winter wonderland

Winter has finally arrived in New York! I mean, it might have missed Christmas by about a week, but we finally have snow on the ground - and cold temperatures (read: a high of 7 degrees yesterday). I realize I'm probably in the vast minority here, but while living in the north country, you'd better believe I want to take advantage of the snow and cold. Who knows where the Army will take us next?!

My parents managed to come up to visit us this past weekend to celebrate a late Christmas, and I was so happy to be able to share our beautiful home with them in the snow and winter time! My mother visited last year when we had just moved in, had no furniture and a brand new baby - and wasn't snowy in the slightest. This year, however, my mother and father both got to see a bit of a different picture around our area.

Part of the reason we included Fort Drum among our three top choices was because it was so close (a 7 hour drive) to where my parents live in New Hampshire. The opportunity for Spence to grow up with his Oma and Opa within driving distance, as well as his aunts and uncles, is truly incomparable. And, to be honest, I'm really grateful that they'll be nearby when baby number two graces us with his or her presence in June, too!

For now though, we're content to explore our area, treat Spencer to beaucoup sledding in the backyard, teach him the art of building a snowman and relishing these frigid temperatures while they last. Ryan will most likely be overseas this time next year, too, so this time is especially precious to me right now. Let it snow, folks!


  1. How fun that you all got snow! I'm waiting for it to snow again here and for it to actually feel like winter. We had snow in November, but none since then! It needs to hurry up and snow. And yes, I realize I may be thought of as crazy for saying that, but I can't help that I love snow! So glad that you all got some and that you were able to spend time with family!
    - just found your blog through Amy's and thought I'd come say hey! :)

  2. That picture of your parents and Spencer is precious! Glad you're finally getting some snow! :)

  3. I love snow! Even though I live in a non-snow climate now. And I must have missed when you announced your second pregnancy!!!! Or I didn't and I completely forgot you're pregnant (mother brain over here).

    How exciting. I'd love to have another but now is just not the best time.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. oh this is so fun! i think when i have kids i will like snow a little bit more than i do now haha. and that really is so fabulous that your parents are (relatively) close! that picture of them and Spencer is perfect.

  5. Those photos are adorable! I love living so close to my parents, too!