mornings with the moores

For anyone that knows me in real life, they'll know and testify that I am not now, nor have I ever been a morning person. I grew up swimming competitively though, so I was forced to do a 4:45 AM wakeup most of my life from 13 to 22. So, when I finished swimming in college, I valued my mornings sleeping in more than just about anything. Weekends with Ryan before Spencer usually consisted of 10 AM wake-ups…or later. These days? Not so much.

We're lucky that Spencer is a great sleeper. Honestly, besides the few rough weeks of moving and having a really new newborn, he's been gradually decreasing his wake ups. We generally put him to bed at 8:15 PM, and he sleeps until around 5 AM, nurses and goes back to sleep. It's definitely been an adjustment for me though. Sacred mornings? Different now, for sure. I actually set my alarm for 5:30 no matter what on weekdays now because if he hasn't already nursed, I get up and start working. Once he goes back down, it's usually until 8:15 AM, so I can get a good two hours of work in, plus a shower and make breakfast in that time.

Mornings around here (usually) look something like this now:

4:30 AM - Ryan wakes up to go to the gym
5:00 AM - Spencer wakes up to nurse. I feed & change him, and he's back down by 5:30.
5:30 AM - I start working.
6:45 AM - I take a shower and put on some makeup (I'm like 60% to looking like a real human again).
7:15 AM - I make breakfast of eggs and Shakeology for Ryan…just Shakeo for me.
7:30 AM - Ryan gets home from the gym. We sit and have a real breakfast together. Insanity.
8:15 AM - Ryan wakes Spencer up to be nursed. It's his special time of the morning.
8:45 AM - We start a little time on his playmat, plus the dreaded tummy time (he likes it on his Boppy).
10:00 AM - Spencer usually goes back down for his first 20-30 minute nap.

Spencer is usually awake for 60-90 minutes at a time, so I can get a little bit of work done in those little intervals. His feedings are now between 2 1/2 and 3 hours apart, too, so it gives me a little bit of a relief, too. Honestly, sticking to his schedule has been a godsend. We've blown it a few times and paid the price, but it's awesome to have these little routines together. It makes for a happy baby, but most importantly - a happy momma and daddy. 


  1. So cute! I am a morning person. Such an adjustment being home with a husband who is not!

  2. Awesome that he sleeps so well for you guys!

  3. I HATE mornings! I have to set about 3 alarms to make myself get up in the mornings.

    Stella hates tummy time too, but she's getting better. She enjoys it best when she can sit and watch Wyatt.

    It's always nice when they start eating less frequently. Wyatt ate every 2 hours almost the entire time I nursed him, it was exhausting. Thankfully Stella only eats about every 3 hours or I don't know if I could do it again, ha.

  4. Sounds like you have a great morning routine - it certainly helps when your little one is a great sleeper - something to be truly grateful for. Thanks for sharing, appreciate your writing.

  5. awe! sounds like a good routine momma. i have yet to set my alarm when my son started sleeping through. he still wakes up before 6:30 every morning. my body is now used to it, even on weekends.