34 week bump date

Well, I fail at blogging, now don't I? Honestly, not too much exciting has been going on around here except for a nasty bout of the flu in the Moore household. Plus, Ryan's 150U course is kicking his butt, and work has definitely kicked into high gear for me lately, too. With maternity leave fast-approaching, I feel like there's never quite enough time to get stuff done. On the one hand, this pregnancy is going at a snail's pace now that we're nearing the finish line. On the other hand though, holy moly…time is flying. It might be time to start assembling the baby's bassinet…just a thought.

How far along: 34 weeks

Gender: We're not finding out!

Weight gain: 17 lbs

Maternity clothes: It's a mix. I have a bunch of maternity dresses that I rotate between, as well as maxi dresses and skirts. I definitely still wear my pre-prego jeans with the hair-tie closing them (per the above picture) though.

Stretch marks: Coconut oil, my friends, is heaven. I have no stretch marks. I rub it all over my breasts, belly, back and sides both night and day, and it's been working perfectly.

Belly button in or out: It's still an innie, but it's getting flatter.

Sleep: It was rough while Ryan and I had the flu, but the last few days I've slept amazing. I even slept through my alarm today, which never happens!

Best moment this week: I had my 34 week appointment this past Wednesday, and my OB said that baby Moore has dropped and is head down. He thinks I'm a good 5 to 6 days, at least, ahead of my due date, which is a relief! He also said he estimates baby is around 5 lbs right now and close to 18 inches. AND we finally picked a girl's name. We had a our boy name and we thought we had a girl name, but we've been debating it for a while now.

Miss anything: I miss working out and being able to walk without feeling as though I might wet myself on a daily basis. Other than that, I'm pretty content!

Movement: All the time! Baby really enjoys kicking me in the ribs, which is quite the sensation. I also get the occasional punch to the bladder when he/she doesn't like my position.

Cravings: Ice water and pesto. I don't even ask questions anymore. I'm just glad when I can eat because I feel so full all the time.

Food aversions: Avocado

Looking forward to: I'm flying to Boston and then NY this weekend! Ryan won't be able to make it because of his 150U course, but we're hoping beyond hope that we love this house as much in person as we do online. If so…we might have news soon!

33 week bumpdate

Time is both flying right now and really, really slow. There's a part of me that's so ready to be done with pregnancy and have this little nugget in my arms to cuddle and love. There's another part of me though that's really nervous for this next chapter. Between having a baby, a PCS and buying a home, there is a lot of stress in the Moore household right now, and it's definitely taken its toll this past week. All that said though, I'm doing my best to savor these last few weeks as a mama-to-be.

How far along: 33 weeks

Gender: We're not finding out!

Weight gain: 16 lbs

Maternity clothes: I mostly wear maternity clothes these days, though I'm holding onto my old faithful trick of wearing a hair tie to close my jeans. Other than that, I live in maxi dresses and really long tank tops with cardigans.

Stretch marks: I swear I'm going to have to do a full post on this after baby is born, but I've been using pure coconut oil from the start, and I don't have a single stretch mark. The great thing about coconut oil is that, though it's a solid, it liquefies on contact with body heat, so it's like a pure, natural moisturizer. I rub it all over my breasts, belly, back and sides both night and day, and it's been working perfectly.

Belly button in or out: It's still an innie, but it's getting flatter.

Sleep: Hit or miss. If I nap during the day, I don't sleep well at night. If I drink too much in the evening, I don't sleep well because I have to go to the bathroom all the time. Some nights though, I just sleep like the dead.

Best moment this week: Everything was pretty darn good this week, so I really have no "best moment."

Miss anything: I miss running, as well as working out, in general. With this baby sitting so slow, constant round ligament pain and some serious sciatica, running is out. I do lunges, dips and walk as much as possible, but even walking gets hard because baby is cramping my lungs and I need to pee every 15 minutes or so.

Movement: Baby is a mover. I always worry a little if he/she is not moving because it's pretty much consistent these days. I get lots of kicks in the ribs, as well as pokes to the bladder, but I appreciate them as much as you can ;)

Cravings: Ice water and cannoli (which is weird because I've had cannoli maybe 3 times in my life)

Food aversions: Avocado

Looking forward to: My 34 week appointment is next Wednesday, then I'm switching to weekly checkups...how crazy is that?! I'm also flying to NY next weekend to look at houses for Ryan and I because he's in the throes of his 150U course, and his instructors won't give him any leeway. There's a house we want to make an offer on, but we need to do it in person, with an inspector and my father, so it's up to me. Luckily, my no-fly order isn't until the week after. Yay for small saving graces!

the post with really big news

First of all, thebump.com informed me today that I have (give or take) 53 days to go until baby Moore decides to make his or her appearance. We also found out yesterday that our extension here at Fort Huachuca hasn't been approved yet. It hasn't been denied, but it hasn't been confirmed that Ryan's new report date is January 26th. So, with that in mind, we're honestly still on a January 2nd report date to Fort Drum. No big deal.

Oh wait...very big deal.

About a month ago, we decided to get the ball rolling with on-post housing at Fort Drum. We made the necessary calls, we submitted his orders...the whole shebang. We received a return call stating that we won't actually be put on the housing waiting list for Drum until we sign out of Fort Huachuca, which means that the 45+ day waiting list won't start until just days before we have to be on post in New York. With a baby and two cats, honestly, we weren't feeling it. So, we made the decision to look for rentals off post.

^^^ image via

Yeah, apparently the rental market in Watertown, NY is insane, and everything is way higher than Ryan's BAH (basic allowance for housing), which is stupid. Even with two incomes, we're not willing to pay an astronomical amount to a rental, when a mortgage would effectively be far less than we'd be paying otherwise.

And so, my friends, we've entered that insanely hectic and crazy process of buying a house...from across the country. Luckily, my father has been a lifesaver by vetting properties for us, friends have taken trips to look at houses and neighborhoods for us and Ryan is heading out in a couple weeks to look at five properties in one weekend and to (hopefully) leave an offer on our favorite one. The prospect of home-ownership is daunting, but we're so excited to have a place of our own, as well. 

Since we're looking at 4 years or more at Fort Drum, we think it's the best time to buy, and it will give us a property to rent out after we PCS again. Plus, it will give the baby a place to grow up off post for a few years, which is really big for us. But, we've had two of our favorite houses snatched out from under us because our realtor sucks, so we just ditched her and we're going directly through the listing agents now. It's tricky, but it's so so so exciting.

I'm sure there will be much more on this to come...but you know, why make things easy? A move, a baby and a new house in a few months? Seems reasonable to me! 

just the two of us

Life as just the two of us is slowly winding down, and while we're both immensely excited for little baby Moore to make his/her grand entrance, we're really taking the time to savor every second that's just the two of us lately. Above all else, Ryan is my very best friend, my confidant, and my partner. I'd be lying if I said the prospect of there being another little one of us wasn't slightly intimidating. Nevertheless, we're totally looking forward to the next adventure.

This weekend, Ryan was in the wedding of one of his soldiers, so we made the three hour trek up to Phoenix, spent a couple nights in a nice hotel and went to the wedding yesterday evening. Ryan is ridiculously attractive in his dress blues, and I haven't seen him in them since he went Warrant Officer, so it was a fun night of getting dressed up and spending time as a couple.

^^^ saluting the belly. it's a thing.

During the drive up and back, we really had the time to think about how exciting the next few months are going to be for us. We're going to have a baby, our first married PCS, we're looking for a house up in New York, and we're going to be closer to my family. It's such an exciting time, and we're making sure to savor every little moment we have.

^^^ sassy look from my man

Until then though, we're just enjoying the remaining couple of months in Arizona. While we enjoy the sun, we're looking forward to a colder climate and starting fresh at his next duty station. And, frankly, I'm enjoying the last few months of just the two of us because I am so endlessly blessed to have that handsome, snarky, sassy, hilarious and lovable ginger man by my side through it all. 

tombstone, arizona

While my parents were in town last week, we figured it was time to knock a few little things off our burgeoning Arizona bucket list and drive out to Tombstone - one of the most wild, wild west little towns complete with authentic details. My father is a big history buff, which made it a special little trip for him, as well, and it's only about a 30 minute car ride from Sierra Vista. 

^^^ 2 PM gunfight at the OK Corral

In all honesty, I didn't really know what to expect from Tombstone. It's a very old, quaint and historically-restored little town, but it's definitely living solely on a tourist market, which was kind of a downfall for us. I think we kind of hoped that it would be more like an historic district where we could kind of browse by ourselves and really soak in the sights, learn the history and see it for ourselves. 

Instead, we did about an hour walk-around, hid from the rain under the old awnings and then we called it a day. There were a lot of little touristy shops where you can buy trinkets, and they do put on a reenactment of the OK Corrall gunfight, but you have to pay and watch the show indoors. Color us crazy, but that's not really what we had in mind, so we absconded. We bought ourselves the most amazing sarsaparilla instead and just enjoyed a browse through one of Arizona's most charming (and touristy) towns.

Aren't my parents just the cutest?! Seriously though. Anyway, that was our little trip to Tombstone - easily done in an hour or less. We have some exciting news in the next few days, and I'll be recapping the awesomeness that was my baby shower :)

31 week bumpdate

I'm pretty amazed how quickly time is flying right now, and though everyone has warned me that it will slow down near the end, I'm treasuring this time. Baby Moore is a  mover and a shaker in there these days, and it's insane to feel these pronounced kicks, hiccups and rolls all the time. While it might not look like much (until I eat a big meal - and it does happen), trust me, there's a baby in there. The nugget has been in the head-down position for almost 3 weeks now, so we're *cautiously* optimistic that we may have a baby earlier than December. Who knows?! Until then, baby can just keep cooking :)

^^^ I take shameless selfies these days. Whoops.

How far along: 31 weeks

Gender: We're not finding out!

Weight gain: It's hovering between 12 and 13 lbs now

Maternity clothes: Mostly only maternity clothes these days. I live in maxi dresses and skirts, as well as yoga pants and leggings, too. I can still wear most of my pre-pregnancy tanks though and I do still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans with a hair tie to close them.

Stretch marks: None. I swear by pure coconut oil twice a day. I rub it all over my boobs, belly, back and sides, and it seems to be doing the trick thus far.

Belly button in or out: It's still very much an innie!

Sleep: I've actually been sleeping amazing the past few nights! I make sure I stop drinking any liquids around 7 PM, and I only get up 2 times a night to go to the bathroom, which is a huge improvement.

Best moment this week: My family was in town, and they got to experience the full-blown effect of baby Moore! Baby cooperated and kicked for both my sisters, and my mom got to feel it have the hiccups and do its little barrel rolls in there.

Miss anything: I miss running like I used to. Running has been much harder lately, and I'm lucky if I get a full mile in before I resort to walking. I'm hoping beyond hope that it comes back after the birth.

Movement: I never thought it would get to this point, but baby Moore's movements are much less gentle these days! Baby is a mover, and when he/she gets going, there are some pretty intense jabs straight to the ribs now. I can also distinguish the little knobby knees, which is so fun.

Cravings: Ice water and bananas

Food aversions: Eggs and avocado. I just can't stomach them!

Looking forward to: Our childbirth classes are starting next week! Yes, we're a little behind schedule here…whoops ;)

family is love

This weekend has been such a whirlwind…in the best possible way. For those of you that follow me on instagram, you probably saw that my family pulled off the world's best surprise for my baby shower. My parents were supposed to fly into Phoenix on Saturday morning, so Ryan and I got up early and drove up to meet them in the city. It's a long drive, and Ryan wasn't feeling well, but we did it and I got there as unsuspecting as ever. Little did I know, they brought my sisters with them. 

^^^ Nikki, Kristina & myself

I am not the easiest person to surprise, guys. I'm a planner. I need to know what's happening at all times…especially lately. Somehow though, Ryan, my parents, my amazing friend Amanda and my sisters managed to pull this off though, and my sisters and I were reunited for the baby shower. And yes…baby Moore even cooperated and kicked for them :)

I have to do a full post on the baby shower, as well as both my parents' and sisters' visits, but for now, I can't get past how amazing these past few days have been. Getting to share this pregnancy, this duty station and this town with my family has been such a blessing, and I'm so grateful to my friends and my wonderful husband for making this happen. We enjoyed a few days of exploring the mountains, hiking, sharing meals and just loving our time with one another. So, for now, I leave you with just a couple more snapshots.

^^^ the view from old post of Sierra Vista and Fort Huachuca

^^^ Nikki and Kristina

30 week bumpdate

It's kind of crazy to believe that today marks 30 weeks of baby Moore. Ryan and I are getting more excited (and way more nervous) as the days tick by, but we're definitely eagerly anticipating the peanut's arrival. My parents are arriving in town tomorrow morning, and my baby shower is on Sunday, so it's going to be a busy few days, but we're so thrilled to actually start preparing and celebrating this little nugget.

How far along: 30 weeks

Gender: We're not finding out!

Weight gain: Right at 11 lbs total. I weighed in at the doc a little less on Wednesday, but he mentioned it was entirely normal.

Maternity clothes: Yes. I scored a whole bunch of sale dresses (read: mumus) at Target the other day, and I live in them now. If I'm wearing jeans, I still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans with my new belly band, or I wear yoga pants. I just don't like any of the maternity jeans I've seen.

Stretch marks: None. I swear by pure coconut oil twice a day. I rub it all over my boobs, belly, back and sides, and it seems to be doing the trick thus far.

Belly button in or out: In, though that little indent over my belly button is a strange phenomenon.

Sleep: Sleep is entirely dependent on the amount of liquids I drink prior to bed. If I don't drink anything after 6 PM, I can generally get by with only two trips to the bathroom per night. If, however, I feel the need to drink hot chocolate at 8 PM like I did on Tuesday, 5+ visits to the bathroom is not uncommon. When I am sleeping though, I sleep like the dead.

Best moment this week: I had my 30 week appointment this past week, and shiz is definitely getting real! Visits to the OB are every two weeks now, and baby Moore has quite the sense of humor when Nina, my nurse, tries to Doppler for a heartbeat. Baby Moore decided squirming away from the Doppler was reasonable, so it took her a good 10 minutes to get an accurate heartrate of 144 bpm. Strong peanut!

Miss anything: I still really miss my old body, but I'm learning to embrace these last 10 weeks of the peanut. Honestly, I think the whole process is incredible, but having no control over your body is a huge eye-opener.

Movement: All. The. Time. I think baby is running out of room, so movements are much more pronounced these days. Sometimes, I can feel the baby's head or bum on one side or the other, and I have to say that the kicks to the belly button are not pleasant. On the weirder side...baby really likes the right side of my abdomen. It's unique.

Cravings: Sweets and ice water. I also really want Subway Italian BMTs.

Food aversions: Eggs and avocado. I've noticed my nausea is more pronounced again like the third trimester, but it's avoidable if I eat.

Looking forward to: Our baby shower is on Sunday, and my parents arrive tomorrow! I can't wait :)