nesting is very, very real

The informed me this morning that Ryan and I have 86 days left of this pregnancy. Please tell me how that happened. I don't know if it's been the combination of Ryan's absence with training, working (and working out) like a  fiend or what, but the time is dwindling quickly, and we have a lot left to do. I went through a few weeks where I was stressing out a lot at night, but since starting to read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, I've felt a lot more relaxed about the whole process.

With our PCS date fast-approaching, as well, we haven't had the luxury of setting up a nursery for baby Moore, and I think that was a large part of my self-induced stress. All I've wanted to do is nest and prepare for the nugget's arrival. I'm telling you, people, nesting is a real thing. Right now though, we have three bedrooms. One is my dedicated office, one is the guest room and one is our master bedroom. First, there is no bedroom for baby in our current post housing and second, there's no point in setting up a nursery, only to have to break it down again a few weeks after the baby is born. 

^^^ our new master bedroom dresser area & thrifted end tables in our guest room

So, with Ryan's blessing, I'm nesting elsewhere! We've put off buying a dresser because we have the world's largest master closet, but I finally broke down and bought that gem the other day. It's going to double as our changing table here at Fort Huachuca because baby will be co-sleeping with us (I'll go into that more at a later date) anyway. In our guest room, we finally purchased a bigger guest bed since my parents are coming out next month, and I scored these amazing vintage hardwood end tables at a thrift store the other day for just $50 - for the pair! They had a nice, clean feel to that room, and I'm loving it.

As for the nursery once we get to Fort Drum? No clue yet, guys. Because we're waiting to find out the gender of baby Moore, I'm almost positive it's smart to wait to decorate, too. Our new house has four bedrooms, too, so baby will have his or her own space once we get there, as well. For now though, I'm cleaning like a madwoman, organizing like crazy and making this house a real home for the last 3.5 months of our stay here. 

Momma's, newlyweds and fellow pregos…do you nest? I never knew it was a real thing till now!


  1. love that dresser. glad you're feeling more calm about everything.

  2. I love those end tables, and for such a good price, too!

    Sunflowers & Love

  3. Really awesome dresser and end tables! I have two similar end tables in dark red from a garage sale!

    I've been nesting for awhile too, trying to get the house perfect and organized before his arrival... although it will undoubtedly get messy MANY more times since I'm 4 months away - haha!

    Do you know how long you will be in your next home or is everything up in the air?

  4. well never been pregnant but i can almost guarantee i'll be a nester! lol. those end tables are gorgeous! its probably good like you said that you cant decorate because you don't know the gender. i hope you show us when you do move into the new house, because i'm nosy like that. also cant wait to hear more about co-sleeping! yes i'm a weirdo, i know.

  5. I've been really big on purging and organizing but not so much for scrubbing the baseboard type cleaning. Especially since you are moving so soon after you deliver have an organized, clutter free home will make your life so much easier...especially on the unpacking side.

  6. I felt like we never had anything done leading up to delivery day. Everything will come together don't worry. As long as you have a few clothes, diapers and a place to sleep, you really are set. Try not to stress about it!