wednesday wishlist: baby edition

I'm in the throes of nesting right now. I don't remember it happening this early with Spencer, but it's definitely happening this time! I think some of it might have to do with the fact that I'm cooped up inside all. the. time. due to Black River winter weather, which finally decided to arrive yesterday. See exhibit A below. It's beautiful, and blog friends know I love winter. I really do. Right now though? I'm over winter and ready for spring! All that said, Ryan had his first No Report yesterday due to the snow and ice that pelted us all yesterday, so the three of us hunkered down and had a day at home...while mama worked and daddy and baby played. It was great :)

This Wednesday though, I'm sitting at home working with my mind on baby number two and all the amazing things I want to sew for my little business, as well as get for this new peanut! First and foremost? Baby fabrics! I'm on a neutral kick right now (ha - you thought I was going to tell you the gender), and grays are totally in my wheelhouse! I found these fabrics, and I'm swooning all over them, as well as taking pre-orders here for blankets. Which one am I using for myself? The clouds, of course!

I'm also really looking to lighten up baby number two's nursery this time around. Spencer will be moving into our guest room and keeping his awesome Jenny Lind crib, so I think I'm going to get baby two the same crib in white. It's classic, it converts to a toddler bed, and I love how clean and simple it is. Next up though? A shared dresser. I want my babies to have good dressers and, unfortunately, the one we got Spencer was just crap. I'd love to swap it up with a clean, simple one that we can put the changing pad on because the last one was too tall for little 5'3" me. 

I also have my eye on a new diaper bag. I have the most amazing one right now from Vera Bradley, and I love it with a passion. But, as Spencer transitions to toddler, I've needed it less and less. With two peanuts, I'd like something a little simpler, a little more stuffable, and perhaps with a few less crevices for me to lose my life in.

^^^ dresser via. crib via. diaper bag via.

I obviously won't be having a shower for number two, so we've been trying to figure out what we need vs. what we really want. Some of these are wants, but with the hopes of having more children, too, we want to make sure we're making solid investments in child-rearing and whatnot. Any must-haves that you know of for baby two?

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  1. Love the neutral patterns! I have baby girls nursery pretty neutral, bc if she has to share with another sibling any time soon..I don't want a boy (not pregnant, baby girl is only 4 weeks old!) to have to have pink all over:) I still need to share her nursery with a post soon. Still a project or two that I am working on!

  2. Loving all those gray patterns- the clouds are adorable for sure! :) We are just getting the ball rolling on nursery stuff and I'm anxious to get decorating!

  3. Love all the neutral colors-even though I am having another boy, I am going with lots of mints and grays this time, and figure if a third baby ever does come, I will be set either way :-) Have you checked out the Ikea Hemnes dresser? Very similar to the one you have, but a great deal! We have it and LOVE it!

  4. um that diaper bag is super cute! i kind of want it as a normal person lol.

  5. Gosh that winter is something out of a magazine! I'm like you and definitely ready for a little sunshine. And okay, that is literally the cutest diaper bag I have ever seen! Obsessed!

  6. That bag is so cute! I love the black and white stripe and I also love the arrow fabric! Adorable!

  7. Wait are these the patterns we can use to order from? Because I would love the arrow or the deer blanket :) How do we pre-order?

    I love that dresser pick. Looks gorgeous and sleek. I wish we would have invested a bit more money on Sophie's furniture (it's sooo mismatched) so that we could use it in other parts of the house when she gets older and no longer uses it anymore.

    liz @ j for joiner

  8. I love love love grays! It's such a great color that is easily transitional for any age or sex. Also the next go around, I am doing more research on a diaper bag. Ours is definitely not stuffable, and I always feel like it isn't functional past the first couple months.