five on friday: random edition

It's been a productive week here in the Moore household, but I'm so thankful that it's finally Friday! Weekends mean sleeping in (haha 7 AM is sleeping in when you have a toddler), jammies all day and playing in the teepee with the bubs. I'm especially glad it's weekend though because I'm ready for this work week to be over. It was one of those weeks with mixed signals, crossed lines of communication and all the crazies. Also known as - I'm ready to be done! Today, I'm linking up over at A. Liz Adventures and joining in the fun :)

1 // Since getting my little Etsy shop up and running, I've been having a blast and feeling a lot more creative! I ordered some of the sweetest fabrics I've ever seen, and I'm sewing up a storm, which is making me insanely happy. One of my favorites is this sleepy cloud print that I might just have to make again for Spencer! I'm also looking for about 3 bloggers who might be interested in receiving a free blanket, set of burp cloths or teether (all organic!) for their babes or toddlers - free of cost for review! If you're interested, please email me!

2 // I'm battling my current addiction to pizza in all its varying forms. When not pregnant, I like to consider myself a pretty healthy eater, but right now, baby wants all the pizza all the time. I think I might be convincing my husband to order a pizza for our stay home date this weekend since we couldn't find a sitter.

3 // These sweet Next UK apparel options are speaking to my soul for Spencer's wardrobe! I like getting him things that are just a little different, and these are right up my alley!

image via

4 // At 26 weeks pregnant, I'm really trying to limit myself on major hormonal appearance changes, but I swear, my hair is driving me nuts. With Spencer, it grew beautifully and shiny and long. This time, I'm a ragged mess, and I've been seriously contemplating cutting it off to a long bob. Ryan loves loves loves long hair though, so I've resisted. Thoughts on major hair changes when approaching that third trimester craziness?

5 // This picture of my bean make me grin, so I can't help but share. He is all toddler now, and he is ALL boy. It's such a fun time in his little life! As a quick aside, my boy is growing a mullet. Like, seriously. But he doesn't have a ton of hair. I hesitate to cut it yet though because besides le mullet, there really isn't a lot of hair game going on...mamas of boys...thoughts? When did you first get your son's hair cut?

baby moore: 26 weeks

For my 30th birthday, I offer up a bumpdate because, what's better than being 26 weeks pregnant on your 30th birthday?! But seriously, we woke up this morning to a 2-hour delay for Ryan on post due to ice, a happy baby and a morning with a cup of coffee in really doesn't get better than that!

How far along: 26 weeks

Size of Baby: A head of lettuce

Gender: We're not telling - but we do know…and we're thrilled!

Weight Gain: My scale taunts me daily. If I go by the first weight I had at the doctor at 6 weeks, I'm up 16 lbs. It's okay...I'm dealing ;)

Movement: Oh yes! Ryan's seen the peanut dance through my dress at skirt, and this bean seems to think that early mornings are now the best time of day to let mama know that they are having a blast in there.

Sleep: I sleep like the dead, and it's wonderful! I do have the weirdest dreams though. Last night, for example, I was aboard the star ship Enterprise, which crashed into the water off a cliff and turned into a cruise ship, which then proceeded to sink at port. I think I should quit working in cruising.

Workouts: Working out has become a bit of a painful topic with my. I've had very bad sciatic nerve and round ligament pain this time around, which seems to force me to cut my runs short. I try to run about 5 miles total a week now, and I do a mix of yoga and walking to supplement.

Maternity Clothes: My pants are all maternity. All my tops are normal. I've got a penchant for long shirts anyway, so it works out :)

Cravings/Aversions: Baby does not want spinach. Baby wants pizza...all. day. long.

Best Part of the Week: I finally got out for a run two days ago, and it was amazing. It was slow, and it felt like poo, but moving felt like such freedom again. This mama can't wait to put the miles back on her legs!

Can't Wait For: Oddly enough, I can't wait for my glucose test. That bugger is looming over my head this time around haha

we shop the web

Friends, I love shopping online. Truly. It's a rarity if you actually catch me in any physical mall or shop trying on clothes (other than Target, obviously, or boutiques like Koo de Ker). Shopping online though? It's the greatest invention ever. That, and Amazon's worth every single penny! Anyway, Ryan and I have been working on reigning in excess expenses, but that doesn't mean we don't indulge in a good online purchase when the need (read: want) arises, so I thought I'd round up our most recent favorites.

^^^ image via

1 // Honest Company Diaper Bundle -- We have a 14-month-old son, and let's be honest (pun intended), he poos a lot. We took our sweet time figuring out which diapers work for us and which ones didn't, and we finally came down to our favorite - Honest Company. Our local Target is the only place that stocks the diapers, and I don't always want to drive the 20 minutes to get there in the ice and snow - just to pick up the same two patterns they always carry there. By bundling online, we get over 120 diapers per month, plus 4 packs of wipes, which is more than enough for us. Even better? We can pick new patterns! And yes, that's important to this diapering mama.

^^^ image via

2 // Squatty Potty -- No, I'm not kidding. Ask any 26 week pregnant woman how important it is to go. Or, ask any man how much they really enjoy a good movement. I bought this sucker for Ryan for Christmas after seeing the ridiculous commercial that we both laughed way too hard over. But seriously. This invention tucks neatly around the bowl, doesn't look any worse than Spencer's training potty and has received rave reviews from the Moores. Try it! 

^^^image via

3 // Poo-Pourri -- Okay, there's kind of a theme here. I'm sorry about that! But actually, I'm really not that sorry. When you live with men, there are bound to be stinkies in your life. This nifty invention, however, really saves us. If you really do spritz the bowl before you go, it works, and our house no longer smells like dirty man gas. #truth

What online purchases have you made lately that I should look into?
These opinions are all my own. I received no compensation for this blog post, whatsoever.

i confess

Inspired by the lovely Chelsea at Anchors Aweigh, I'm confessing a few things over here today because this has, inadvertently, been one heck of a week. We drove back from New Hampshire on Monday (doozy), then Ryan and Spencer have been battling nagging colds (double doozy) and finally - the icing on the cake - I got a call from Spencer's daycare yesterday that my peanut got hurt. They were playing with sensory toys, and Spencer tripped and fell. One of the bigger boys tripped over him and accidentally kicked him in the mouth. Exhibit A:

Cue extreme mama guilt. I went over there, picked him up, took that picture for urgent care and our neighbor who's a nurse, but the consensus was that it didn't need stitches. He just needs to heal on his own. We spent the afternoon snuggling, eating popsicles and with mama hovering over him because my. poor. baby! He's doing so much better today, his lip looks almost normal, and I'm recovering from the trauma of baby blood. So, onto my confessions.

I confess that in the past week, I've crashed my car into the garage and dropped my sewing machine down the stairs. My car and the garage are fine. My sewing machine is not (it's already been replaced).

I confess that I haven't worked out in 8 days. Like, at all. It's been cold, my boys have been sick, I've been sulking, and we were visiting home. I stepped on the scale today though, and I really didn't like that number. I'll be getting a quick bodyweight workout in today.

I confess that although I stopped drinking coffee for a while there, I'm back on the bean. Oh, sweet bean, you taste glorious at 6 AM when I'm getting up to get things done!

I confess that I'm not that excited about turning 30 next week. I've never been the biggest fans of birthdays, and I swear, this mama is feeling her age this week. I think that pregnancy isn't exactly giving me a glow either.

I confess that my Garmin watch tells me at least 13 times a day to MOVE! I work at a desk, you darn watch! What do you think I'm going to do? Laps around the house? Actually, that's a good idea!

wednesday wishlist: baby edition

I'm in the throes of nesting right now. I don't remember it happening this early with Spencer, but it's definitely happening this time! I think some of it might have to do with the fact that I'm cooped up inside all. the. time. due to Black River winter weather, which finally decided to arrive yesterday. See exhibit A below. It's beautiful, and blog friends know I love winter. I really do. Right now though? I'm over winter and ready for spring! All that said, Ryan had his first No Report yesterday due to the snow and ice that pelted us all yesterday, so the three of us hunkered down and had a day at home...while mama worked and daddy and baby played. It was great :)

This Wednesday though, I'm sitting at home working with my mind on baby number two and all the amazing things I want to sew for my little business, as well as get for this new peanut! First and foremost? Baby fabrics! I'm on a neutral kick right now (ha - you thought I was going to tell you the gender), and grays are totally in my wheelhouse! I found these fabrics, and I'm swooning all over them, as well as taking pre-orders here for blankets. Which one am I using for myself? The clouds, of course!

I'm also really looking to lighten up baby number two's nursery this time around. Spencer will be moving into our guest room and keeping his awesome Jenny Lind crib, so I think I'm going to get baby two the same crib in white. It's classic, it converts to a toddler bed, and I love how clean and simple it is. Next up though? A shared dresser. I want my babies to have good dressers and, unfortunately, the one we got Spencer was just crap. I'd love to swap it up with a clean, simple one that we can put the changing pad on because the last one was too tall for little 5'3" me. 

I also have my eye on a new diaper bag. I have the most amazing one right now from Vera Bradley, and I love it with a passion. But, as Spencer transitions to toddler, I've needed it less and less. With two peanuts, I'd like something a little simpler, a little more stuffable, and perhaps with a few less crevices for me to lose my life in.

^^^ dresser via. crib via. diaper bag via.

I obviously won't be having a shower for number two, so we've been trying to figure out what we need vs. what we really want. Some of these are wants, but with the hopes of having more children, too, we want to make sure we're making solid investments in child-rearing and whatnot. Any must-haves that you know of for baby two?

I'm linking up today with Jessi at Jessi's Design for WHW!

snow day

It's been a minute since I blogged! I've meant to, but then we traveled to New Hampshire for Ryan's 4-day weekend, and we had to say goodbye to our sweet family chow-chow, Panda. Unfortunately, she was extremely sick, and the vet's only solution was 24-hour care until an exploratory procedure that was probably going to reveal something very bad anyway. My sister Nikki, who is also a vet, agreed with my mother that it wasn't extending a good quality of life for Panda, so they made the devastating decision to let her go. She was only 9 years old, so it was harder than ever to day goodbye...we'll always remember her like this though:

We were all super grateful to have Spencer around to life the spirits because it's never easy to let a pet - or family member - go. He kept us on our toes with his crazy little antics, and I was so thankful that his cute little baby bum kept my momma smiling through it all because her pets have always been her babies, and this is the second pet in two months that has passed.

Today, we're finally back in New York after a great (and sad) long weekend, and it's a snow day! Ryan's home from post, Spencer's home from daycare, momma's working (haha), but it gives us a little time to recover. And, of course, my two men can't seem to stay healthy for long because we're nursing two colds here...again!

Do any of you have any tried and true cold prevention methods? I'm 25 weeks with baby Moore now, and I really, really don't want to be sick again! 

black river boutique

I mentioned a while back that I was thinking of starting a little hobby shop on etsy, and I've just barely finished setting up my shop! I'm excited to say that I'm taking orders and fulfilling them already (mostly on Facebook and Instagram thus far) - and I'm having a blast! I needed a creative outlet besides my actual work on a day-to-day basis, and I found that sewing blankets was super cathartic, and I love making things with my hands. We decided it was the best of both worlds, so I started sewing. And sewing. Annnnnd sewing.

I decided to start with a little "soft launch" with a Facebook page, and to my surprise, people wanted to buy some blankets! I'm still working on my little Etsy shop, which I hope to have up by this evening, but for right now, if you're interested in why I've been insanely busy and not blogging, this is why.

I'm still a little uncomfortable advertising it - call it jitters or something. I work a full time job, and this is my hobby on the side, but I have a real passion for it. I make my blankets with organic fabrics, and each one is made by hand because I believe in putting your heart and soul into things. I'm also hoping that I can make this a little side business while on maternity leave this summer, as well, so fingers crossed!

If you're interested in checking out more of my work or, perhaps, placing an order, please feel free to check out Black River Boutique on Facebook and Instagram...and my Etsy shop! (And yes, there will be more products soon - slings, teething toys and teething necklaces!)

baby moore: 23 weeks

How far along: 23 weeks

Size of Baby: Grapefruit

Gender: We're not telling - but we do know…and we're thrilled!

Weight Gain: After a 7-day monster plague/stomach virus that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, I'm back down to a cumulative gain of 9 lbs.

Movement: All the time! Baby Moore is a mover and a shaker in there - especially at night. This peanut likes to move around reallllllly low, and I feel like I might regret that later in pregnancy.

Sleep: I'm finally getting some sleep again, which I truly love. I felt like death last week, which was really hard because I never got any real rest. Now, I feel alive when our alarms go off early in the morning, and I can actually function.

Workouts: Sadly enough, I did absolutely nothing last week. Nothing. I got out and did a run this morning…just one mile…and it felt amazing. My OB has told me that he's much more interested in frequency of workouts than duration and the longevity of my runs.

Maternity Clothes: I'm still wearing a mix, but I'm living mostly in leggings and sweaters, which I think is totally kosher for winter - whether pregnant or not!

Cravings/Aversions: Now that I can finally eat again, all I want is pizza and mango. That's a ridiculous combination!

Best Part of the Week: I had my 23-week appointment today, and heard peanut's heartbeat right at 140 bpm. I'll be having a repeat ultrasound in the next couple of weeks, as well, because baby's kidneys were showing a little wonky on our 20 week ultrasound, and my doctor wants to do the ultrasound himself. He has a hunch it was just a tech error, but fingers crossed either way.

Can't Wait For: I can't wait to have this baby bean in my arms, but at the same time, I can, too. It's a weird mix of emotions!

on financial peace + more

I feel like such an old lady posting this, but I also feel somewhat excited! You might remember that for my 2016 goals, I mentioned that Ryan and I are really working towards financial peace this year. It's been a few weeks since we started Financial Peace University now, and I feel like we're just now starting to turn a tiny bit of a corner. 

We've never had a budget before. We never really needed one. We have two incomes, we don't have credit card debt, but we are at a point in our lives now with one child and a second on the way that it's time we really start getting down to business. 

Truth time? Making a budget is hard for me! And, truly, the hardest thing is the realization that I fear money. In the lessons, I've learned that I'm really not alone. There's usually one partner (more often than not the woman) that has a trigger fear response to money and budgeting. That person is me. I've always had a bit of a fear with money, but it's nice to know I'm not crazy now! 

Big things are coming this month though, and we're really tracking every expense so we can figure out exactly where our money is going, how it's being spent and when our bills are being paid. I think that this is becoming a bit more of an exciting than a tedious time now, which is a relief. I was a bit reluctant going into this because, let's be honest...what woman doesn't like to spend a dollar or two online, or on baby clothes, or on house decor. (Wayfair, you'll be the death of me.) 

Yes, this is a boring post, but I think it's also a bit of a cool one because it's a landmark time for Ryan and I in our marriage! Life in the Army is full of uncertainty, but we aren't willing to be just another statistic in debt. We're taking on our finances, building up our emergency fund (almost at 3 whole months of expenses already!) and working on snowballing our debt soon. The biggest thing? We're starting this before Ryan deploys, so we're really getting out ahead of the game, and I can't wait!

I promise much more exciting posts in the coming days, but I wanted to get this one off my chest and really look back and reflect on it when I want to spend money on frivolous things :)

And, because we're talking budgets and being budget-friendly, we've worked on two budget-friendly DIYs here in our living room to start nailing down an actual design palette, and I love them! 

I did a gallery wall, which we recently updated with some thrifted frames and a wallet-happy Target steal (plus, it's gold. duh). On the opposite wall, we have a DIY map project in which a modge-podged two maps onto cork, then built a frame around both. We can pin all the places we've been - interactive  AND fun! Next up are some DIY curtains that I'm so excited to share because they won't break the bank, and they look awesome.