these are my confessions

How is it already Wednesday? I mean, seriously? I feel like my to-do list grows daily, but the days keep getting shorter and shorter. I find myself wishing time would slow down, even just a little bit, so I can accomplish a little bit more of what I want to do each day. I also wish time would speed up so Ryan can come home. The dilemma, my's real. 

I found myself sitting in my car the other day thinking of all these random things I've learned about myself in the last 6 months of my husband being gone. Here's the thing...if there is one thing that deployment is good for, it's learning a lot about yourself. Like, a lot. Some of these things are so petty. Some of them are super introspective, and since I love "about me" posts, I'm going to force some of my confessions on you today, as I link up with Jessi's Design for What's Happening Wednesday.

1 // I hate wasted time. When I make an appointment for a scheduled time, I expect the appointment to be at that time. I find myself getting more and more angry and rageful the longer I wait for a doctor's appointment? Keep me waiting 30-40 minutes, and I'll be a hot mess by the time the doctor comes in. Yes, I realize that emergencies take precedence, but oh. my. gosh. HURRY UP.

2 // I love fall and all things fall...but I hate Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Does that mean I'm not basic?

3 // I've discovered I really don't like LuLaRoe. Now, there's a caveat to that. I love their black leggings. They're like butter. However, I searched and searched for a single pair of black leggings, and they arrived with a hole in them. Needless to say, I was unimpressed. I've got a bunch of LLR gifts in my closet, but 99% of them are just not me. I'm not a fan of patterns and 99% of my wardrobe is black, gray, or white.

4 // The less sleep I get, the better my selfies are. This is the truth.

5 // I am physically incapable of going to Target without spending money. I can go for toilet paper and leave with 14 items for my children. Does that mean I am basic?

6 // The only good part about having the bed to myself during this deployment is that when my side of the bed gets too warm, I can roll over to Ryan's side and enjoy a cooler spot for a few hours. (Sorry, honey! This bed is all mine.)

7 // I don't like gangster rap. Again, there's a caveat to that. I don't love gangster rap unless I'm running...then, bring on allllll the gangster rap. I think it's an anger thing that fuels me?

8 // Before I had children, one of my favorite shows on TV was Law & Order SVU. Having two little boys now though, I find it really difficult to watch. I can't see shows where children are injured or killed. It, quite literally, elicits a very visceral response, and I just can't do it. I mean, can you imagine anything ever happening to a face like this? Nope.

9 // This is awful, but most of the time, my first reaction to one of my children falling is just laughter. Of course, there's a big difference between an actual fall and a little tumble, and I swear I have an appropriate response to both, but yeah. So, there's that.

10 // I have unpopular political views, and I've discovered I'm actually pretty passionate about politics this past year. It's been a struggle to deal with a lot of family and coworkers when half of what they say is so clearly just preached ad nauseum. I've learned that it's important to have our own personal convictions - whether popular or not - and while I don't preach them to anyone, it's important to me to stand fast to them.


  1. So not only is this my favorite post I've read today but I've also now discovered that we are basically the same person! I'm with you completely on #1, #2, #3, #5, #8, #10..ok like everything! Happy Wednesday friend and I hope you have a great rest of the week! xo

  2. 1. It seems from FB that you and I share similar political views, so I definitely feel your pain and frustration there. 2. Me and a coworker from my old job sat around one day watching videos of people falling and wiping out for literally 3 hours straight. We were crying from laughing and everyone who encountered us that day thought we were insane ... so don't feel bad lol

  3. lol I can totally relate to #7!! What is it about rap that just gets ya running?!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  4. Yes to SO many of these!!!! Between LLR and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I'm just not a fan at all. I'm guilty of laughing at people when they fall or anything like that. It's terrible but it's so hard not to laugh haha.

  5. AMEN to the political views. You have to do what you have the conviction to vote for/support, and if other people don't like it then that's fine! Obviously my husband hasn't been gone for six months, but he does travel often and I feel you on the cooler side of the bed thing; so much yes! And yep, just went into Target today for oatmeal and came out with an outfit for Walker, a new body pillow...and the oatmeal. Whoops!

  6. There are few things that make me more rage-y than waiting for ages at the pediatrician with my kids for a scheduled annual checkup, especially when they would charge me $25 for being 15 minutes late!!!
    The same thing happened to me after I had kids as #8, I canNOT handle books/movies/TV shows in which anything bad happens to children.