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Today's post was inspired by the lovely Chelsea from Anchors Aweigh. I haven't done one of these in a long time, and I thought it would be fun to share a little about yours truly for those who are new to reading my blog. I might just interview the husband soon, too, because he sure does like a little face time here on the blog! But first…that's me and my husband, Ryan, from our cruise to the Bahamas from New York City last year. Clearly we need a repeat because the number of selfies since our return has vastly declined...

1. What is your biggest fear? Starting off with a big one here, eh? Well, if we're talking a silly, irrational fear - spiders. I don't care that I'm one million times bigger. #nope. If we're talking a real fear that's plagued me since childhood, I'd have to say the idea of being ordinary. That's utterly terrifying to me. The idea of never accomplishing something really great is soul-sucking.

2. What is your favorite workout? I have a few. I love love love swimming, and I grew up swimming competitively. I love to run, too! I used to do CrossFit, and I really loved that, but I think anything that forces me to be competitive with myself and others is the way to go. I have a favorite running loop that I really love, too, and I've been working a lot with this dry land training regimen. Try it. It hurts (so good).

3. What's your natural hair color? This is my natural hair color. I'm absurdly blonde, though it's not that white-blonde that it used to be when I was little. I once dyed my hair dark brown, and I spent three days stripping it and getting chlorine treatments to return to my original color. Ask me how fun of a process that was. Never again.

4. What is your favorite smell? There's something about the smell of fall that gets me every time! And no, I'm not talking PSL. I'm talking about crisp leaves, cool air, the smell of wood fires starting and chimney smoke lingering in the breeze. Also, I'm weird, but that smell you get when you start the heat in your home for the first time in a year? (probably propane…) Yup, love that. 

5. Tell me the 3 best days in your life - or the first 3 that come to mind.

6. What are your top 3 places currently on your bucket list to visit? Well, we're always planning our next getaway, so there are a lot of them! Right now, I think Ryan and I have discussed the following at least in the past 30 days.

  • Thailand
  • Ireland & Scotland
  • South Africa - I've been many times (my family is from there), but I want to take Ryan and the boys!

7. What is your favorite food? Sushi - hands down!

8. What is your current Netflix show of choice? We just binge watched Stranger Things, so now I'm catching up on The Originals while Ryan's on the swing shift. Also - I sense a lot of Netflix binges forthcoming while he's deployed.

9. Were you named after anyone? My name, Melissa, is my own, but my middle name, Elizabeth, was for my cousin who passed shortly before I was born.

10. What's your favorite hamburger topping? We don't eat a ton of red meat at home, but when I do have it, I love carmelized onions and blue cheese :)


  1. Yes to the smell of fall!!! Absolutely love it!!!! I also weirdly like the smell of heating your house for the first time. Those and the smell of the chlorine. What can I say, brings back so many memories!!

  2. STOP IT. I did NOT know you were from South Africa! The physician I spent five years work for is from South Africa and he goes home every so often and I am obsessed with the pictures. It is such a beautiful place from the pictures I have seen. His wife has the most lovely accent. I have to second Ashley's question!

  3. Ireland and Scotland are definitely on my "really want to see" list!

  4. Spiders!! Oh my gosh, ME TOO. I just had a terrible experience with a spider CRAWLING OUT OF MY SON'S SLEEP SACK one morning. Scarred, I tell you, scarred. And yes to the smell of fall! I dropped H off at school this morning and someone was burning firewood. It was amazing.

  5. I love that weird heat smell, too! And the smell of new tires. Also weird. I know it's so chemical, but it smells so good. I loved Stranger Things. I've never seen The Originals, but I don't know if I would need to see The Vampire Diaries first to watch it.

  6. Yes to sushi! I love it too. And the Fall smell is amazing! Sadly, it doesn't really ever smell like fall here in California...haha.
    Jeans and a Teacup

  7. love posts like these because i had no idea your family was from south africa! i would love to go to ireland and scotland - okay, i've been to dublin, but i would love to see more of the country. i was born with black hair, but it turned to blonde and i was blonde for like 15-20 years i think? but i always dyed it like foils and stuff, so somewhere along the way it turned brown and i didn't realise it, so it was hard to find my new natural colour if that makes sense. but i had lots of spur of the moment i'll dye it brown/black and super fun times trying to get back to blonde lol. so i feel you!!