the journey is the reward

This move has difficult for us. Honestly, we thought it would be difficult because of the new baby and moving in the middle of winter, but it's been harder for the most absurd reasons. First, the bank failed to provide the proper closing documents, so we missed our home closing on 12/29 and had to reschedule - twice. Now, we've been in our home for two weeks, and the Army has still not delivered our household goods.

We were told yesterday (and called to confirm) that our goods would be delivered today. I received a call late yesterday that they were "incorrect in the date they provided," as there is another Moore family receiving their goods today. Instead, we have to wait until Thursday now for our furniture to arrive. Honestly, I know worse things could happen, and we're lucky that they will arrive, but still…the silliest, stupidest things are what's holding up our clean move into our first home.

Right now, this is our life. We have a beautiful new home - though it has fun little quirks, too, so I'll share those later - but we have zero furniture. I measure things with my hands, serve dinner on paper plates, change the baby on the floor, sleep on an air mattress and Spencer has been sleeping in his Rock 'n Play for a month now.

Is this the worst thing that could have happened to us? Heck no! Is it annoying as anything? You bet! One day, we're going to look back on this and laugh, but for now, we're just staying afloat and hoping against hope that our stuff really will arrive on Thursday. I suppose, in the end though, the journey here will be the reward.


  1. I hope that your stuff actually arrives this week! Keeping my fingers crossed for y'all :)

  2. Awww. I love it. A story it will be! :)

  3. Bless your heart, you have so much more patience than I would in that situation, but like you said its not the worst thing and it will make for a good story one day!

  4. Oh the memories from this journey but having a baby makes time go by even faster and this will something that you will laugh about :)

  5. I second the comment above! Oh the memories! Hopefully everything will arrive soon and you all can start to get settled!

  6. Melissa, I was missing your blog when I came across your personal blog. I didn't realize that your baby was already born, but congratulations! :) He's a cute little nugget. I hope you are doing well, lovely and hopefully, this furniture situation will solve itself soon!
    Best of luck with everything!