5 on friday: fall back

Daylight savings sucks. I think I can firmly say that, having grown up on the East coast. I forgot how much I hated it while I lived in Arizona. Now that we're lose every ounce of daylight at 4 PM starting this weekend, I remember why I loathed it so much. Plus, it's hard to keep kiddos indoors and entertained because it looks like midnight outside. I digress. I'm linking up with A. Liz Adventures and Meet @ the Barre to discuss things I don't actually hate.

1. Boys - Spencer is all boy lately. His daycare provider, Jenny, sent me a picture of him yesterday just oogling over a worm that emerged because of all the rain. It made me laugh myself silly because it's just so him. Bugs, creepy-crawlies, spider (shudder)...all of it. He loves it. In fact, Ryan ended a tantrum the other day by pointing out a wayward bug on our ceiling. Best husband ever.

2. Black River Boutique - Guys, I entered my first craft fair/show! It's next Saturday, November 12, and it's a benefit for the Chaumont Fire Department, so I'm pretty excited. It's the first time I'll ever have my Black River Boutique goods on hand in public to sell. Am I nervous? Heck yes. But with pretty prints like these on hand, I'll have fun showing them off! As an aside, I'm having a little sale right now with 15% off your total purchase using code: GIVEALITTLE

3. Meal Planning - Ryan and I were doing so well with both dieting and our budget before Porter was born. Then it went to chaos, and all we wanted was to eat and buy all the things. This week, I buckled down on meal planning to get our grocery bill under control, and I'm excited! I followed this plan right here, and there are some tasty options!

4. The Crown - It's on Netflix today! I can't wait to start this series with Ryan. I've been waiting for this forever, and we've been in a show hole too long.

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5. Oma's Visit - Where do I even start with this one? Oma visited last weekend, and she was the most welcome addition to our home in ages! I need to do a full post because Oma has a special bond with Spencer, and the two of them were thick as thieves. I'm so grateful I'll have her and my father while Ryan's deployed. There will be lots of trips in NH.


  1. The Crown looks really good - you have to share your thoughts after you start it! I am with you on daylight savings time. I would much rather things be dark in the morning and be able to have a bit of sun after work in the evenings!

  2. ew bugs hahaha. that's awesome it ended a tantrum though. The Crown looks so good, i really want to watch it. and i am checking out that meal plan site, i need all the help i can get. congrats on the craft fair/show, good luck!!

  3. Ooh, The Crown looks fun. I just signed up for Netflix because I need to watch Gilmore Girls but there are definitely some other shows I'm excited to check out too.

  4. I am so excited to start The Crown!!! It's going to be amazing I just know it.