ASAP.

  9. So glad to hear that the baby is healthy, but whoa, talk about confusing with the measurements being smaller! So, what could you actually see of the baby today? Did the baby look like a person shape yet, or no?

  10. So exciting you got to see your babers!!!! :)

  11. So glad everything checked out okay and that Ryan got to go!

  12. Oh girl..even a week feels like a month with stuff like this!! Glad everything is okay though! xo

  13. Hi! I am your newest follower! I am due November 29th which isn't too much sooner than you!! I will be 14 weeks this Saturday and the morning sickness is finally beginning to subside! You will be feeling better in a few weeks I am sure. I know you are so excited about your next appointment. I go on June 2nd for my next appointment, and I am super excited!! Good luck with everything coming up! It's going to be an exciting year of changes!!

  14. So exciting! I would guess that your due date might change again with another ultra sound. Ours changed 3 times there in the beginning.