lakeside love

I disappeared there for a few weeks. Every single night, I had the best of intentions and totally planned to blog, but real life takes precedent...always. Life has been so sweet lately. As a family, we're getting to enjoy the great outdoors more, enjoy this blossoming little personality that our son has and really explore our new home in upstate NY more. Over Memorial Day weekend, Ryan had a 4-day, so we were able to visit Kyser Beach where our neighbors have a lake house.

I was initially really worried about the trip because breaking Spencer from his routine is hard for me - as well as him - but it turned out that I really didn't need to worry. He seems to enjoy being outside, and that was great because we had all the opportunities in the world to dip our toes in the water, relax in the sun and get to enjoy the fresh air. Prepare for picture overload...

^^^ this man...he has my whole heart

Since we've recently had news that Ryan will likely be going overseas for a while (can't detail that for OPSEC purposes for now), we're savoring every moment we have together. Believe it or not, our little man is going to be 6 whole months old next week. Motherhood and fatherhood has been such a transition for us, but it's been a really wonderful one, too.

In personal news, I joined Weight Watchers last month because I was really unhappy with my weight trend - despite losing all the baby weight. I just hadn't seemed to really grasp the weight loss thing with my new schedule, but this transition has been amazing! In 4 weeks, I've lost 8.4 lbs, and when I get to a month, I might just detail a bit more about this. Between much more frequent workouts and proper eating, I'm seeing the changes...and loving it!

And, in exciting news, Ryan and I booked a cruise for an early anniversary celebration! We're going to be heading to the Bahamas in November on the beautiful new Norwegian Breakaway, and we can't wait. Since Spencer will be 11 months old, he'll be spending the week with his Oma and Opa in New Hampshire while this momma and daddy have a little getaway all to themselves. We really can't wait :)


I can't believe it's my first real Mother's Day. I never really knew, or understood, what it would be like to be a mama, and now that it's here, I appreciate my own sweet mother even more than ever. She put aside so many of her own wishes, hopes and desires for our betterment, and she's one of the most selfless women that I know.

Now that I have a sweet babe of my own, I can only hope that I'll be half the mother to him that my mother has been to my sisters and I. Spencer is such a sweet, stubborn, silly, adorable little boy, and I'm so proud to be his momma - and that he has his Oma to love and spoil him, too.

And, on this very first Mother's Day of my own, I'm celebrating this baby-blue-eyed little man that has so transformed me, my wants and my wishes. He's made our little family so much fuller and special. He's perfection, and I'm so very, very blessed to be this sweet boy's mama. 

To all my blogging mamas out there, I wish you all the happiest of Mother's Days. And, to those soon-to-be and wishful mamas, I pray you are all blessed tenfold with sweet peanuts of your own. It's the most beautiful, awe-inspiring, challenging and remarkable journey in life. 

tgif (seriously)

This has been a long week. Honestly, I'm not even that sure why because Spencer had a few trips to hourly care (got sent home for crying twice), and our new sitter started. I got some work done. I was actually moderately productive. And yet, it's felt like a really long, long week. So, I'm welcoming this weekend with open arms though, unfortunately, Ryan has to work tomorrow. May + 24 hour ops + their inspection coming up makes me want to give an evil side-eye to the Army. Oh well. 

one// Spencer enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame this week when Bose regrammed a picture I put on instagram of him holding Ryan's treasured Sound Link Mini. I couldn't help but giggle at that serious expression on his little face.

two// Running is going nicely this month! So far, I've done 10 miles this week, and I'm looking forward to another long, slow run with the stroller this weekend, plus a short one today. The weather is beautiful now, and I'm taking advantage of it!

three// These two have been snuggling like a boss in the mornings lately. They find the sunny spot on the bed and just cuddle, cuddle, cuddle until the baby decides it's time to wake up for the day. Then, they scatter to the wind. It's nice to have some quiet moments with my very first babies - my fur babies.

four// I finally, finally, finally decided to get my rings replated last week. I've been dreading taking them to the jeweler since I got engaged, but it was high time that my beautiful 14k gold get a good cleaning - and a new goat of shine. After a long week without my rings (and wearing a cheap band to tide myself over), they should be ready to pick up today!

five// This sweet boy of ours had his first taste of real food on his 5 month birthday. He had avocados (pureed with a bit of breastmilk), and he seemed both utterly perplexed and a bit excited about the prospect of holding his spoon. In fact, I think he was more excited about his spoon than he was about his avocados. Small victories? He hasn't had enough to change his poos yet. I'll take that as somewhat of a win.

So, here's to a weekend of good weather, health and happiness. Despite Ryan working tomorrow, we're going to make the best of it because Spencer and I are taking a trip to Philadelphia next week. Solo. I'm terrified. More on that to come…

running wrap-up: april

As I'm sure I mentioned somewhere along the way, Ryan and I decided to sign up for a half marathon this year, which is taking place on June 14th in Lake Placid, NY. This is the first half marathon for both of us, though Ryan did do a 50k once upon a time during his last deployment. Needless to say though, this requires training for the both of us, and that's been quite the challenge with the baby, working and Ryan's new work commitments.

In April, I didn't do nearly as well as I'd hoped. I've been hoping to do 5 runs a week, though I seem to have managed between 2 or 3 at best most weeks. Between being sick, our sitter quitting, finally becoming comfortable(ish) putting Spencer in care for a couple hours a day, I just didn't find the time to get out there. Plus, let's be honest...pushing the jogger is hard!

I'm sucking it up lately and just getting out there with the stroller, but my's tough. Between the jogger, itself, the car seat and Spencer, we've figured it weighs about 60 lbs. That's a lot of resistance, and my running times show it. I think I only did one 3-miler with the jogger this past month, so I need to improve on that in May.

My fastest run in April was a 9:39 pace for 2 miles. It wasn't the world's best run, but I felt pretty strong during it, and my hip wasn't killing me, which is always a plus. My new running shoes, the Mizuno Wave Hitogami  are serving me well, and I haven't had any shin splints, so I consider that a win. Here's the breakdown of April:

Longest run: 3 miles
Shortest run: 1.25 miles
Fastest pace: 9:39
Slowest pace: 10:51 pace
Total miles: 19.3 miles

All in all, April wasn't my best running month, but it was a lot better than March, and I'm on the right track for May - already 10 miles under my belt so far. We have a new sitter starting today, so I'm hoping to get a good run in during my work hours (whoops) - hopefully a longer one - and really just looking forward to getting ready for June!

5 months of spencer bruce

5 months. I can barely believe our little man is 5 whole months old today! They said time flies, and they weren't kidding. Every day, this little boy changes just a little bit more, and I watch that silly, creative little personality develop. Every day, I fall more and more in love with this little half Ryan/half me, and I can't believe he's all ours. Sometimes, Ryan and I just stop and stare…wondering how in the world we could be so blessed to have such a perfect, handsome little boy. We are so, so lucky.

Weight: Spencer is now a hearty 14 lb 3 oz, which is still on the peanut end for a 5-month-old. We've been encouraged to start solids for a while now, and he's been exhibiting all the signs that he's ready, so we're going to bite the bullet and start a little bit today, while otherwise exclusively breastfeeding. Here's hoping he loves it! We'll recap those adventures tomorrow ;)

Clothes: I've officially retired the 3 month onesies, though he still fits in his 3 month dress pants. Most of the 3 month sweats are a little snug about the waist, so I retired those, as well. He's comfortably in 3-6 month onesies, as well as 6 month onesies from Carters, though his petite little legs are bit too small for his 6 month pants right now. Luckily, we're wearing a lot of rompers and shorts these days with the warm weather!

Milestones: What didn't this boy learn to do this past month?! Raspberrying at momma and daddy is his new favorite pastime, and I love it. He mimics us when we do it to him, and though there's a tremendous amount of drool to accompany it, I love it! He smiles so darn big, and he's officially learned to roll from back to front - though he's an obstinate little guy and doesn't want to do it ever again. He's much more interested in scooting around on both his tummy and his back. I think we're going to have a crawler soon! We've also noticed his first two teeth starting to bud. Neither has cut yet, but we're getting so close. Oh yes, and he loves using his voice. A lot. 

Sleeping has been worse this month - about 2 wake ups a night - but last night he threw me for a loop and slept from 8-5. I was so surprised that I got up to make sure he was still breathing. He's also officially sleeping without a swaddle…finally. It was a tough break, but we knew it had to happen sooner rather than later!

Spencer's Favorites this Month: He's absolutely loving his Sophie la Giraffe teether, and I think it's his favorite of all the toys we have for him. Because he's not loving lying down anymore, he's also really partial to the Baby Bjorn because he loves facing out and being at our eyeline. And, above all else, he loves the warm weather! I've never seen such a happy boy in the sun!

Mama's Thoughts this Month: This month has been more challenging than the last few for a few reasons. First, losing our sitter and balancing work has been difficult. Second, the sleep regression (though not terrible), made for a sleep-deprived and stressed mama. All that said though, I'm loving watching Spencer grow more and more assertive every single day. I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world!