in a new york state of mind

Spring in New York this year is a joke. Just like winter was pretty much a joke this past season…and fall, too, for that matter. We swore up and down we weren't going to be those people that consistently complain about their duty stations, but we have to admit that New York really isn't the state for us. Weather completely aside, this state reminds me so much of New Jersey and why I wanted so badly to move when I went to college. They regulate everything. From my pregnancy, to daycare restrictions, to taxes and more, everything is so militant here, and it makes us actually miss the days of sunshine and laid-back life in Arizona.

With our time here ticking away though, we know it's not forever. In 9 months, Ryan will have to deploy again, I'll be single momming it with two little Moores, and our time in NY really will have an end in sight. Frankly, we know we'll be moving around 2018, so we're starting to think about what to list as our next top three choices, and the idea of settling elsewhere is…enticing. 

All that to say though, we're doing our best to accept this state and appreciate the fluctuating weather, the wonderful neighbors, the proximity of my family and the fact that summers really are wonderful here. And, when the weather cooperates, so is spring. Spencer's been cooped indoors far too long this winter, so when it's not suddenly 24 degrees (like yesterday and today), we go outside and let this little man go buck wild.

We've also been making a point of really trying to get out - despite the bipolar weather - and do stuff so we can appreciate this state more. This past Saturday, for instance, we braved the spotty snow/rain showers, drove to Croghan and went to Yancey's Sugarbush to see how maple syrup is made - the old-fashioned way. Spencer got to see horses, taste maple butter and play with the homestead doggies. We got to see how maple syrup is harvested by Amish horses and really experience something that's so integral to New York.

I feel like I've had a sucky attitude about this state lately, but I also know some of it has had to do with some pregnancy limitations this time around. I'm excited (and terrified) to be getting to the end of this pregnancy to enjoy a beautiful summer season in New York with my little family. 

I owe a lot of posts - and an upcoming feature with Jessi from Jessi's Design - when I finally manage to get off my sulky momma booty and get things done. So, get ready for picture overload and a giveaway/feature coming soon, my friends! Spring is coming, and this momma is ready to get back to business :)


  1. That maple place sounds so cool! Man, I'm sure there are a million things like that around no matter where you live, but why is it so hard to get up and go do it? That's what's been on my mind lately...doing more with my life than just working and watching tv haha. I hope the weather gets better for you though! :)

  2. I'm going to sound really ignorant - can you choose where you go next? I'm totally unfamiliar with the system. I'm sorry to hear NY is so strict on certain things. I would hate to feel so regulated on things.

    being outside even with the weather being upside down does a world of good for someone. Sophie insists on being outside at least once a day or she turns into a nightmare (eek).

    liz @ j for joiner

  3. The weather has been crazy here, too. It was 70 yesterday and 40 today. No thank you.

  4. I totally feel you girl. I think we probably get a lot of the same weather, as I'm in Southern Ontario. And I can't deny that my husband and I have been daydreaming about moving to a warmer climate. I just can't imagine being away from family and then there's that whole green card thing too. Waaaah I hate how long this winter is lasting!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  5. I totally felt this way about Ohio and was so thankful it was a short (18 month) assignment for my husband. I guess every duty station can't be your favorite. I hope you guys get to go somewhere you enjoy more next time! :)

  6. When are you due with Baby #2? I live in Michigan and kind of feel the same way. I'm only here because my husband is from here and he wants to live here. I think he's warming up the the idea of moving though. I really hope your can stick it out!


  7. The weather has seriously got me all in a crappy mood. So frustrating! How long will your husband be deployed for? You have the option to suggest where you'd like to be stationed next? Forgive me for the questions. :)

  8. ugh i am so over this weather and it's not even as bad here so i don't envy you! i can't imagine living somewhere i didn't want to live haha. they regulate everything?! that is so rude. can you choose where you go next, will it definitely be one of your top 3, or is it whatever you're given?