silence + noise

Yesterday, Ryan and I braved the trip from NY to NH with two under two and a dog. In the Highlander. All. Day. Long. I drove about three hours of the trip, and I had a lot of time to think about life and be introspective - something that doesn't happy too much with a baby and a toddler. Truly, our lives are madness. I have a full time job in marketing, a part time job with my little shop and my husband is about to embark on 9 months of being a geo-bachelor. 

^^^ the noisemaker

Around 1 PM or so, we had crossed the ferry from NY through to VT, and our boys settled down for their naps, leaving us with some silence in the car, again - rare. 

I love my life. I love the chaos, but I also love the silence. Before Spencer was born, I loved to drive in my little Civic, blaring my music and going [slightly] above the speed limit. Since having children, any time I can have absolute silence in my car, I take it. The same goes for my house, for that matter. Once the kids are asleep and the house is silent, I can take a breath and find my center again.

And then I realize I'm old! I've become my mother! I love my quiet, simple moments, and that's okay. 

This isn't an exciting post, or anything really that important, really, but it was something that really stood out for me during the drive. And, this evening, when I was able to get my little babies in bed again, I felt like I had to write it - if only to come back and reflect upon it later.

goal-getter: november

I've seen these posts floating around some of my favorite blogs lately, and I think it's a fantastic idea! I have so many goals, that I really want to put them out into the universe - if only to hold myself accountable. I think I'm going to do these monthly. It's my hope that by doing so, I can look at them on paper (or the screen), and see them daily - reminding myself of what I'd like to accomplish. So, without further ado, I have a few goals for the remainder of November.

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1. Lose 3 lbs - I've been on Weight Watchers since Porter was born, and I've been slacking. It's time to buckle down and really work at it again. I lost 20+ lbs after Spencer, and I want to do so again - healthily.

2. Finish the DIY shoe rack - This has been on my list for almost a year. It looks like we're going to have some decent weather the next few days, so here's hoping I can get it done and off my plate (finally.) And yes, I'll share pictures.

3. Run 14 times - My running has been sporadic at best the past few months. Since our daycare closed, we've had only part-time care, and it's been hard to find a new routine. I need to make running a priority again.

4. Get Ryan to do a blog again - I always beg that poor husband of mine to blog here, but I think it's fun to see his perspective, and with his deployment coming, we have some fun ideas of deployment diaries here, so I'd like to give him some face time on here again.

5. Plan Spencer's second birthday party - We didn't really do a real birthday party for Spencer last year, and we're not doing anything huge this year, but I'd like to do something with Color Crew from Baby First TV - if only asking a dear friend to help make a cake!

6. Schedule our temple sealing - For those friends who are Mormon, you'll understand the importance of this. Ryan and I are hoping to finally be sealed before he deploys, and it's about darn time. Here's hoping we can get this in the books!

I think that's enough for now, but I'm hoping I can accomplish some of these by the end of the month. Fingers crossed! What goals do you have for the latter half of this month?

the age of separateness

Spencer is nearly two years old, guys. 

I'm not quite sure how or when we got here, but here we are - less than a month from his second birthday. Lately, his little red-headed temper has been rearing its crazy little head and sending both Ryan and myself reeling. It hasn't been easy at all and, in fact, it's been downright difficult to get through to him. It seems these past few days we've made some strides into better understanding, but it's going to be quite the journey, I'm sure. 

There's a book that Mr. Rogers (our hero) wrote called "Mister Rogers Talks with Parents," and it details a lot of his thoughts about childhood and discipline. I think this book and this video have really helped me get through the last few weeks because it emphasized the fact that Spencer is not trying to be bad. He's trying to become his own little person.

I think it's so healthy for Spencer to express himself, but it's my job as a parent to set the limits, nurture the good and channel the bad into better outlets. He's doing the best to exert his own will, and I need to find ways for him to express it in a good way.

One of the main things I've learned the past few weeks is that Spencer really requires structure and normalcy. He does well with a pattern, and he likes to be heard. I've been doing my best to stick to a good routine full of ways for him to get energy out and really be creative. I've learned that he loves building blocks, playing with crayons and markers (thank God for washable ones), and I'v been learning to relax the rules a little and let him make noise, bang on things and jump around.

He needs to move his body, flex his muscles (and his will), and I need to be okay with that. Limits are good, and I need to set healthy, reasonable limits and not limit his creativity or stifle his wonder at the world around him. Mr. Rogers makes it very clear that children thrive when they know there are limits, so they can bump up against them and really learn where they are.

Parenting is no joke, friends! It's hard work, but I sure do love that little red-headed man. 

What sort of things have you learned about your child/toddler? Do they do well with routine? What sort of discipline works for you?

thank you

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I don't have a lot to say today, but I want to say this to our veterans today: thank you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live the lives we lead today. Thank you for bravely taking your sacrifices in stride and for serving dutifully and faithfully. Thank you for your tireless commitment to keeping our liberties at the forefront of your minds. Thank you so very, very much for your service.

Our country has disappointed me the past couple days in the wake of this election - less about the outcome and more about our collective reaction. To those burning flags in protest of our president-elect: I implore you to, instead, thank a veteran for giving you the freedom to do so.

Regardless of who you voted for, or your own personal convictions, the outcome has been determined, and it's our duty as Americans to stand strong, as ever. Make the changes you wish to see in the world around you and effect your own changes. That is how you can honor your military members.

And so, veterans - and to my own husband, my favorite veteran of all, thank you. Thank you for all you do, and please know how grateful I am for all of your service, dedication and hard work.

what's happening wednesday

I absolutely refuse to post anything political because it is so very, very volatile, but I want to say that I believe in America, Americans and the chance for us to rebuild our nation again. And with that, I'm mostly just glad this darn election is over! But onto important things, really…Today, I'm linking up over at Jessi's Design for What's Hap"pinning" Wednesday to share what's new with the Moores!

Porter Dean is 5 months old today! This little boy is not really all that little. He's 25.5 inches long, 15 lbs and wears 6-9 month clothing easily. He was sleeping through the night, but he's started pooing in the middle of the night, which has started a wakeup a night again. He's a quiet, mellow little man who's really only vocal when hungry or tired. He thinks his brother is the greatest thing since sliced bread, loves to be held or worn and plays for hours on end in the exersaucer. He's done so well with sleep training that I'm a really proud mama. Also, he's completely weaned - which has turned out to be a  great blessing for both my mental health and his physical health.

Spencer Bruce is less than a month from 2 years old. He's entered what Mr. Rogers called "the age of separateness," and it's been a trying month or so around here. He's such a good boy, but he has such a strong will, and while that's a good thing, the tantrums are not. Disciplining him has been hard, and he needs 100% consistency, which is even harder because Army life is not consistent at all. 

Ryan's deployment orders are in. I can't say exactly when or where he's going because of OPSEC rules, but he is going, and he's leaving pretty soon. My heart hurts thinking about it, but I want to make him proud and know that I will do everything in my power to hold down this little fort of ours. Winter will be the hard part, but I'll make sure our last summer here at Fort Drum is one for the books, if it's the last thing I do!

Black River Boutique is doing quite well, and I just love sewing my new holiday prints! My very first show is this weekend in Chaumont, so I'm hoping to just have a fun, exciting day sharing my goods with the locals. Here's hoping it goes well!

What's new with you?

5 on friday: fall back

Daylight savings sucks. I think I can firmly say that, having grown up on the East coast. I forgot how much I hated it while I lived in Arizona. Now that we're lose every ounce of daylight at 4 PM starting this weekend, I remember why I loathed it so much. Plus, it's hard to keep kiddos indoors and entertained because it looks like midnight outside. I digress. I'm linking up with A. Liz Adventures and Meet @ the Barre to discuss things I don't actually hate.

1. Boys - Spencer is all boy lately. His daycare provider, Jenny, sent me a picture of him yesterday just oogling over a worm that emerged because of all the rain. It made me laugh myself silly because it's just so him. Bugs, creepy-crawlies, spider (shudder)...all of it. He loves it. In fact, Ryan ended a tantrum the other day by pointing out a wayward bug on our ceiling. Best husband ever.

2. Black River Boutique - Guys, I entered my first craft fair/show! It's next Saturday, November 12, and it's a benefit for the Chaumont Fire Department, so I'm pretty excited. It's the first time I'll ever have my Black River Boutique goods on hand in public to sell. Am I nervous? Heck yes. But with pretty prints like these on hand, I'll have fun showing them off! As an aside, I'm having a little sale right now with 15% off your total purchase using code: GIVEALITTLE

3. Meal Planning - Ryan and I were doing so well with both dieting and our budget before Porter was born. Then it went to chaos, and all we wanted was to eat and buy all the things. This week, I buckled down on meal planning to get our grocery bill under control, and I'm excited! I followed this plan right here, and there are some tasty options!

4. The Crown - It's on Netflix today! I can't wait to start this series with Ryan. I've been waiting for this forever, and we've been in a show hole too long.

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5. Oma's Visit - Where do I even start with this one? Oma visited last weekend, and she was the most welcome addition to our home in ages! I need to do a full post because Oma has a special bond with Spencer, and the two of them were thick as thieves. I'm so grateful I'll have her and my father while Ryan's deployed. There will be lots of trips in NH.

halloween 2016

I'm a few days late what? Happy November, friends! I can't believe how quickly time is flying right now, and I can only assume it's because I actually want it to slow down. Halloween this year was so special for us though because this was the first time that Spencer went trick or treating! You may remember that I said I was going to make my boys' costumes this year. With the sudden onset of being sick, I didn't, and I readily bought their costumes instead. New philosophy: when my kids can tell me what they want to be, I'll make their costumes :)

And so, this year, Spencer was a tiger, and Porter was a pumpkin. And it was awesome.

Our sweet neighbor kindly took that first photo of Spencer and I at our first house, where he proudly walked up the front steps and gently rapped on the door saying "kick kick, kick kick." Translation: knock knock. When she answered, he very seriously and without the hint of a smile said "tick or teat." Proudest mama moment ever. 

We went up and down the street together, and he roared at the passer-bys who all swooned because, well, he's adorable, and we got him a whole bag of candy. I let him pick a piece for along the way, and he picked a lollipop, which he enjoyed all night long. 

We discovered we live in Halloween mecca, and we had almost 200 trick or treaters, went through 8 lbs of candy, and we actually had to give most of Spencer's haul away, too, before we turned off our lights and called it quits for the day. (Don't worry - we saved him some of the good stuff.)

Basically, it was perfect. Porter stayed home with Ryan and answered the door with him and Danny in his pumpkin costume, and we loved every second of it. It's like the seasons have come full circle now, and it's so special to experience them from the adult side now.