5 on friday: new year's favorites

It's the first Friday of 2018 - how crazy is that?! I don't know about your corners of the world, but it's downright frigid here in northern NY. The high today is -5, and I'm sorry, but that's just mean. I would love to take my children outside for a walk or to play in the snow, but it's too cold for that! Instead, Ryan and I have been scouring for activities for the boys to do inside, especially on weekends. I try to remain positive that the cold can't last forever, and I'm focusing on five good things today instead of the bitter freaking cold! I'm linking up today with Smidge of This for 5 on Friday and Meet at the Barre for Friday Favorites.

1 // Bulletproof Coffee is life. I mentioned the other day that Ryan and I are doing a 60-day ketogenic coffee, and it calls for a big ol' mug of bulletproof coffee most mornings. Now, I love a good morning cup, but I've been known to rely too heavily on sugary creamers and sweeteners. This coffee is loaded with good oils, healthy fats...and no sugar. Shockingly, it's delicious! If you want me to detail my recipe on the blog, let me know. It actually keeps me full for hours!

2 // Smart Wool socks - These suckers are saving my life lately because of the bitter cold here in Black River. I'm a fan of big cushy socks like these beauties from Old Navy, but even they can't keep out the cold lately. Smart Wool has been my go-to to keep my toes toasty and warm, especially since our old home is feeling awfully drafty these days.

3 // Bloom Daily Planner - I debated which planner to get for a long time, but I went with this one because it's versatile, and I got an amazing deal here. With all the freelance work I've been doing, my job, FRG, and getting our house renter-ready, life is insanely hectic. I love that this planner gives me room to post goals and my 2018 vision, as well as track those daily tasks. Plus, they're so chic!

4 // The Simply Keto cookbook is fast-becoming a favorite here for me. As we navigate the waters of this new diet, it offers awesome recipes and some insight into how we'll never feel deprived doing a ketogenic way of life. For those who didn't know, keto is basically a very low carb, high fat lifestyle, in which your body is put into a state of ketosis to burn fat for energy. We've both noticed a huge difference in the past week, and I've literally cut my coffee consumption by about 90%! How cool is that?

5 // Our fourth wedding anniversary was yesterday, and I'm so grateful to be married to this man. Through the deployments, the TDYs, the cross-country moves, navigating parenthood, homeownership, and beyond, he's been my rock through it all. Each and every adventure is more fun because of him. Gosh, I'm a lucky woman!

OH - before I forget, the sweet Andrea from Living on Cloud 9 shared a great Spread the Love gift exchange with us that I had to sign up for today. If you'd like to check it out, visit The Blended Blog here to do so.

Happy weekend, sweet friends!


  1. I switched this year from Erin Condren to Plum Paper for my planner but I considered the Bloom one - It is so pretty! Maybe next year. Let me know how you like it!
    Smart Wool socks are my fave! So expensive but thankfully my MIL gets me a few pairs every Christmas.

  2. -5... Oh my word, I cannot even imagine! Our high today in NC was in the 30's and I thought I was going to freeze. I am with you are the smart wool socks.. they are the best! Stay warm!

  3. Happy 4 years! Man, you guys have gone through a lot and accomplished a LOT in these first four years of marriage!

  4. It's so cold here too and I'm not a fan haha! But -5 is definitely just mean!

  5. I absolutely can not stand the cold we've been having the last few weeks! I'm hoping the weather warms up enough to go outside again without freezing! What exactly is bulletproof coffee? (I feel like this might be a silly question but I've never heard of it before). Oh and happy four years to you and Ryan!

  6. I had a Bloom planner two years ago and loved it! I was considering getting one again, but I picked up a cheapie for 50% off after the holidays. But I might be back to the Bloom soon!