5 on friday: 15 days till christmas

But seriously...how are there only 15 more days until Christmas?! I haven't even started my Christmas shopping. I should probably get on that. Life has been moving at warp speed the past couple weeks, and I feel like we don't really have a moment to breathe. I think part of it is the impending deployment, part is the holiday season, part is the fact that my little boys are all go, go go, 24/7, and I feel like a I can't catch up. So, here's a small piece of life lately for five on Friday. Today I'm linking up with A. Liz Adventures and Meet @ the Barre.

1 //  We had a proper snow squall yesterday, which afforded Ryan is first delayed report (and, perhaps, his last before his deployment). It was so fun to bundle up my boys and take Danny for a morning walk. Spencer loves the snow. He never wanted to go inside! His new thing is to just sit staring at the window chanting "outside! outside! outside!"

2 // Porter is 6 months old today! The little man is not so little at 16 lbs and 27 inches long. He's wearing 9 month clothing to fit his long legs, and he's learned to sit up and do a sort of bear crawl in the past week. He scoots backwards, too, so it's crazy to watch how fast he's learning.

3 // Ryan's unit's dining out is tonight at the Hilton in Watertown. These things were a lot more fun before I was the FRG leader and actually had to work with the soldiers to plan them. I'm sure it will be a blast, but right now, all I can think of is the hassle it took to get it in the books...and the cost...and the number of times the quotes were messed up! But I made my dress, so here's hoping I can do a fun recap of that (and it will turn out well) on Monday!

4 // We're finally getting our Christmas tree this weekend! I can't wait to decorate it and finally have my house look like the season is upon us. Because life has been moving so fast lately, all I can do is catch my breath and hope things find some balance soon. A look back at last year's tree...our first together since we're always moving...

5 // I'm making a tree skirt for our Christmas tree today, too! I'm pretty excited to put my stamp on this tree and decorating because I've learned a lot about design and how things are made through my shop, I'll be sure to share some details and a how-to once it's done, in case people want to make their own!

I hope you all are ready for lovely weekends, too!


  1. Only 15 days!? I feel like I'm pretty on top of Christmas stuff but am scrambling to get so much work done before year-end. I'm sorry that you're feeling so hectic - I am right there with you! I hope you have a great weekend with the party & getting a Christmas tree! I'm hoping that next year we'll get a proper (aka real) tree and I'm hoping to pick up a cute skirt for it on sale in January. (Because I am not nearly as crafty as you as making things myself!)

  2. I can't believe we are only 15 days away from Christmas! Yay for getting some extra time together. :)

  3. You are making your tree skirt? That is awesome. I love that idea but have no skills for that. I can't wait to see what dress you made and how the party went!

  4. I don't have my shopping done yet either. So glad I'm not alone! Have a great weekend!