slowly but surely

Ugh. Yet again, I disappeared from this blog. 
I swear it really hasn't been my intention to abandon it, but life has been getting in the way.
Ryan is leaving for WOCs in three short weeks, which is insane to think about.
It feels like it was just yesterday that we were still 8 months out.
Now, we're in crunch time though, getting all his new boots, trainers, ACUs...all of it...ready in time.

Plus, Baby Moore has had a mind of its own lately. 
Just when I say I'm feeling better, this little nugget likes to throw me a curveball 
and change what I can and cannot eat again.
I'm looking forward to having the ultrasound this Friday to finding out exactly how far along we are.

I didn't really expect much on Mother's Day yesterday besides calling our mothers
and letting them know how amazing they are,
but Ryan decided to prove that he's the best husband ever...and I love him for it!

^^^ preggie drops and the world's sweetest card ever

Ryan went to Tucson without me on Saturday to get some stuff for WOCs and to get a massage,
so I stayed at home and sulked about feeling crappy all day.
Little did I know that my husband braved the mall AND a maternity store in Tucson just to get me the anti-nausea drops. 
They've been a lifesaver, and I ran out, but I was too lazy to buy them online,
so he went and got them for me.

If that's not love, I don't know what is.
Then, he proceeded to melt my heart with a card for my very first Mother's Day, and I bawled like an infant.
Ladies, I have a winner on my hands.
Ryan is officially the best husband ever :)


  1. Don't worry about us, or this blog girl!! Sometimes life is just more important! Those preggie pops? Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I valued them like $100 dollar bills when I was pregnant and always kept them in my purse, car EVERYWHERE!

    1. Right?! They're the ONLY thing that works for me! LOVE.

  2. What a sweet husband! And seriously, what Laure said. No worries on the blog. I love your updates, but your life comes before this blog.

  3. Aww such a sweet hubby!!! I'm definitely bookmarking those preggie pops for myself at a future date!!

  4. Whata guy! I'm so glad we live in the time we do (sometimes). Can you imagine pregnancy without all the things we have today?!

  5. I swear, the mall is the anti-Christ to men!! so to get him to go on his own volition, that's a feat!!! Ummm btw, we're so having a baby party up at Drum!! YAY!!

  6. ohhh that makes up for you having to stay home for sure!

  7. So, so sweet! <3 How exciting that you'll find out how far along you are soon!

  8. Happy Mother's Day! Sounds like you've got a great guy! So sweet!

  9. How very sweet of him and I am sure very appreciated!