impromptu family date nights

One of the hardest things as a parent (and I'm sure all parents can attest to this) is finding the time for real fun amidst the daily grind. From work to daycare, household chores, and beyond, it's hard to make the time for quality moments together. We're trying our best to minimize the stress for each other, as well as our boys, so we're being proactive and actively trying to do all the things. Last night, we decided to have an impromptu family date night.

Since starting our ketogenic diet last month, we've been minimizing the number of times we eat out each week. After weeks of stress and constant meal prep though, we decided to have some spur-of-the-moment fun and go to Five Guys in Watertown. I've found some great keto dining out tips, and we knew we could easily eat there (without breaking the bank) and stay within our diet parameters. 

Our boys loved it. It was a change from the ordinary. We don't eat too many sweets in our house, so splitting a chocolate milkshake was like the holy grail to them, and they preferred that to their hot dog and fries. Also, I think Porter would subsist only on ketchup if we'd let him. He uses his hot dogs and fries as ketchup receptacles, and when all else fails, he sticks his whole fist in the ketchup container and licks it off his hands. It's gross - and hilarious.

Honestly, it wasn't even the best food that mattered. It was the fact that we did something different together. I think that family date nights are going to be a thing here, and I'm excited to do some more in the coming weeks...especially as this endless winter drags on. Here are some great ideas for other family date nights that I'm looking forward to:
  • DIY "drive-in" movie night (planning to do this on Saturday evening)
  • Finger food fun
  • Living room fort and indoor s'mores
  • Indoor bowling
There are so many things we can do as a family and for very little money. Plus, with the weather like it is, we really want to share this time together all warm and cozy inside. I can't wait to get started on these little family date nights - and hopefully start doing some more for just Ryan and myself, as well!

Do you do indoor date nights? What sort of activities do you love to do together?


  1. How are you liking the ketogenic diet? I have been thinking of trying it but I feel like it's really limiting and I'm already a picky eater. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. We actually really love it! The first week or so was very hard. It's a big transition from the sugary stuff we relied on. We find that we're full longer, we don't crave as much as before, and we really enjoy the meals we make. I'd love to hear more about what you're picky about and see if I can help ya! Shoot me an email at iswimforoceans @ gmail . com, and we can chat :)

  2. My girls love ketchup and ranch in the same way. They dip their fries in it and suck off the condiment. Ugh. I love the idea of DIY date nights with the family.

  3. Finding time for fun as a family amidst the daily grind <-- I couldn't agree more that we really struggle with this.
    Have you seen the "indoor snowball fight" kit you can get (on Amazon but probably elsewhere as well). I think that looks like fun!

  4. We still do this when the boys are all home and it's the BEST! I love seeing these smiles!

  5. My roommates and I had an impromptu movie night last Monday and went to see Molly's Game just for fun, and then this Monday spontaneously decided to spend the evening making lasagna together. I think my new trick is saving Monday evenings just for time with them!

  6. So important to stay connected! It's hard when there are so many distractions. I want to know more about what a DIY Drive-In Movie is!

  7. Family time is the best!!! There is nothing better. :) Yay for Five Guys, it's so good!

  8. I love this so much and wish we did this type of thing more often!!

  9. Porter totally sounds like my kind of kid. Most food is merely a vehicle for the accompanying condiments for me too...LOL Bring on the ketchup, salad dressing and all the sauces. Yay for making time and making memories. I love that you recognize how quickly time goes. One day you'll back and wonder how it happened. XOXO

  10. Oh how cute! I bet the boys were so happy to have a special outing together ❤️