that time I took almost two months off blogging

I basically fail at this blog. In all fairness to me, I kind of got a little burned out after the whole drama of posting through the first trimester, and when Ryan left for WOCs, I just needed to clear my head, settle down and get things straight for myself. Ryan has come and gone again. He's officially a Warrant Officer, and I couldn't be more proud of all he accomplished in Alabama! He left again yesterday morning for BOLC (Basic Officer's Leadership Course), and this time he'll be gone for 7 weeks. The good thing is that he's in a hotel this time around, and I can visit, so I'll be flying to Alabama at the end of the month for 10 days.

In the time I was absent from le blog, I went to New Hampshire for a week, as well as Philadelphia, and I was really able to just get away from it all, which was amazing. We also found out that Ryan is looking at a deployment next year, and we're starting to brace ourselves for that because, while we don't know the actual date, we know it will definitely be happening. Army life, my friends, is not an easy one…that said though, I wouldn't change it for the world!

All that said though…I figure it's high time I give a little update on Baby Moore! Would you believe I'm well into my second trimester now?! Thank the Lord, my friends! It's restored my faith in pregnancy. So, without further ado, a bumpdate for you all:

How far along: 21.5 weeks

Gender: We're not finding out!

Weight gain: Right about 4 lbs. The weight gain started up right around 17 weeks and, luckily, seems to be mostly around the belly (and boobs), so I can't complain too much.

Maternity clothes: None yet. I bought a pair of shorts though, and I have a feeling I'll be wearing them soon. I'm also going to invest in a few tops because I swear…dressing for a growing belly is difficult!

Stretch marks: None yet.

Belly button in or out: In

Sleep: I sleep like the dead…once baby Moore decides to calm down. Right as I go to bed, little peanut decides it's time to start kicking up a storm. It's hilarious and fun to feel (and watch!), but it's also not the most comfortable thing in the world when attempting to sleep. In other news, I'm totally buying a body pillow this week. MUST. BUY.

Best moment this week: This story is 100% true. Every time Ryan has tried to feel the baby kick, it stops, and he was getting really frustrated because he had to leave, and he wanted to really feel it. Finally, he put his face right up against my belly and yelled "dammit, baby!" and baby Moore readily complied, kicking him in the face. 

Miss anything: Besides my husband? Yes. I miss my smaller boobs. Guys, I don't know why women want massive ta-tas. These suckers are huge and uncomfortable. I hope they shrink back down because growing a cup size in 12 weeks sucks.

Movement: All the time. We've got once crazy baby doing backflips in there!

Cravings: Ice water, cheese, strawberries, blackberries and lemonade for days. 

Food aversions: Meat, eggs, kale and spinach. These days, I put pretty much all my veggies in my smoothies to trick the baby. Thus far, it's working.

Looking forward to: My 24 week appointment is at the end of this month, and we'll start discussing my natural birthing options, as well as set up hypnobirthing classes for when Ryan gets home. It's insane that we're over halfway! 

And that's I've got for you right now, folks, but I'll leave you with a little picture of baby Moore for your viewing pleasure. Baby has ears for days…and I'm still calling boy! What do you think it is? (And no, there are no clues in the ultrasound. Our tech made sure!)


  1. Aww you're looking so cute with that little bump of yours! Glad to hear you're feeling better, and I hope the weeks of Ryan gone fly by :)

  2. You're back!! Yay!!

    And I cannot believe that you are 21 weeks, that's crazy girl. You look good though and I am happy that baby Moore is taking it a little easier on you nowadays.

  3. yayyy! welcome back! sounds like the blogging break was well needed. i hope the deployment works out as well as it can and yay for baby pic! i know zero things about ultrasounds so no guesses for me haha. i'm gonna be safe and agree with you, calling boy!

  4. Wondering where the hell you went! ;-) so glad you're back! You look amazing! I am so glad you took a much needed break for yourself!! Hope you're feeling well!

  5. Missed you but YAYYYY HI HI HI again! :) You look and sound fab, little mama! Rock it!!! xx

  6. she's back !!! man i would have totally taken some time away from this space too if i were you

  7. Oh yay, I was so excited to see an update from you in my feed just now. You do look GREAT! I've gained much more than 4 pounds so you are doing awesome! How exciting that you're feeling movments! I haven't just yet. When did you start feeling baby? I'm 16 weeks so guessing I have a few more weeks to wait.

    1. I started feeling flutters right around 18 weeks. We've been able to SEE kicks for about 2 weeks now, and I could feel them strong around 19-20 weeks. It's crazy! You'll love it :)

  8. I LOVE reading these posts, especially of women further along from me so I can see what to expect! I can't wait to start making some of my own. Love that your husband was able to feel the baby kick in such a funny way. Sounds like Baby Moore has a sense of humor :)

  9. I always love and enjoy post like this. Cant wait to see more and looks like things are going good.

  10. so so so so so glad you're back. COME HERE MORE, LADY! And bring that adorable bump with you.

  11. Look at you and that cute cute bump! Pregnancy is gorgeous on you! So cool you get to meet him in Alabama... I bet that makes the separation so much better!

  12. Welcome back:) Great post. Glad things are well, and enjoy your visit!!!

  13. Look how adorable you are with a bump! HI BABY MOORE!!!! :)

  14. You look so great! I wish I had a cute pregnant belly. I just look bloated and gross. I definitely do not have "the glow." Times flies doesn't it?

  15. You look great! Glad that things leveled out for you. Second trimester is seriously the best! I am totally with you on the big boob thing-what are these?!?