running wrap-up: june

Seriously, how is it already July? There's a part of me that's super excited for another month, and yet there's a part of me struggling with the fact that my baby's first year is just ticking away at warp speed. All that said though, June was a really good running month for me. Though I didn't get in as many runs as I wanted to - or should have - I got a good number of miles on my legs, and I'm seeing a ton of progress, which I love. 

I only managed to do 11 runs in June, though I did 12 in May. I think I need to get better with my recovery days and really just get out there and do two miles - or three. I want to make sure I'm not using my rest days as a crutch, and I think that I definitely struggled at the beginning of the month after my 8-miler in prep for my half marathon. I should probably have done a couple more little runs between there, but I didn't. 

My half marathon was obviously my longest (and most challenging) run, but I did get a bunch of longer runs in, too. I'm registered for the Empire State Half Marathon in October now, so I'm looking forward to watching that slow time drop...even a little bit! Here's the breakdown for June:

Longest run: 13.1 miles
Shortest run: 2 miles
Fastest pace: 9:29
Slowest pace: 11:43 
Total miles: 56.8 

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the strides I took in June, though there's definitely room for improvement. I did two 10Ks in 3 days, and then I had my fastest 5K ever just this week. I went 29:24, and I've honestly never run that fast. It's an amazing thing to be losing weight, feeling great and really feeling like myself again.


  1. You did good there momma! Keep up the good work!

  2. Great runs this month! I hope one day I can do a half marathon, but for now 5-6 miles three times a week is fine for me.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. wow! seriously, great month girl. i'm the same with just getting out and doing a couple of miles instead of just resting. congrats on the super fast 5k, that is awesome. good luck with your next half!

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