the weekend that wasn't (and more)

I'm a day late and a dollar short here, but it's been a busy past few days (and weekend) here in Black River. On Friday, both my boys had little coughs, but I wasn't too concerned until the middle of the day when Spencer's teacher mentioned his cough sounded worse. So, I picked them up early from daycare, and off to Urgent Care we went. It turns out that both boys have strep throat. So, while we'd had plans to go to Whitaker Park and hike this past weekend, it just didn't happen. Instead, we had lots of cuddles and laid low. 

We did take a trip to try out our new local juice bar & yoga studio, Atman Juice Bar & Cafe, in Watertown though, and it was a hit. It's a bit pricey ($5.90 for a small smoothie), but it was totally worth every penny! The boys loved it, and you can tell the ingredients are top-notch. We shared a Bhakti Berry...divine.

On Sunday, I tackled my longest run yet with my neighbor, Emily, and we conquered 18 miles! Seriously, my previous longest run was 14 miles, so this was an adventure and a half. Honestly, my body is still pretty sore and struggling to recover, but it was a big accomplishment to finally get it done, and we've finished our last long run prior to the 18.12 Challenge

Yesterday was also a big day for us. Porter and I made the trek to Syracuse to PGI at Crouse Hospital to meet with his gastroenterology specialist. We've been lobbying for this referral for a long time, so to be able to sit down with a specialist and discuss Porter's problems was huge for us. While yesterday wasn't about answers, it was about next steps, and I feel confident we're getting closer. We'll be going to back to Syracuse in a couple weeks for Porter to undergo a Barium Enema test, as well as a sweat test to (hopefully) get a better idea of what we're looking at.

So, yesterday was a bit of a wash work-wise, but we're back on track today, and I have my first run back from our long run tonight - 5 miles. The days are ticking by, we're under 90 days till Ryan's homecoming, and I'm getting more and more excited for things to come. Here's to another great...and busy...week of all the things!


  1. Hi Melissa! This is my first time to your blog. Sorry about the boys being sick. I don't know about you, but when my kids were little I was thrilled to go to dr and find out it was strep instead of a virus. Sounds crazy, but at least you can treat it and move on instead of just letting in play out for a week or so. I'm guessing your husband is deployed? I'm going to have to do some backtrack reading and learn about your cute little family. Great job on the run. I can't even imagine running that far. I seriously think the longest I've run is maybe a mile and half...ONCE. Not my thing...but I wish it was. Hope they boys are all better and you have a great week!

  2. I am so glad that you were able to sit down with the doctor and discuss your concerns. Like you said, it may not have been about answers but working on those next steps are just as important.

  3. I hope they're both better!! And well done on your 18 mile run, you're going to smash your race!!

  4. Melissa, I was just sent to your blog by Lisa (right up there in the comments). Turns out that I wrote a post this Tuesday featuring Atman Juice Bar & Cafe! I have seriously been searching for other bloggers in this area for the past 2 years and have never found anyone! And here you are! Are you new to Fort Drum? We have been stationed here for over 6 years and I have been making it home ever since! Would love to connect with you in bloggerland and in real life!

    By the way, strep throat has been making its way all around this small town. I had a very severe case myself and am still finishing up my antibiotics. I hope your kids are feeling well and I hope my kids have been spared from it!