running wrap-up: january

I  mentioned a little bit ago that I have big goals with my running this year, and I'm excited to have started 2017 with a bang! I hope to run the year 2017, but even if I don't quite make that, I'd like to have the most mileage I've ever had on these legs of mine, feel great and learn to really love how physically active I can be. This impending deployment is really wearing on my psyche, but I'm excited to throw all this nervous energy into continuously progressing and going in the right direction. 

 I started using a new app called Strava a few months ago, but now that I'm running with Danny most of the time, I've decided to go back to my old faithful, Nike Running Club (NRC) because it easily pauses when Danny inevitably has to poo in the middle of my run. Seriously. That, and I enjoy looking at my all-time total every time I log in. I transitioned back to it yesterday, so I have two runs that aren't recorded in that total up there. 

This was a month of getting back out there, and I'm thrilled with my progress - even though I'm slow as molasses. My goal is to start Hal Higdon's Novice marathon training plan soon, and then repeat it until Chicago in October. Right now, I've been working on running for a set time, vs for distance, and I've found that it keeps me pretty on track.

Here are some January stats for my running records:

Longest run: 3.7 miles
Shortest run: 1 mile
Fastest pace: 8:57
Slowest pace: 10:02
Total miles: 54.2

This was a stepping stone month for me, and I'm excited to keep progressing. I'm thinking of signing up for the Old Orchard Beach Half Marathon at the end of March in Maine, and I'm doing the Ocean City NJ half on April 31, so I've got some serious training to do!


This was our last weekend together for 9 months. It seems surreal. There's so much stress in this house right now that it's actually a bit overwhelming, but I also know that we're going to make it through this next well as through this deployment. 

On Saturday, I took the boys to the Sensory Nook so Ryan could get a run and some relaxation in, and it was so good. I was stressed out of my mind on Saturday though. Everything was overwhelming, and yet spending that time with my boys was so good for me. Porter is gradually becoming more mobile, and though he's incredibly fussy right now, he actually had some fun! Spencer loved it, as usual, and I loved it because I got to see my boys having a blast. 

It snowed on Saturday evening, and we had a relaxing evening watching a documentary, eating popcorn and generally shirking our diet completely. We woke yesterday to about 4 inches of snow on the ground, and I took my boys out to play for a little bit - and Spencer, particularly, loved it!

I'm trying to get in the right headspace right now. Truly. This winter, though I love it, has been wearing on me - mostly because I'm thinking about doing this alone. Summer and spring are the easy part! My boys can play outside, soak up the sun and go crazy. Right now, Port is a little too young to play in the snow, and when it's 9 degrees, I have to question my sanity about bundling up my 2 year old and letting him play outside.

So, basically, I'm going to be ticking those calendar days on the way to spring. I can't wait to see what is coming, but I'm soaking up these last moments with Ryan before he goes. 

I once said that, in the military, we live our lives by countdowns, and it feels really true right now. I'm nervous and excited about it though because this countdown does have a finite end. It does. It's a long time from now, but it will end. So, my goal is to make it through, succeed, enjoy my boys, be strong for my husband and make him proud. 

I hope you all will be patient with me and follow along on this journey because it should be exciting or, at the very least, one heck of a ride! 

currently: the pre-deployment edition

The days are ticking away quickly now, just like I knew they would. When you want time to stand still, it never does. That's just reality. While I wish that time would stand still, I also know that it's inevitable, and I kind of just want to get the farewells over and done with, if that makes sense. Let's get this deployment started and start the countdown to them coming home again! Basically, I'm just trying to weather the storm and make it through...and keep myself busy in the meantime. So, I'm linking up today with Jessi at Jessi's Design for another What's Hap-pinning Wednesday.

1 // Ryan got me Rachel Cruze's book, Love Your Life, Not Theirs, and it's been an awesome reminder of why we need to focus so heavily on finances. We're such a society of comparisons, and between my blog and my shop, as well as my personal facebook, it's so easy to let envy talk you into debt. I'm loving the concept of the separation of church and state in that respect, and I'm so ready to nail down our finances while Ryan's deployed. This mama has big goals, friends!

2 // I've been really working on building up my shop inventory - and range - and I love what I've started to feature! I have leggings, dresses and so much more, and it's fun. I even have a few little brand reps like Ellie, wearing the Hazel Dress, and I'm just dying at how cute she looks!

3 // I've been finding my rhythm with running, and I'm starting to feel really good. My run times are still mostly garbage, but I'm going for time over distance right now, and I think that's where I need to be for a little bit longer. I'm going to have a good number of miles on my legs this month, and that alone makes me happy. Pretty soon, I'll be starting Hal Higdon's running plan for marathoners, and I'm looking forward to it (mostly).

4 // Porter is officially crawling! The little man crawled all the way from the living room to the kitchen last night (protesting the whole way), but made it! I'm so proud of my munchkin man. Now if he'd just cut those darn teeth.

5 // My living room is next on my list to KonMari. The boys have so many toys, and while I know they need toys, they don't need 18973209482903843 toys. I'm going to consolidate with their favorites and find a balance in our living room so it's finally functional again. I might even share a picture ;)

6 // Ryan and I had a date day last week, and it was amazing! We're working on spending as much quality time together as possible, and I'm so thankful to be able to do so. We're hoping to get one more date in, so keep your fingers crossed, please! 

Bear with me, please, as we head into this deployment. I'm having all the feels, and I'll do my best to get control of it soon!

my konmari kitchen

One of my biggest goals for 2017 was to downsize. I'm not talking downsizing our home, or our lifestyle, per se, but rather about the sheer volume of stuff we own. As any military family knows, every 3-4 years (sometimes less), we have to pick everything up and move to a new duty station. That means that every 3-4 years, most families do some sort of massive purge to de-clutter before they move. I didn't want to wait another 18 months, so enter Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.

Marie Kondo offers what is touted as "the life-changing magic of tidying up," or KonMari Method, and preaches that everything has a place and should always be in its place. That means that, technically, gone should be the days of searching for a spatula, or a measuring cup...because it all has a given place. Furthermore, she asks people to pick up an item and identify the emotion they feel surrounding that object. Does it spark joy? I found that concept to be a little mystifying at first, but as I began to tackle my first room, our kitchen, I kind of got the hang of it.

To me, it was less about joy, and more about the emotion I felt when I looked at it. For example, we had a brand new, unused, gorgeous red Cuisinart waffle iron. It was gifted to me when I was newly engaged to my ex before Ryan. My brother-in-law's mother gave it and insisted I keep it even when we called off the wedding. I kept it because it was a gift - and because she insisted I do so. Today, when I looked at that waffle iron, I felt only obligation. I felt like I had to keep I donated it. Gone also are our juicer, extra tupperware, pots and pans and random knick-knacks found throughout the drawers. Honestly, everything I gave away felt heavy. It felt like excess, and so it went.

Now, my kitchen looks, perhaps, sparse. But when I walk in there, I feel lighter and cleaner. Ms. Kondo teaches us that kitchens should convey their use, rather than storage. I want my kitchen to covey cleanliness and health, and I feel like it finally does that. I really can't wait to tackle the next room because it is so liberating! For the record, I still have a ton of work to do on the kitchen this year - painting the cabinets white and adding the backsplash - but this makes the project seem more feasible.

The biggest thing I'm learning through this process is that everything in my house should have a purpose and a place. If it has neither, it should go. I love that in the evenings when I'm ready to relax, all I have to do is put things back in order, wipe down my counters and go about my business. Before, it felt like constant clutter was really weighing on my mind. It's a big process though, and it required several hours of my undivided attention - totally worth it - but had to be scheduled in my day with work and daycare. Next stop...our bedroom, which should be fun. 

Have any of you try the KonMari Method? What do you think about it?

I'm linking up today with Jessi for What's Hap-pinning Wednesday!

running the year

2017 is going to be a year of changes for the Moore family - and for me - and I'm choosing to look at it with a full heart, open mind and excitement. This is my year to get back to me, and I'm so excited to really buckle down and run the year, and this deployment, out. A friend of mine introduced me to something last year called Run the Year, and I've decided to do it this year...I'm going Run the Year 2017. That, my friends, means I'm hoping to run 2,017 miles in 2017. That means, technically, I need to run 5.5 miles a day, which I'm nowhere near right now.

However, I'm getting there. I'm running 4 times a week now, just for time, but I'm getting an average of 3 miles in a run, and it feels hard great.

The weather right now is nuts. One day it's hovering around 17 degrees, then you have a day like today, where it's a practically balmy 39 degrees. I'm working to embrace the changes though, and I'm doing my best to do my runs outside and learning to train in varying conditions. Running is half mental, half physical for me. I love it, but while I'm doing it, I hate least until I get in proper shape.

^^^ image via

With the Chicago Marathon firmly in my mind for October 8, 2017, I know that every mile, every day and every single step counts. And, most importantly, I'm doing this for me. I love my boys more than life itself, but it's so important for a mama to take care of and love herself, as well.

I'm really excited to chronicle my running journey because I want everyone to know that anyonecan do it. Right now, I'm about 35 lbs heavier than I want to be. I was a competitive swimmer who swore up and down that she'd never be a runner. I have two kids, a husband that's deploying, and I live in the frozen tundra of Fort Drum.

But, I can do it.

And, truly, if I can do it, anyone can. I'd love to see if anyone wants to join me in running the year, staying accountable and, perhaps, joining a running group either on Facebook or Strava, simply for moral support, tips, advice, camaraderie and more. Runners, wanna-bes, friends...everyone is welcome! Who wants to join me?!

*I'm linking up today with Jessi for What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday!

...according to instagram

I've been meaning to post a lot of things lately, but I'm soaking up the last few weeks before Ryan deploys. Nevertheless, my photo haul continues to grow, so I figured I'd show, rather than tell, a little of our lives lately.  We've been spending many days snowed in, and when we're not snowed in, our days are busy with packing, running, trips to the Sensory Nook and cramming in quality family time.

I've been doing pretty well with my running, and I'm excited to keep it up! Danny has turned out to be literally the perfect running buddy, and she does better running with me than she does simply walking on a leash. Let's just call it the best of both worlds. Porter is now 7 months old (what?!?!), and Spencer is talking up a storm, so things are crazier than ever as Ryan prepares to head off around the world. Life is oh-so sweet.

I promise you a better post soon, but for now, here's our life lately...according to instagram...

3 years

Today is Ryan and my third anniversary. Three years ago, we said our wedding vows in front of 19 of our closest friends and family on a freezing cold winter day in New Hampshire. Three years ago, we dedicated our lives to each other, and we haven't looked back. It's been a true adventure being married to this man. 

In three years together, we've lived in two homes, two states together, welcomed two children, bought our first house, adopted a dog, weathered two promotions, a TDY to Korea, WOCs, BOLC, roadtrips and so much more. It hasn't always been easy, but it's been perfect and the best sort of work that one can do. Marriage is such a beautiful balance of two people - two lives - merging into one, and I'm so grateful that I've been blessed to do so with this man.

Together, we've run two half marathons. We went to Mexico and the Bahamas. We visited Quebec City and Toronto, and we've explored our current home state of New York. We've done some home improvements like adding a back porch with pergola and transitioned to a healthy-eating lifestyle. We challenge each other to be better, and that's why this marriage works so well.

Ryan, thank you for choosing me. Every time I see you with our boys, it reaffirms what I already know - you are our rock. I'm so grateful to have you, to love you and to spend all of eternity with you and our little family. Most of all though, I want you to know that you're my hero...truly. You give so much of yourself to not only us, but to your country, and I am so proud to be your wife. 

Happy anniversary, my love.

goal-getter: january

I think it is becoming a monthly tradition to put my goals down and recap my progress from the month before. I've found that it really holds me accountable, and I need that. So, first, I'm taking a look back at my December goals:

1. Lose 4 lbs - Fail, but I'm feeling confident now. Come on, does anyone honestly lose the weight over the holidays? We have DietBet to win now though, so it's on!
2. Finish the DIY shoe rack - Fail. Yikes.
3. Run 14 times and make 1.5 miles my short run - Half fail. 1.5 miles was my shortest run, but I only ran 10 times in December.
4. DIY Christmas presents - Uhhh fail.
5. Get our family photos - Fail. Mostly the photographer's fault because she forgot? 
6. Create a deployment wall - This is in the works!

Looking back, December was a wash, but I'm pretty confident for my January goals!

1. Keep up with marathon training - My first month of marathon training consists of 5 x 30-minute runs a week. Right now, that puts me about 15 miles a week, since I can run 3 miles in 30 minutes right now. I have a long way to go, but I think I can do this! Chicago Marathon will come quickly if I don't.

2. Finish the DIY shoe rack - I really don't have much left to do, so I just need to suck it up and finish it already!

3. Finish the deployment wall - I can't announce when Ryan's leaving due to OPSEC rules, but it's soon, and I want to be prepared for explaining to Spencer why Daddy's still at work for all that time. It will be hard, but I think this will help both of us.

4. Stop spending on clothes - Here's the thing...I'm in the process of losing weight, and buying clothes at this weight won't do me any good when they don't fit anymore. Instead, I'm going to commit to putting that money towards my shop in the meantime.

5. Take more pictures with the DSLR - I've been working on this a lot lately, and I think I'm going to do so even more as Ryan deploys. I need quality shots for some projects for Daddy overseas!

What are your goals for January? Did you make resolutions? I'd love to help motivate you, too!

new year in new hampshire

Well, I didn't quite make my 70-post goal last year, but I did close out the year well, and I'm happy to have the posts to look back on a good, albeit difficult, year. 2017 is shaping up to be an entirely different year with Ryan's deployment, as well as all my goals for the year. Truth be told, I'm really looking forward to it - as crazy as that sounds!

We rang in the new year in New Hampshire celebrating a belated Chrismakkuh with my family. Both my brothers in law are Jewish, so we celebrated both holidays together since Josh was on call over Christmas and Ryan was OIC. It was a lot of fun! It was a little stressful with the kiddos, and Porter managed to catch the raging cold that Spencer and I have been fighting for a few weeks, but we're glad we went and equally glad we came home.

Spencer got to experience his first time sledding with Ryan, Uncle Adam and Uncle Josh, and he loved it. He didn't want to go inside for nap time despite the fact that his cheeks were chapped, the snow was deeper than he is tall, and he was shivering. I love that my little boy loves the outdoors, and I can't wait until Porter can be out there with his big brother. I see a lot of fun times in the pool coming this summer!

There's a part of me that's so sad Ryan is going to miss so much this coming year, but there's another part of me that is so grateful for the family we have. I know that my brothers in law will be great surrogate fathers in his absence, and I'm so grateful for their love and kindness. And mostly, I'm grateful for the time we do have together before he leaves. 

Here's to a wonderful 2017.