baby moore: 19 weeks

I can't believe I'm already almost halfway with this pregnancy...and that my last update was seriously a month ago. They weren't kidding when they said that time flies the second/third/fourth time around. I'm so busy with Spencer, work, life and everything that I barely have time to reflect on it. That said, I'm so thrilled to share another update with you.

How far along: 19 weeks

Size of Baby: Papaya

Gender: We did an early ultrasound while we were in Utah around 16 weeks, so we're pretty certain we know what baby Moore is, but you know there's always a margin of error! We find out for sure on the 12th...but I'm still not sure whether we'll share.

Weight Gain: Woof. I'm up 11 lbs. Hello, double digits! Here's the thing - I'm still not at my starting weight that I was when I got pregnant with Spencer. I consider that a victory.

Movement: I started feeling the peanut a few days ago for sure, and I finally felt the little bean on the outside for the first time two nights ago!

Sleep: I am finally sleeping like the dead. I take a potty break or two at night, but then I'm back out until I have to wake up to work out at 6 AM.

Workouts: I've been making a point of getting a run in every single day - even if it's just a mile. Granted, that's the past few days. Spencer and I have been passing the same cold back and forth for a few weeks, and I'm finally getting over it, so I'm happy to be back to activity.

Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing a mix. I live in my Blanqi leggings if I'm not wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans with a hair tie. For church, I'm definitely wearing maternity dresses because my pencil skirts obviously don't fit anymore!

Cravings/Aversions: It depends on the day. I'm still not really into chicken, and the smell of cooking olive oil makes me nauseous, but other than that, I can do most things in moderation! 

Best Part of the Week: I got to hear the sweet peanut's fast heartbeat on Tuesday! It was hovering right at 150 bpm - strong and steady. Baby is low, low, low, and doctor thinks I'm measuring a touch on the small side, but it was so good to hear that sweet sound again. 

Can't Wait For: Finding out the gender for sure on the 12th! I really have no doubts at all, but I'll be happy to have the health, size and everything else confirmed. Here's to a really good screening next week!


  1. Yay for being [almost] half way! Such an exciting time in your pregnancy. How exciting that you get to find out the gender soon!

  2. SO excited for you - you look great! Ahhh I hope you share who Baby #2 is!! Xo

  3. You look seriously awesome! I'm STILL working on getting rid of the last of my pregnancy weight. So many kudos to you for being active still!

  4. I love that you already (likely) know what you're having!! Congrats!

  5. you look awesome girl!!! so happy for your fam!

  6. Praying for another good screening for you next week! You look wonderful, and so exciting you get to confirm the gender! Eeek! :)

  7. heyyyyyy today is the 12th! :) haha. glad everything is going well :)

  8. Hey! Hey! You found out the gender! Can't wait to hear if baby is a little fella or a little lady! You look great!