changing rooms

Spencer's nearly outgrown this little nursery of his, and yes, it's actually kind of sad! This little nursery has been his from the start of his little life here in New York, and pretty soon, it'll be transformed into our guest room until we move. Porter will also bunking in there in his crib until he's ready to share a room with Spencer. We knew when we moved into this home that we'd be pushing the limits on its size by the time we moved (or, we'd hoped, at least). So, we'll be transforming our guest room into a giant little boys' room before too long. First though, it will be Spencer's, and I've started planning it!

I'm looking to have a nautical theme for them. I want it to be part maritime, part under-the-sea adventures and wholly magnificent for two little boys. Why water? I'm a swimmer, guys. Water is in my blood. 

I knew with his nursery that I wanted something somewhat eclectic vintage. I didn't want all the pieces to match, but I wanted them to fit together in the end design though. I threw in a touch of safari/jungle in there (wall art and the rug), and it came together just as I'd imagined it. The toddler room though…that's a whole different ball game. Here's just a taste of my inspiration board for the forthcoming room.

whale print via
whale rider print via
nautical hutch via
primitive sailor's wheel via
antiqued life preserver via

I've already planned to sew his first big boy pillowcase, as well as a fitted and flat sheet and a thick blanket for his toddler bed. Hawthorne Threads is often my go-to for premium fabrics for my shop, Black River Boutique, and I'm thinking along the lines of these:

^^^ fabric swatches via here and here

Because both are fairly busy prints, I'll do a simple, solid sheet set so things don't get too overwhelming in the room. I'd like for there to be statement pieces, functional pieces and fun, kid-friendly decor without being to kitschy. I've never been a fan for cartoon-esque animal things, so seeing things look a little more realistic and alive is what I'm going for. I think it will be a fun room for my boys to get lost in. And, what's more, I'm really looking forward to tackling a lot of these projects DIY, especially since Ryan will be deployed throughout the next year.

Have you ever done DIY room decor? I'd love to see it…maybe I'll get some fun new inspiration!


  1. Ooh, I love this theme! I am the world's worst decorator, but we're (most likely) moving to a new house in October and I'm feeling inspired to actually attempt to "do" the kids' rooms... We shall see. ;-)

  2. I can't wait to see how it turns out!! I do really like nautical themes...!! The fabric swatches are really cute! I think I like the blue one better...!

  3. I love the nautical theme for little boys . . . it is timeless! My vote is for the blue fabric - I love more color! I also think it's sweet your boys will be sharing a room!!

  4. I love the nautical inspiration. Sad to see a nursery go, but I love the ideas of his new room.