thoughts on crib training

Crib training is such a strange process, and I can't say it's one that I'm particularly enjoying. In fact, I've been dreading it for quite some time. Up until now, Spencer has been sleeping in our room in his Rock 'n Play. When he was a newborn, it made things a lot easier with the move, plus he was soothed by the gentle vibrations. Honestly, it was a godsend, but at 11 weeks old, we know it's time to start severing that little cord. 

The cry-it-out method isn't for everyone, and I really haven't loved it myself, but I know that it's not harming my son either. With the go-ahead from his pediatrician, we moved him to his crib yesterday, and he's been doing both naps and his nighttime sleeps there now. Last night was night number one, and it was not easy…like at all. He cried every time he twitched and woke himself up. And while I know it doesn't harm him to cry, it still breaks my heart to hear his wails. 

Cold-turkey crib training is probably not the way to go either, but here's the thing…if I don't do it all at once, I'll be the person to keep him by our bedside till he's 18 - more for my own sanity than his. As I write this, he's screaming bloody murder, having just woken himself up by extricating his arms from his swaddle and having a Moro reflex strong enough to wake him with terror.

And yet, while I hear his screams and every fiber of my being is telling me to cuddle him, I can also hear his cries start to diminish as he learns that he can self-soothe. I know he's okay, and that's what's getting me through.

Mama's…do you have any thoughts or input on crib training? I know it's very subjective, but I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Crib training is tough stuff but it's manageable. Its hard to hear the baby cry but I give myself time limits before I go in there to soothe him. In the beginning I would go every 5 minutes and then every night from there I would extend the time by another 5 minutes. I can tell the difference between Luke's cries. He is either whining or CRYING. If he is whining I let him whine it out more. If he is CRYING, then I go in to soothe him. Sometimes all it takes is to pick him up and he lies his head on my shoulders. I sway back and forth a couple minutes, lie him down and he is good to go. You will figure it out, I promise! I thought I would never be the type to rock my baby a little bit because I heard DO NOT rock the baby because they will get spoiled with it. But you know, sometimes he just wants a little loving from Mommy and I don't mind to rock a little bit with him. If you need anything, let me know! :)

  2. I too dread crib training. Every time we put her down she screams and screams and screams. She has not quite figured out the whole self soothe thing. It is certainly a work in progress. She started teething this week and has been miserable. My MIL said my daughter's daddy teethed early so yay for that! Not! Teething is no fun! Other than that she has been great! Hope crib training gets better and better each day for you. Let me know if you discover any tips!

  3. We give ourselves time limits on letting him cry so he can eventually figure out the self-soothing. It is about 50/50 if it works or not. I also haven't listened to the not rocking him. I figure it is the only time that he will want to be rocked in his life so I should let him enjoy that. The key for me is to try to lay him down before he is completely passed out. That doesn't always work out for me, but my husband is a pro at getting him to go to sleep in the crib. Just know you aren't alone, and I am told they will eventually sleep just fine alone.