38 (plus) week bump date

I can't believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone! It was such a whirlwind this year, and it was definitely different not being home with family - either Ryan's or my own - this year. We were lucky enough, however, to spend it with our Army family. We've made some wonderful friends here at Fort Huachuca, and it was nice to spend the holiday with one of our favorite families here, who are very shortly PCSing to Fort Wainwright in Alaska. We'll be heading off to opposite corners of the world, but we've been so blessed to meet and spend time with Jeremy, Tiffany and their two sweet children, Cayden and Madison. 

And now, life is moving full-speed ahead! We sold Ryan's car this morning, which is a huge relief (and a huge blessing) because it just wouldn't be a great car for the winters in New York or for our growing family. We'll purchase a second car once we're back East, which should weather the climate better. We have our pre-inspection from housing here on post this coming Wednesday, which is our first step towards moving out on the 18th. Ryan has his final day of his 150U course tomorrow, and then he's all mine through the move until his report date at Drum! Our house purchase is moving forward, and we're looking at closing December 29th…which we are SO excited about! But…onto the bump :)

^^^ I always look slightly ridiculous in selfies

How far along: 38 weeks & 2 days

Gender: We're not finding out!

Weight gain: 20 lbs…and I feel all 20 of them. My weight, however, has leveled off.

Maternity clothes: I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans with an elastic, but I don't try anymore. These days, I'm solely in leggings and sweaters, and I'm loving it. 

Stretch marks: I have one teeny one on my left hip, which taunts me nightly, but that's the only one I've had. Coconut oil has been a complete lifesaver.

Belly button in or out: It's a very flat pancake these days…does that still count as an innie?

Sleep: I've been sleeping like a rock lately. I have the weirdest dreams in the whole world, but when I'm asleep, I'm just dead to the world.

Best moment this week: Spending Thanksgiving with our wonderful friends and getting to dote on baby Madison was lovely. It was nice, too, to spend this final holiday with my love as just a couple of young newlyweds. Life is going to change so much soon, and I've savored every moment of just us.

Miss anything: I miss being comfortable and not feeling as though I'm going to wet myself all the time. And yet, at the same time, I'm blessed to feel these discomforts. 

Movement: Baby Moore has quite the penchant for snuggling with his or her legs all scrunched under my right ribs. I feel a lot of movement very low these days, almost as though baby is ready to make its way out, too, which is exciting!

Cravings: Ice water and coffee. That's pretty much it!

Food aversions: No real food aversions here anymore, which is pretty awesome!

Looking forward to: I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow. I was measuring small at my appointment last week, so my OB wanted me to get in to see if I'm leaking amniotic fluid. He has a sneaking suspicion I might be, which means it's time for baby to come out. I also have an OB appointment on Tuesday, a cervical check to strip my membranes on Friday and, if that doesn't start labor, I'll be induced on Sunday, 12/7. My friends, we're a week away from baby!!!

it's the final countdown

At any given hour of the day right now, you can find me in some crazy flurry of emotion or activity. My hormones are raging, I'm exhausted and I'm so, so excited. It seems like madness to think that just a mere 12 days from now - if no baby decides to arrive before then - little baby Moore will be in our arms. The reality of that is incredible, and yet even 12 days seems so daunting now. People warned me that the last month was the worst, and they weren't kidding!

^^^ image via.

As I reflect on the past 9 months of this pregnancy, I can't help but feel so overwhelmingly blessed. Despite the fact that I complained about my discomfort, and I couldn't seem to get past the ridiculousness of the weight gain issues, this pregnancy has been free of complications. This baby has been, for all intents and purposes, healthy, as has this momma-to-be. I look at this as a massive blessing because, having spent nearly the whole year separated from Ryan, I was able to continue my daily routines and he was allowed to focus on his military duties.

And yet, here we are today. We're just over 3 weeks away from our PCS date. We're under two weeks from having a little baby nugget in our arms, and I'm just waiting, waiting, waiting to see if this peanut will make an early arrival for his/her momma and daddy. I've had a lot of Braxton Hicks, baby has most definitely dropped and I've never before hoped for the pain of labor so very much. Please keep your fingers crossed that baby decides to arrive before induction because, baby Moore, we love you so much! We're ready!

37 week bumpdate

Ladies and gents...we officially have a full-term baby on our hands! I swear that on the one hand, I feel like I just found out yesterday that I was pregnant. On the other hand, while people warned me that the last few weeks are the longest, I don't think I really knew, or took to heart, what that actually meant until the last few days. I'm so, so ready to hold this baby in my arms. Am I ready for nighttime feedings, losing my lady bits for a while and becoming a regular dairy farm? Probably not, but that's all part of the adventure...right?!

How far along: 35 weeks 

Gender: We're not finding out!

Weight gain: 19 lbs. I can't even eat, so I can only assume that nugget is packing on the pounds.

Maternity clothes: HA. Maternity clothes all the time, and I wear pajamas if I'm not leaving the house. I've become that person.

Stretch marks: None. Coconut oil has been a lifesaver.

Belly button in or out: It's in, but it looks ready to pop.

Sleep: When I can sleep, I sleep like the dead. I wake up at least 4 times a night to use the bathroom though, and lately I've found myself waking up around 3 and not being able to fall back asleep.

Best moment this week: Hitting full-term today! It means that this baby is fully-developed and can come any day now with little to no risk at all of breathing/lung issues. Honestly, we're hoping baby decides to make an early appearance!

Miss anything: Food, really. I'm so full of baby that I'm never really hungry anymore. I crave something, take a few bites, and I'm done.

Movement: Baby's movements are a lot less pronounced these days because he/she is running out of wiggle room. That said, I can definitely feel the baby a lot more down there. It's pretty uncomfortable, but hopefully a sign of things to come!

Cravings: Nothing. I want nothing these days haha

Food aversions: Finally - no food aversions!

Looking forward to: My next OB appointment is on Tuesday. My OB will check me, and we'll see if baby's decided to fully engage (hopefully)! I'm also really looking forward to a relaxing weekend of just Ryan and I because with the move and baby coming so soon, we're in for a treat! Oh yeah, and I really want to know if it's a boy or a girl!

trips to tempe

It's so crazy to think that this newlywed season of our life is quickly coming to a close, and while I have somewhat mixed feelings about that, I also feel so undeniably blessed to be sharing it with the man I love more than anything. The countdown to baby Moore is on, and I'm uncomfortable as anything these days, but I wouldn't trade a second of this experience for anything. Ryan's been a rock for me...loving, caring, making me laugh and infusing me with this unbelievable excitement for our little peanut, when I might have otherwise only been nervous. I am so happy to be with my best friend through all of this.

Since our time as just a twosome is winding down, we took a trip up to Tempe this weekend to visit my brother-in-law's sister, Rachel - we just call her our sister. She was visiting to cheer on her boyfriend, Josh, who was racing in the Ironman Arizona this past weekend. So, we hopped in the car, dutifully did the 3 hour drive to Tempe  and spent a day with Rachel and wishing Josh the best of luck. (And yes, he did complete it...in just over 12 hours!)

You know, I whine and complain a lot about how uncomfortable I am. I whimpered about the Braxton Hicks for most of the latter half of our drive up. I complained how nothing fit, and I felt like a whale. But here's the thing...I am so, so lucky, and that hasn't escaped me one bit. I think that, if anything, I'm just more than ready to hold this squirmy little bean outside of me. And yet, we're savoring these last moments of just us. We are so, so, so excited.

36 week bumpdate

I am totally of two schools of thought now. On the one hand, I'm all for baby staying in there, baking a little longer and taking his/her sweet time so Ryan and I can enjoy our last few days of singledom. On the other hand though...oh my gosh. I'm so ready to have this nugget in our arms and, well, to be honest, I'd love my body back. They said the last few weeks would be the hardest (and the longest), and they weren't kidding. It's madness.

 ^^^ well, hello there, little baby moore. you can come out now!

How far along: 36 weeks

Gender: We're not finding out!

Weight gain: 17 lbs - no gain in the last two weeks, which doctor said was a good indicator that the end is in sight

Maternity clothes: I'm officially not comfortable in anything. When I do force myself to wear clothes, they're 99% maternity clothes now. I live in my maternity leggings and hoodies, and I'm not ashamed of it. The picture is of me in a Target maternity tank dress, and it's heaven.

Stretch marks: None. I thought I saw one on my left hip the other day and had a legitimate breakdown. It turned out to be a crease from my shorts. No biggie. 

Belly button in or out: It's still in, but it's lopsided and looks like it's drunk

Sleep: Oh my gosh, the past few days, I've had the weirdest dreams, but I've slept like the dead. Maybe it's my body letting me have just a few last moments of rest?! 

Best moment this week: There was a lot of good this week. The bassinet was assembled, Ryan had a 4-day, so we got a lot of PCS business done, and despite a little scare, we got to see peanut dance for an hour or so at the hospital for our NST. We were quickly cleared to go home, as I figured we would be, but it was a wakeup call to get ready.

Miss anything: I miss being able to physically exert myself. There is zero running, I'm lucky if I walk more than a mile a day, and this lower back pain definitely hinders most everything else.

Movement: Baby Moore enjoys moving, but I think baby Moore is also running out of room. He/she finds comfy little nooks on my sides at night, but the footsies are right up in my ribs, so that's fun. Good news with that though? Baby's head down and almost engaged!

Cravings: Olives. I also really want McDonalds french fries, which is absurd. I don't like greasy things.

Food aversions: Pretty much just meat again. It gives me heartburn and I get nauseous.

Looking forward to: Since my 36 week appointment was on Wednesday, we have a mandatory induction date due to our impending PCS. If baby isn't born by 12/4, they'll start the induction process so baby will arrive around 12/7 - no later. It gives us a real end in sight, though I'm really hoping to go into labor naturally! Fingers crossed :)

that sweet little heartbeat

I had my 36 week appointment today, and let's just say that today has been quite the adventure for this procrastinating mama-to-be. First and foremost, I had a frank discussion with my OB about our due date and the impending PCS, which is taking place on December 18th. He agreed with us that the timeline is too tight, and we officially have a mandatory induction date of December 7th if no baby has come by that point…that said, he seemed confident it might happen before then.

I had a non-invasive visual check and was 1 cm dilated, and then I had my Group B Strep test, which is totally not an aggressive thing. I left after scheduling my appointment for a week from now, and started having insane cramping while dropping by the commissary for some groceries. When I got home, I noticed blood for the first time, so I immediately called my OB, who told me to go straight to Labor and Delivery for monitoring. Guys, I'm no alarmist, but I felt like it was definitely necessary.

After about an hour of monitoring, baby's heart rate was consistently between 140 and 148 BPM, and the bleeding had stopped, so they sent me home with strict instructions to rest and look out for signs of labor.

Down side of today? Panic. Plus side of today? Listening to this feisty peanut dance around for an hour on the monitor. Also…we're officially pre-registered at the hospital, I've had my vaccines now and I finally figured I should pack my hospital bag…

Needless to say, folks, the countdown is on!

35 week bumpdate

It's sheer madness in the Moore household, my friends! With the recent revelation that our deferment was denied and our move date is scheduled for December 18th, things have been moving crazy fast here! Ryan has his official orders to Drum in hand, we pushed them over to housing and transportation, and things are moving here. We've got all our docs to our lender and attorney in New York for the house (fingers crossed), and our home inspection is set for next Tuesday. Yes, we're that crazy that we're buying a house in a different state, all while preparing for a baby. And, on the baby front, there are interesting developments there, too...

^^^ yikes. also, those are my pre-prego jeans. but still...yikes.

How far along: 35 weeks

Gender: We're not finding out!

Weight gain: 17 lbs - it seems to be leveling off right now, and I'm okay with that.

Maternity clothes: It's a mix. I have a bunch of maternity dresses that I rotate between, as well as maxi dresses and skirts. I definitely still wear my pre-prego jeans with the hair-tie closing them (per the above picture) though.

Stretch marks: I swear by coconut oil because I have zero stretch marks. Used twice a day, it's been a life-saver.

Belly button in or out: It's in, but it is flat as a pancake!

Sleep: Sleep is so hit or miss. I honestly can't shut my brain off, which is the bulk of the issue I have with sleeping right now. I'm really hoping that I can get a few more great nights of sleep though before baby comes!

Best moment this week: Putting in our papers for our first home together at Fort Drum! Knowing the space (and loving it), and finally being able to think about designing the baby's nursery is so much fun. I can't wait to have our little nugget in his/her own little crib in there, snoozing away with snow falling outside.

Miss anything: I miss breathing comfortably, sleeping and working out. I walk about 12-15 miles a week, but I'm constantly having Braxton Hicks, and I have to pee about 40 times a day.

Movement: This baby is a mover and a shaker. He or she listens and responds to daddy's voice when he sings to my belly (and yes, my husband is a great singer). Plus, baby is most active right before I go to bed or with my one cup of coffee in the morning.

Cravings: Ice water. I haven't really wanted anything else lately, though I do have a penchant for sweets. That's not that abnormal for me though.

Food aversions: Avocado (which is just plain sad!)

Looking forward to: My 36 week appointment is next week. We have some serious questions to go over with my OB - namely induction. Because we'll be moving just 9 days after my due date, the doctor isn't comfortable with that timeframe for mine or the baby's cross-country move. There's a possibility baby Moore might be induced before December, which is perfectly fine with me!

a little perspective

Things are moving along with the home-buying process! It's crazy to think that, if all goes well, Ryan and I will close on our first home right before Christmas. Madness, I say! I can't wait to show you guys the house in its entirety, as well as the adorable town and village to which we'll be relocating. 

I'd be lying, however, if I said that I wasn't stressed and a little worried out of my mind right now though. We recently found out that our deferment (or our extension at Fort Huachuca) was denied outright. That means those few extra weeks of cushion after baby Moore arrives are no longer even an option. On the one hand, it's great. We'll be back East for Christmas with the family, and my sisters will get to meet the peanut before the new year. On the other hand though, the thought of packing up, giving birth, moving (with a baby and two cats), as well as selling Ryan's car, buying a house and buying a new car in that timeframe is absolutely daunting. 

Add to that I'm trying to figure out my maternity leave situation and MSRRA (Military Spouse Residency Relief Act) requirements. As an aside, working military spouses, have you dealt with MSRRA laws yet? We're trying to file prior to my maternity leave, and it's a process. I'm only taking a month of maternity leave since I work from home, and we now have to schedule a mandatory induction date so I have a set amount of time before our move date of December 18th.

If baby Moore doesn't arrive before 12/8, it looks like we'll be saying hello to a ginger peanut right around that time. I guess, in the end, that puts it all into perspective. 

new york, I love you

I got back to Fort Huachuca very late last night...or very early, depending on how you look at it. To say this weekend was a whirlwind would be the world's biggest understatement, but it was definitely productive, too. I got to Boston late Friday night, then my dad and I drove up to the Watertown, NY area early Saturday morning. We met with our amazing realtor mid-afternoon, and we previewed 7 houses that day. 7 houses, my friends.

Some of the tows around Fort Drum are really old, quaint and nice. Some, however, are really not so nice. There were two houses on our list that Ryan (via FaceTime) and I decided not even to enter. One had a lot that was so tiny, we could actually hand something from our window to the neighbors. The other had a hoarder next door. Two were new construction and it's debatable that A) they'll be done in time for our PCS and B) are asking way too much money for corner lots on busy streets. One was backed up right against a 30 foot cliff drop to a river...I didn't see that ending well. One was nice, but had too much square footage, and it had a weird amount of built-in cabinetry in every single room.

One house though...one house was just right. We loved it online before I went in person, and we loved it even more following the walk-through. We loved it so much that we went back the next morning, and we put in an offer. 

Then, after signing my life away and making certain that Ryan could do so from here in AZ, we hopped in our car and headed back to Boston to get on a flight back home. Here's how the first two hours of the car ride went:

Our realtor, Vicki, called and said that the seller countered our original offer. They came down $4k from list price, but were $4k over our original offer. They offered to throw in the snowblower we lusted after in the garage.

I called Vicki back and we countered $3k more than our original offer ($1k below their counter) and requested the snowblower.

Vicki called back and said the seller countered back with the original counter offer, but added a John Deere riding mower in addition to the John Deere tractor.

We accepted.

^^^ view from the front stoop and across the street

^^^ view of our massive .5 acre back yard...with what will be our fire pit next summer

Ladies and gentlemen, the Moores are under contract with their very first home! I don't want to jinx anything, as there's a long way to go, but I'll give you those two hints of our backyard and our front yard because, well, we love it. If all goes well, I'll be posting pics of the actual house...SOON. We're hoping hoping hoping that everything goes smoothly in the next few weeks/month so we can move on time and to our dream first home. Prayers are much appreciated!