currently: the pre-deployment edition

The days are ticking away quickly now, just like I knew they would. When you want time to stand still, it never does. That's just reality. While I wish that time would stand still, I also know that it's inevitable, and I kind of just want to get the farewells over and done with, if that makes sense. Let's get this deployment started and start the countdown to them coming home again! Basically, I'm just trying to weather the storm and make it through...and keep myself busy in the meantime. So, I'm linking up today with Jessi at Jessi's Design for another What's Hap-pinning Wednesday.

1 // Ryan got me Rachel Cruze's book, Love Your Life, Not Theirs, and it's been an awesome reminder of why we need to focus so heavily on finances. We're such a society of comparisons, and between my blog and my shop, as well as my personal facebook, it's so easy to let envy talk you into debt. I'm loving the concept of the separation of church and state in that respect, and I'm so ready to nail down our finances while Ryan's deployed. This mama has big goals, friends!

2 // I've been really working on building up my shop inventory - and range - and I love what I've started to feature! I have leggings, dresses and so much more, and it's fun. I even have a few little brand reps like Ellie, wearing the Hazel Dress, and I'm just dying at how cute she looks!

3 // I've been finding my rhythm with running, and I'm starting to feel really good. My run times are still mostly garbage, but I'm going for time over distance right now, and I think that's where I need to be for a little bit longer. I'm going to have a good number of miles on my legs this month, and that alone makes me happy. Pretty soon, I'll be starting Hal Higdon's running plan for marathoners, and I'm looking forward to it (mostly).

4 // Porter is officially crawling! The little man crawled all the way from the living room to the kitchen last night (protesting the whole way), but made it! I'm so proud of my munchkin man. Now if he'd just cut those darn teeth.

5 // My living room is next on my list to KonMari. The boys have so many toys, and while I know they need toys, they don't need 18973209482903843 toys. I'm going to consolidate with their favorites and find a balance in our living room so it's finally functional again. I might even share a picture ;)

6 // Ryan and I had a date day last week, and it was amazing! We're working on spending as much quality time together as possible, and I'm so thankful to be able to do so. We're hoping to get one more date in, so keep your fingers crossed, please! 

Bear with me, please, as we head into this deployment. I'm having all the feels, and I'll do my best to get control of it soon!


  1. Sending extra prayers your way and can I just say that that first picture gave me ALL the heart eyes!!!! Oh my heavens! Have a great day!

  2. I hope that time slows down a little bit for you before deployment starts!

  3. i need to get that Rachel Cruz book, I love all the dave ramsey stuff and i'm on baby step 2 and have made a lot of progress recently. good luck with it all
    Trish - tales from trish

  4. Sending prayers your way for this deployment. You've got this, mama! I am obsessed with the new stuff in the etsy shop and that hazel dress is SO CUTE! If only I had a little girl. :)

    You've got big plans for this deployment and I'm sure you will be successful! Give yourself some grace and remember it's ok to feel all the feelings. I hope that you feel loved and supported and encouraged even while hubs is away!

  5. That outfit is so adorable! Hope time slows down for you before deployment arrives!

  6. Definitely checking out that book! and if you need a babysitter for a date night, let me know. I'm willing to help if I'm not working :)

  7. I hear you, go already so we can be one day closer to seeing each other again...! But soak it all up and I do hope you guys get one last date in before he deploys..!! That Hazel dress is too cute for words!!

  8. I feel the same way as I'm heading into my super busy season at work in Feb-April 15th - Can you guess what I do? ;-) I just want to get started with so that I can start to the countdown to when it's over. I think the dread of knowing it's coming might be worse than the reality.

  9. Besides the worry when they're gone, the lead up to a deployment is probably the worst part ever. Like you said you want time to stand still, but you also just want them to be gone so that they can come back again. I hope that the deployment goes smoothly for both you. I'm glad you're getting in as much quality time as possible.