my little sister's wedding

I promised a little more in depth post about my sister, Kristina's, wedding this past weekend, and I'm ready to deliver - with photos and more! I threw her a bridal shower on Friday afternoon at Momma Spriggs restaurant in Carlisle, PA, and it was so fun. We went simple, since the venue offered the decor, but we added some floral touches (arranged by our Aunt Jeanne), papier mache favors with buttermints inside, a handmade sign for the gift table, etc. I also ordered custom cupcakes from the Carlisle Bakery in classic carrotcake with cream cheese frosting, plus vanilla with strawberry buttercream frosting. Divine.

As an aside, if you ever throw a bridal shower at a restaurant, triple check whether they allow outside food. I confirmed with my contact three times that we could bring the dessert, and they said yes, but we were given a bit of a hard time the day of. Nevertheless, we ate the cupcakes and had a grand time.

We started the wedding day with a big ol' 5k race in a nearby town. It was a chilly morning, but it was a great way to start the day with family and friends, and it made me realize how much more running I need to do to get in shape!

After that, the day was full-speed ahead. The men went to brunch before heading to the groom's house, and the ladies went to Linwood Estate to get ready in the manor, which was breathtaking! (Spencer and Porter spent the morning with Oma and Opa and the afternoon with Daddy, Uncle Josh and Uncle Adam at the groom's house.)

It was a beautiful day, and everything came together so perfectly for Kristina and Josh. It's been a crazy few months, but it all came together so well in the end. The reception was beautiful, and though there were two major medical issues, they didn't spoil the day at all. One woman fainted and hit her head, causing bleeding and needed to go to the hospital, then my new brother-in-law's father passed out in the hallway from a panic attack due to the aforementioned event. Josh's dad was okay and recovered to spend the evening at the reception, but it was definitely scary!

I was excited to do my own makeup for the day - only spending a little to get my lashes done - and I'm so glad I did! I don't do things too often with makeup because I'm fair and look silly with too much, but I'm really glad with how it all turned out. 

Ryan walked Spencer down the aisle as the ring bearer, and he did SO well! The sun was in his eyes, so he held the ring pillow up in front of him, but that was the only thing he struggled with! My handsome little men wore these suits from Next UK, and I can't recommend them enough for their super-fast shipping and excellent quality. Our bridesmaid's dresses were from Azazie, and I'll definitely be wearing it again for a ball in the future! Kristina's wedding gown was Sarah Seven, and the gentlemen all wore suits from Jos. A. Bank. 

I'm so thankful we got to spend this crazy, hectic, beautiful weekend with family and friends to celebrate the newlyweds!


  1. What a pretty wedding! I love that everyone did a 5K together the morning of the big day - how fun!

  2. oh my goodness! how scary about the woman fainting and josh's father. glad it was all okay. your dress is gorgeous, and your makeup looks stunning!! good job :) i love that y'all started the day with a 5k. and i can't believe the restaurant gave you a hard time after you'd confirmed it! rude! now i want a cupcake.

  3. So fun that everyone did a 5K together on the wedding morning - I love that!
    You look beautiful, I love the dresses and flowers. I'm glad the everything went well despite the two medical issues, That is scary!

  4. That is so unique to all go running together the morning of! It sounds like such great family time. You all are beautiful! Glad to here the groom's dad was able to stay and enjoy the rest of the night!

  5. I'm glad everybody was okay after the crazy events of the day. Those dresses are so pretty - you guys look great. I like the idea of starting off the day with a 5k - that's a cool group event and a good way to wake up.

  6. You look so pretty! Great job with your make up. Major props for you all doing that 5K - what a fun way to start the day and so neat!

  7. Oh wow! It wouldn't even occur to me to do a 5k before the wedding - amazing!! You girls look gorgeous!!

  8. How fun! I love, love, love getting to know what other people do before weddings so this was such a fun post to read! One of my friends did a 5K before her wedding too and we thought she was insane.

    The Adored Life

  9. I LOVE the bride's dress- so beautiful! And you look great girlfriend :) How fun to do a 5k before the wedding- especially with those cute shirts!