friday favs: the end of january

winter vibes - photo courtesy of kindred hearts photography // scarf - riley grace boutique (similar here)

First and foremost, thank you all for your sweet words and congratulations regarding our move to Fort Lewis! We're so excited for this new adventure, and we're even more excited that things are going to move quickly now. We're already starting to really look at housing, toying with the idea of renting on post until jobs open up for me out there (yes, I'm still employed), etc. It's an exciting time! Even with my knee surgery looming over us (no, we don't have a date yet), we're thrilled to have a timeframe for our next big adventure. 

But, onto the good stuff! It's the final Friday in January, and I couldn't be happier. Is it just me, or did this month drag? I think it's in part because it's been so dang cold, but I'm ready for February. I'm linking up today with Smidge of This for 5 on Friday and Meet at the Barre for Friday Favorites.

1 // 30 Days of ketogenic eating! I honestly can't believe we did this. Okay, I'm a bit premature here, as we still have a few days to go, but we're rocking it. No, I haven't loved the whole thing. Yes, I'm excited to continue. For the most part, both of us are feeling great. Ryan's lost something like 14 lbs, and I'm sitting right at about 10 lbs, which is impressive because I always gain around that special time of the month. Regardless, I think we're going to push on, and I'll be detailing some of our favorite recipes since some were requested!

2 // Spending time with my volunteer ladies. I had the pleasure of going to the 10th CAB Volunteer Night at the Le Ray mansion on Tuesday evening with some of the most wonderful women I've ever known. Even though I haven't really enjoyed being FRG leader for Ryan's unit (for the most part), I've enjoyed getting to know these women, and I'm so grateful for the experience. Dressing up for a night of speakeasy fun was just the icing on the cake. Please note the bionic flapper look. It's in style.

flapper dress - Vijiv (available here) // flapper headband - babeyond (available here)

3 // Potty training victories. Mom friends, you'll feel me on this one. We've been actively potty training Spencer for a while now, and he's been really great! He's been daytime potty trained for a few months, but we had one big hurdle to go - doing number two at daycare. He's had this mental roadblock for a while now that he can only do the deed at home. The other day though, his teacher messaged me that it was happening! Spencer finally felt comfortable enough to poo at school! What a huge thing this has been, and I'm so proud of my boy for conquering that fear. We officially have a daytime potty trained three-year-old!

4 // Our home. I can't believe we've lived in our first home for more than three years. We were brand new parents embarking on our first cross-country PCS with a brand new baby, and we did it. We bought this house. It's been a great blessing and a great first home. I'm ready to move, and the house is nearly too small for us now, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to miss it here a bit. And, weirdly enough, the thought of someone else living in our home is slightly terrifying! Before all that though, we have some big changes that have to be done. Cue alllllll the contractors.

5 // Knee-safe cardio. Since running the Chicago marathon, I've been antsy to get back out there and run again - for real. However, my knee isn't making that possible anytime soon, so I've been doing my best to be patient and adapt some exercises in the meantime. I finally got back to the gym yesterday after sulking for a couple weeks, and I got a great upper-body workout in, and I'm doing my best to work in some knee-safe cardio. Straight-leg rowing is a new favorite, as are ab routines using my brace as a counter-balance. Does anyone have any other tips? Would love some more!

Happy weekend, all! I hope you have some amazing plans ahead of you.


  1. I totally get what you mean about the first house and new residents! We sold our first home in 2015 and we occasionally drive by there. I still get pangs of sadness about it! It was a great first home to us and the home we brought our first and second kiddos to, so I have a lot of sentimental attachment to it!

  2. Congrats on your big move!!! That's awesome! I felt the same way when we moved from our first home but I know how happy we were when found our home and I loved being able to be a part of that joy for someone else! I hope that helps at least a little! <3

  3. Our first house is just a couple blocks away from our current house so I see if often and what bothers me is that no one has lived there since we moved (1.5 yrs ago)! I feel like the house deserves a nice little family and it must feel lonely sitting there empty.
    To go #2 at daycare really is a huge milestone! It took my daughter ages to get there even after she was completely trained at home.

  4. Soooo proud of you both and your eating plan! Woohoo. Daytime potty trained boy! I remember those victories! I have had a hard time thinking about new people living in the house the boys grew up in so I get it. I hope your weekend is so joyous! xo

  5. Congrats on the potty training! So exciting!! We'll be getting started with our little one soon. Have a great weekend!

  6. Congrats on the potty training victory! The speakeasy night sounds like such a fun theme!

  7. Congrats on the ketogenic milestone. My husband got us into this awhile ago, and it really is a game changer as far as feeling good (for me!)... Way to go!

  8. Yay for potty training going well! I am sure that is such a huge relief. I am definitely nervous about how that journey is going to go with E.

  9. Yay for potty training victories! That is huge!

    And way to go on the weight loss! I bet you guys are feeling awesome!

  10. Wow your photos of the snow and the family and dog are amazing! Your son looks like a little Celtic warrior in his tartan! It is always such a relief when they get potty trained - only a small step then till the rest of it. The 'flapper' photo is amazing - you all did so well to get those dresses! Love from England - Europafox x