that time I forgot I had a blog

That picture is to make sure you don't forget about me…because, seriously, I've meant to blog every day for the past couple weeks. Between work, raising that sweet bean there and dealing with late pregnancy pains, I've been a big, hectic mess! But, it's been the best kind of mess! My shop, Black River Boutique, has been doing pretty well, and I'm loving being able to get all the pretty fabrics and share my love of baby goodies with the world. 

Plus, I've only told a few people, but I'll let it be known, it's my pipe dream to someday make it my real little business…my only job. Dare to dream, folks!

I promised a ton of pictures a while back and failed at that, too, but I'm slowly getting around to it! Things have been getting sunnier and warmer (for the most part) up here in NY, but then we suddenly get hit with another cold snap, which has been frustrating. A couple weeks ago, it was 70 and beautiful, and we walked in shorts to get ice cream. The next couple days are in the 40s and show snow in the forecast.

We're doing our best to get out though because Spencer deserves it, first and foremost, and life's going to change so drastically in the next few weeks, as well! I think Spencer knows something is about to change. My little man has never been a cuddler, but all of a sudden, he wants to cuddle and snuggle all the time - on his terms, of course!

I'm relishing these moments because pretty soon, my baby won't be my only baby anymore. He'll be the big brother, and that's mind-boggling. We're so very blessed, and I really need to take more time to document it all. I promise, promise, promise I'll get better at it. Hand to God :)

black river boutique & jessi's design bows giveaway

I've seriously been the world's worst blogger lately, but it's been for good reasons! I'm busy baking this beautiful baby, raising a happy toddler and enjoying what might actually (finally) be SPRING here in the North Country! I have a lot of posts to catch up on, including an amazing collaboration with Kohl's and Coleman Camping Goods, as well as a metric a$s ton of pictures from the last few weeks, but first things first!

Everybody loves a good giveaway, right? Today, I’m so excited to team up with Jessi from Jessi’s Design to offer up an amazing collaboration between Jessi’s Design Bows and Black River Boutique! 
As work-at-home mamas, we pride ourselves in making products for the modern mama and the trendiest of littles. So, what can you win? 

 From Jessi’s Design Bows: Win a Spring Package of 4 (even if you have a boy – these are great shower gifts!) 

From Black River Boutique: Your pick of ANY product currently live in the shop! 

This giveaway will run from today April 15, 2016 through April 22, 2016 (ends midnight 12 AM EST) and is open to all US residents! We’ll pick one lucky winner via Rafflecopter and send your prize out! What are you waiting for? Simply enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win...Good luck!
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in a new york state of mind

Spring in New York this year is a joke. Just like winter was pretty much a joke this past season…and fall, too, for that matter. We swore up and down we weren't going to be those people that consistently complain about their duty stations, but we have to admit that New York really isn't the state for us. Weather completely aside, this state reminds me so much of New Jersey and why I wanted so badly to move when I went to college. They regulate everything. From my pregnancy, to daycare restrictions, to taxes and more, everything is so militant here, and it makes us actually miss the days of sunshine and laid-back life in Arizona.

With our time here ticking away though, we know it's not forever. In 9 months, Ryan will have to deploy again, I'll be single momming it with two little Moores, and our time in NY really will have an end in sight. Frankly, we know we'll be moving around 2018, so we're starting to think about what to list as our next top three choices, and the idea of settling elsewhere is…enticing. 

All that to say though, we're doing our best to accept this state and appreciate the fluctuating weather, the wonderful neighbors, the proximity of my family and the fact that summers really are wonderful here. And, when the weather cooperates, so is spring. Spencer's been cooped indoors far too long this winter, so when it's not suddenly 24 degrees (like yesterday and today), we go outside and let this little man go buck wild.

We've also been making a point of really trying to get out - despite the bipolar weather - and do stuff so we can appreciate this state more. This past Saturday, for instance, we braved the spotty snow/rain showers, drove to Croghan and went to Yancey's Sugarbush to see how maple syrup is made - the old-fashioned way. Spencer got to see horses, taste maple butter and play with the homestead doggies. We got to see how maple syrup is harvested by Amish horses and really experience something that's so integral to New York.

I feel like I've had a sucky attitude about this state lately, but I also know some of it has had to do with some pregnancy limitations this time around. I'm excited (and terrified) to be getting to the end of this pregnancy to enjoy a beautiful summer season in New York with my little family. 

I owe a lot of posts - and an upcoming feature with Jessi from Jessi's Design - when I finally manage to get off my sulky momma booty and get things done. So, get ready for picture overload and a giveaway/feature coming soon, my friends! Spring is coming, and this momma is ready to get back to business :)